Beyoncé’s Name Has Been Defined in Fresh French Encyclopedic Dictionary Entry

The dictionary defines Beyoncé as: “American singer of R&B and pa.” Her title appears to be like amongst a checklist of 40 global personalities, including Cate Blanchett, LeBron James, and Christopher Nolan

On “Alien Celeb,” Beyoncé runs through a few definitions of who she is, “I’m regarded as one of one, I’m predominant, I’m the splendid one,” and “Category: inappropriate bitch, I’m the bar” amongst them. Following her lead, the French encyclopedic dictionary Petit Larousse Illustré has added the musician’s title as a moral noun in its 2024 replace.

The dictionary defines Beyoncé as an “American singer of R&B and pa.” Her title appears to be like amongst a checklist of 40 global personalities to be added to the train in a batch that included bigger than 150 novel entires. Cate Blanchett, LeBron James, and Christopher Nolan are furthermore amongst the novel names within the guide.

In an interview with Le Level, Larousse’s head of dictionaries and encyclopedias Carine Girac-Marinier explained that the entires “replicate concerns, tendencies or stable actions this year,” as successfully as “values of the Petit Larousse — excellence and promotion of French culture.”

Beyoncé’s title furthermore has a French foundation. Her mom, Tina Knowles, gave the singer her maiden title to preserve some semblance of her household title alive. “My title used to be Celestine Beyoncé,” Knowles explained on In My Head with Heather Thomson in 2020. “I asked my mom when I used to be grown. I used to be admire, ‘Why is my brother’s title spelled B-E-Y-I-N-C-E?’ , it’s all these numerous spellings. And my mom’s reply to me used to be admire, ‘That’s what they set aside on your delivery certificate.’”


She added: “So I acknowledged, ‘Neatly, why didn’t you argue and own them correct it?’ And she acknowledged, ‘I did one time. The first time, and I used to be told ‘Be overjoyed that you simply’re getting a delivery certificate’ on yarn of, at one time, Sad of us didn’t gain delivery certificates.”

Lend a hand in 2004, Knowles relayed a version of this foundation epic to Rolling Stone, explaining that her grandfather Lumis Beyince — a Creole who lived in Fresh Orleans and spoke French — used to be no longer up to impressed about the change. “My household used to be no longer overjoyed,” she acknowledged on the time. “My dad acknowledged, ‘She’s gonna be truly enraged at you, on yarn of that’s a final title.’ And I’m admire, ‘It’s no longer a final title to any individual nevertheless you guys.’”

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