John Fogerty Remembers Duane Eddy: ‘Unlike Any Guitar I’d Ever Heard’

The Creedence Clearwater Revival founder recalls the leisurely guitar innovator’s have an effect on and that time Fogerty helped induct him into the Rock Hall, by phone

Beginning with “Rebel-‘Rouser” in 1958, Duane Eddy’s instrumental hits from the early rock & roll generation made the guitar the well-known person of the reward. On that music and these to note, adore “Peter Gunn,” “Cannonball,” and “Forty Miles of Inappropriate Aspect motorway,” Eddy outmoded vibrato and lent his guitar a deep sound by emphasizing bass strings. In doing so, he influenced a entire incoming generation of guitar gamers — along with Bruce Springsteen, George Harrison, Jimi Hendrix, and John Fogerty. After the news of Eddy’s dying used to be announced on Wednesday — he died April 30 at 86 of considerations from cancer — Fogerty spoke with Rolling Stone relating to the affect Eddy had on Fogerty’s music and his contribution to Eddy’s 1987 comeback album.

When I used to be 12 or 13, I remember hearing “Moovin’ ‘N Groovin’.” It used to be unlike any other guitar I’d ever heard. It had this aesthetic, broad, tremendous sound, and then he started twanging the strings. The sound used to be huge and the guitar tone used to be supreme; the establish he placed the notes made so grand sense. Here used to be this man no longer singing nevertheless fair playing the guitar. I wasn’t singing yet, nevertheless he used to be exactly what I desired to attain. I used to be keen on other singers, adore Elvis, nevertheless Duane showed up fair being the leader of the band. I thought he used to be the king honest away. It used to be such an inspiration for me. You checked out his photos and he used to be genuinely fair-taking a scrutinize and funky in a Fifties fashion, very grand adore an Elvis or a James Dean. There used to be some sense of defiance.

Then I heard “Rebel-‘Rouser.” There used to be rock & roll and then, all straight away, “Rebel-‘Rouser” perceived to transcend all the pieces. It used to be adore, “Wow, he dares to attain that?” “Moovin’ ‘N Groovin’” and “Ramrod” had been gargantuan, nevertheless “Rebel-‘Rouser” had an precise melody, adore a music, which used to be fair so involving. I started procuring his files. Your total first album, Have faith ‘Twangy’ Guitar Will Trail, used to be fair a masterpiece. I silent mediate it’s undoubtedly one of possibly the most attention-grabbing albums ever made: the music fair flowed, and the total songs are splendidly recorded and splendidly performed. Additionally, on that first album, you seen that he had a “recording band” and a “traveling band.” No longer that that I took that [phrase, for the Creedence Clearwater Revival song] or even I did; it’s hard to jabber. However I received the premise that recording eager an increasing form of folks and the traveling band used to be pared down for the pains of the motorway.  

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Yet another component that used to be very inspirational to me used to be the truth that Duane used to be playing instrumentals and not utilizing a lyrics, nevertheless the titles of his songs had been very imaginative. “Cannonball.” “The Lonely One.” “Forty Miles of Inappropriate Aspect motorway.” All these titles evoked an image on your thoughts relating to the music as you listened to it.  He could beget had a display screen and known as it “XYZ Blues” — it wouldn’t beget mattered, because there had been no lyrics. However he outmoded a lot of creativeness to come up with with a better sense of the music. He used to be expanding the persona of his music and his files.

The essential time I seen Duane, I went to an Oakland Auditorium extravaganza reward with many acts on it, possibly round 1958 or 1959.  There had been three yet to be contributors of Creedence Clearwater sitting within the front row, watching Duane at that reward.

There used to be an underlying nation aspect in his music on a music adore “Detour” on his first album. And that showed up for me when I did one thing adore my music “Mountainous Prepare (from Memphis)” or “Defective-Tie Walker” on the Green River album, the establish Duane’s have an effect on used to be particularly stylistically hitting me.

In 1987, I moved the general formulation down to Los Angeles and used to be staying at Howard Johnson’s within the San Fernando Valley for per week or so. One day I went the general formulation down to the club or bar within the hotel; in these days, I would keep too lengthy in that plight, put aside it that diagram. And there used to be Duane sitting within the club and we struck up a conversation. He used to be very good, very pleasant. It turned out he used to be working on an album, and I heard his room amount and realized I used to be within the bottom honest above him. I couldn’t deem it! I used to be mystified in a blueprint that a itsy-bitsy boy is meeting his idol.


Then he acknowledged, “Why don’t you arrive over to studio? I’d much like you to be on the parable.” Oh, man. Wow. I used to be taken aback. I went to the studio and there had been James Burton and Steve Cropper. Duane used to be working with some dazzling heavy-hitters there, nevertheless we had been all very deferential to him. He used to be a guitar god to us, the inventor of this aesthetic component. He used to be very warmth and gracious and had this easy diagram of getting that to happen within the studio. He had what some folks would call a dry humorousness. He would state one thing nevertheless no longer bust himself up. He fair acknowledged it. After which you busted up.

When I used to be about 14 and Duane used to be the king of the guitar on the radio, I acknowledged to myself, “You already know, one day there’s going be a Rock and Roll Hall of Repute, and Duane Eddy goes to be in it.” Obviously, none of these items existed when I used to be saying this round 1960. Lo and look, Duane received inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Repute [in January 1994], and they known as me up and acknowledged, “John, we’d much like you to be the one who inducts Duane.” I acknowledged, “Impossible.” I’m all able to fly to New York, possibly two days ahead of the ceremony. Then I safe aroused from sleep in Southern California at 4: 31 within the morning by an wonderful earthquake. Our condominium used to be about 40 p.c destroyed. That modified our plans straight. I seen we’re no longer going to the airport this morning and leaving our young kids within the serve of, so I needed to call up the folks at the Rock and Roll Hall of Repute.


A few days later, I wakened that morning in California and acknowledged, “Successfully, right this moment time’s the day they’re going to beget the ceremony and they’re doing it at the Waldorf Astoria,” and I thought, “Duane’s possibly staying there.” So about seven o’clock his time, I known as up the hotel and asked for the room of Duane Eddy. And additionally they put aside me via! I acknowledged, “Hi, Duane, here’s John Fogerty.” He says, “Hi John,” in that low train, and I acknowledged, “Congratulations to you. I know you’re about to head downstairs to the ceremony and I’m genuinely disappointed that I won’t be in a situation to induct you, so I are searching out for to read my speech to you within the event you know, the replacement man doesn’t attain it.”

Then I read Duane my speech over the phone. It used to be fair a extremely wonderful moment for me. He used to be possibly a itsy-bitsy embarrassed, since I’m definite I used to be dazzling flowery about it all. However he used to be the face of guitar for moderately a whereas in rock & roll.  

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