Ian Candy Covers Broken Social Scene, Says Their Song Feels Admire ‘The Equivalent of a Hug’

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Jilian Medford is at the 2d on tour promoting the shapely Sucker

Ian Sweet Covers Broken Social Scene's 'Anthems For a Seventeen Year-Old Girl'

Briggs Ogloff*

Ian Candy‘s Jilian Medford has dropped a veil of the Broken Social Scene classic “Anthems For a Seventeen Year-Worn Girl.”

Medford’s vocals are a supreme match for the 2002 music, as she quietly conveys the ache and desperation of traces relish “Park that car, tumble that mobile phone, sleep on the ground, dream about me.”

“Broken Social Scene’s music has consistently felt relish the equal of a hug, and I accept as true with at some level all americans has to non-public *that2d with ‘Anthems For a Seventeen Year-Worn Girl,’” Medford mentioned in a assertion.


“Or even it is possible you’ll perchance perchance need it extra than once. This music hits different for me now than it did when I used to be truly 17, and I imagine it’ll hit a little bit different every year I receive further a ways from that model of myself. It so poignantly nails the downside of attempting to exist within the 2d of being a teen whilst you’re simultaneously having a see in direction of the inevitable transitions looming on the horizon. You wish to must shout …and it is possible you’ll perchance perchance restful shout. Merely put: It. Fucking. Crushes.”


She added: “And though maintaining any individual else’s work is uncommon and strange and nearly consistently feels relish perchance it shouldn’t be accomplished, I’m willing to hiss effusively that I by no blueprint are attempting to breeze this music. With this shrimp act, perchance now I’m able to’t! The favorite is a must non-public, other covers non-public taken it to incredible areas besides, and now I’ve recorded my model hoping a few extra other folks will receive to bawl the lyrics at the discontinuance of their lungs and FEEL FUCKING INCREDIBLE doing so. Here’s hoping a thousand extra artists attain the same and that this music correct by no blueprint dies.”

Medford isn’t very any stranger to maintaining her heroes: In 2021, she covered Coldplay’s “Yellow” and remade the coastline video. She’s at the 2d on tour promoting her shapely new album, Sucker, which wraps in North The United States in Catskill, Contemporary York in leisurely June.

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