Sean Strickland vs. Bryce Hall? Ex-UFC champ turns consideration to every other influencer

What lift out Jake Paul, Sneako, and Bryce Hall dangle in neatly-liked besides being influencers?

Nicely, they’ve all change into fresh targets of former UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland.

Friday, Strickland did expend reduction against Sneako in a sparring session that resembled more of an unofficial fight. Hours later, Strickland engaged in a difference with Paul, entire with quasi-death threats.

Now, Hall is in the road of fire of Strickland’s violent fantasies after a sparring field became as soon as issued by the YouTube and TikTok principal particular person.

“It’s roughly f*cked up,” Hall currently suggested Inner Fighting when requested about Strickland’s beatdown of Sneako. “I could possibly esteem to spar with Sean Strickland. … I judge he’s roughly degrading influencers who are trying and derive into the combating save.

“Whenever you happen to’re an experienced fighter, a former champion at that, you might possibly well dangle to gentle never perambulate correct into a spar with any person that has microscopic-to-no boxing trip and take a look at out and knock him out. Dana, save me up with Sean Strickland. I want to expend out a spar. I guarantee I could possibly crack Sean Strickland. … He’d crack me, but I will crack.”

Take a look at out the beefy genesis and evolution of the Strickland vs. Hall saga beneath.

Strickland takes design

You all wanna stare a slow body??? God right here’s the superb thing I’ve ever wanted…. Please please I never ask you for the relaxation….. please!!!

— Sean Strickland (@SStricklandMMA) February 12, 2024

Strickland prays for violence

I am so ill of these fucks, did now not know this man existed till the synthetic evening…. Please Jesus give me the energy now to now not salvage a case if I ever stare this maggot of a man in particular person. @BryceHall

— Sean Strickland (@SStricklandMMA) February 12, 2024

Factual fingers

Sean CTE Strickland is enraged that I haven’t sparred him in boxing but. Tbh yes, that you would be in a position to wound me if we dangle been doing MMA ( which we’re no longer ) but when we handiest expend our fingers there’s nothing that’s impressive about you. I’m all in

— Bryce Hall (@BryceHall) February 12, 2024


The identical provide is on the table….. advance to Vegas. I gives you a wretchedness.. me and you…. let’s perambulate…. we can ship a gopro…. these influencers are maggots

— Sean Strickland (@SStricklandMMA) February 12, 2024

‘I will salvage a portion of you’

And to be plug weren’t going to spar….. I will salvage a portion of you……… Woodland obtained’t be there. This is now not friendly I will salvage a portion of you…. ship wretchedness. It’s that uncomplicated……. completed deal… gloves, no gloves.. idc

— Sean Strickland (@SStricklandMMA) February 12, 2024

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