Yoshi-P says it’s “about time” for additional Closing Delusion Ways, does not mention Vagrant Chronicle

I repeat, does not mention Vagrant Chronicle

Clive pets a dog in Final Fantasy 16

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Closing Delusion 16 and Closing Delusion 14 boss Naoki Yoshida has urged The Gamer that he reckons “It’s potentially about time,” for a brand new Closing Delusion Ways sport.

The designate at some lengthy bustle want success came up all the draw in which through an interview with The Gamer’s Gabrielle Castania, wherein Naoki ‘Yoshi-P’ Yoshida spoke about Closing Delusion 16’s upcoming The Rising Tide DLC, alongside DLC director Takeo Kujiraoka and localisation director Michael-Christoper Koji Fox.

When requested whether the crew plot FF16 would work as a leaping off point for a brand new Ways title, Yoshida spoke back:

“Now we have a good deal of our workers who labored on old video games love Closing Delusion Ways or Closing Delusion 12, so you’re going to have a good deal of that [Tactics] feel this capacity that of quite loads of the same folks are on the crew…We’re very cosy for you to indicate this this capacity that of we’re all fans, but if we had been going to assemble this, we wouldn’t have to develop the same memoir that turns out to be a diversified memoir.”

“Nonetheless the series does lend itself correctly to that roughly storytelling, and we love Ways as correctly,” he added later. “It’s potentially about time that we develop a brand new one.”

The final loyal entry in the series, which made its debut in 1997, changed into once 2007’s Closing Delusion Ways A2: Grimoire of the Rift for Nintendo DS. As for PC: zilch, zip, and nada, though we did uncover a ‘Reborn’ version of predecessor Ways Ogre in 2022, which Katharine reviewed and enjoyed. Followers have wished loudly and a good deal of cases for even a protracted-established port of Closing Delusion Ways on Steam for years, but up to now, nothing has materialised. We did uncover this trim Ways/FF6 fan mash-up though.

Closing Delusion Ways, love Closing Delusion XII and components of Closing Delusion 14, is determined in the arena of Ivalice. Ivalice is a gritty, politically anxious, medieval surroundings, linked to 16’s – hence, I feel about, The Gamer’s pertinent query. Discontinuance you perceive which other no longer well-known Sq. PS1 sport changed into once additionally region in Ivalice? C’mon Yoshi-P. Discontinuance it for me. Discontinuance it for us. Give us a Vagrant Chronicle remaster. It’s miles time. FF fans correct bought Closing Delusion VII Rebirth. They’ve been drinking stunning ample already. Vagrant Chronicle fans? Emaciated.

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