Raven Scheme’s cancelled Call of Duty zombies game featured a Furious Max-model gladiator enviornment

Lead designer Michael Gummelt spills some beans

A gentlemanly zombie stares down the camera, as another zombie horde approaches behind in Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3.

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A couple of months ago, we realized that Raven Scheme lead designer Michael Gummelt had worked on a live carrier Call Of Duty zombies game before it got cancelled. Runt print were almost non-existent at the time, however YouTuber Glitching Queen only within the near previous interviewed Gummelt about what the sport would possibly perchance well’ve change into. Fun surprises: It would’ve been a free-to-play live carrier game featuring coliseum battles. Unsurprises: microtransactions, seasons, standard background shenanigans between Treyarch and Raven.

Gape on YouTube

Within the interview – I’ve embedded it above, the predominant half specializes in Gummelt’s stint on COD On-line, the 2nd half begins at round 12: 54 which is what we’re attracted to – Gummelt expands on what the project would possibly perchance well’ve been. He talks of up to four avid gamers starting off as gladiators in a Furious Max-esque enviornment, the put of us have you ever caged for leisure one day of the zombie apocalypse. At final you’d “stage an lag” then stumble on an originate world the put you’d “toddle to other locations, fight zombies, procure rewards, stuff love that”. The customary break doc pitch used to be a “enjoyable, campy, experimental” expertise that would possibly perchance well have kept Call of Duty Zombies mode’s historically goofy tone, with seasonal theme switches.

Rounding off the interview, Gummelt mentions Treyarch making an try zombies abet from Raven Scheme, having given them the IP one day of what seemed to be an inner transition interval as old zombies lead Jimmy Zielinski used to be changed by Jason Blundell “one day of or before Dim Ops 2”. Whereas he’s now not absolutely sure, he got the sense that Treyarch were pondering of doing zombies all over again and wished the IP abet because they didn’t wish opponents. In a favorable recede, he does divulge that we wouldn’t have gotten “Dim Ops 2, and 3 and 4 zombies” in any other case, which I would possibly perchance well argue are pretty correct hangs, if a skedaddle overcomplicated at occasions.

My ideas on this live carrier zombies game light stand from my old post, which are on the complete: cancelling video games that folk work very arduous on is one thing I loathe, however a live carrier zombies game exhausts me. I would possibly perchance well preserve discontinuance to play the sport in bursts with mates and I fabricate now not have slaughtering zombies to break tokens on a fight toddle would bear me with joy.

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