“We tune to C#, which creates sourness. It’s no longer a tuning a form of guitarists are trying to preserve in – it’s more or less out of tune. We create one thing evocative in that dissonance”: How Sleater-Kinney grunt guitar as an agent of class and chaos


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Over 30 years, Sleater-Kinney, led by Carrie Brownstein and Corin Tucker, indulge in launched 11 studio albums awash with sonic bombast and unladen emotion.

The most up-to-date of these is Limited Rope, launched in January. From the jump, the epic is an illustration of the torrents of passion, ardor, fervor and vehemence via Brownstein and Tucker’s guitars. It’s gratified yin/yang, described by Brownstein as “intentionally making a sound that’s out-of-tune-adjacent”.

Certainly, Sleater-Kinney expertise oscillating between “sour-sounding notes” and “in-tune moments,” which would be complex for some, though no longer all. “We esteem these sounds,” Brownstein tells Guitar World. “However I moreover are trying to veer in opposition to joyous sounds. That form of ingredient spoke to me at some level of this epic – which method that spectrum of lifestyles.”

She continues: “I misplaced my mom while writing Limited Rope, and with out a doubt that advised how I approached the songs. However myself, Corin, and the comfort of the arena indulge in been already grappling with the broader cultural and societal scenario we uncover ourselves in, which incessantly feels dire and shadowy anyway.”

Tucker is mostly in stark stylistic disagreement from Brownstein, adding urgency while scrawling her distinctive vocals across Sleater-Kinney’s tracks. “I’m more prone to grunt the guitar to station up a melody for my affirm,” Tucker says. “That’s after I’m at my strongest. 

“My affirm is my strongest instrument – the guitar is now and again more of an accompaniment, whereas I contemplate Carrie’s guitar having fun with is more about having a loyal shredding riff.”

The band’s brotherly love is constructed on inherent power: while it’s evident the duo are deeply bonded, it’s their variations that elevate their song. “The guitar is a wondrous instrument,” Brownstein says. “I bask in to grunt it to raise out the essence of a song via a melody and thicken it.”

“If I will indulge in a song rubbery by adding some chorus or extend, and then some distortion that cloaks the guitar in corrosive parts, ensuing in total break-up, that’s my number 1 method of having a musical conversation with Corin.”

Tucker consents: “We give ourselves the liberty to grunt plenty of methodologies to balance what Carrie and I in point of fact feel is basic Sleater-Kinney guitar rock. It would possibly well per chance be one thing we’ve carried out – however more often than not it’s doing one thing unusual and moving in conjunction with every album we indulge in.”

That tests out in unusual tracks bask in Hell, Needlessly Wild and Untidy Creature, demonstrating what Brownstein calls “balancing chaos with melodies to punctuate one thing that sounds messy.”

She explains: “I bask in intrusion in our song. The guitar can both quiet down and be what momentarily beautifies one thing; or more often be a weapon, which is a staple ingredient in Sleater-Kinney’s songs.

“We’re often trying to vacillate between what each person knows and exploring what is likely. It’s going to be equipment, arrangements or possibly no longer being pure and strident. We repeatedly contemplate by system of less being more as a result of I would possibly well per chance be loquacious and grunt a form of notes. It’s basic to abet help and stare at the songs with sickness, terseness and angularity.”

I bask in intertwining lines that conceal up, indulge in their level, and gain out. I bask in having fun with with dwelling, leaving a void, and filling it in with one thing indelible

Carrie Brownstein

With yet one other triumph in Limited Rope, Brownstein and Tucker indulge in save rumors of strolling away to bed. And followers indulge in been loving it – which is a reduction, given the emotional toll it took. “It’s repeatedly reassuring,” Brownstein says. “We in point of fact feel very grateful for the passe and unusual listeners that appear to be leaping on board.

“Next we’ll be touring,” she adds. “Now we gain to blueprint shut songs that indulge in been codified and formalized within the studio, break them birth and gain them looser. We esteem moments of improvisation, the build we can indulge in our songs greater and fasten with the target market every night time. That’s what we price most.”

So a lot has took station within the arena of Sleater-Kinney main up to Limited Rope. Consume us up.

Carrie Brownstein: “Popping out of the pandemic period, the remaining epic, Course of Wellness, felt insular and remoted. As we station out to indulge in a peculiar epic, we indulge in been having a stare to create a song panorama that changed into once a bit of more extroverted, unruly, corrosive, gritty – in most cases the total issues that are traditional to Sleater-Kinney.”

And you had some non-public tragedy, too. 

Brownstein: “Yes. As we started writing the epic and had a handful of songs, I misplaced my mom in a vehicle accident. I contemplate that colored the tenor of this epic and raised the stakes on all the pieces.

“It changed into once clearly a time of trouble and uncertainty, and I wanted the album to be sizable, heroic and nonetheless sufficient to abet the total feelings, while offering the listener with one thing correct and raw.”

Limited Rope sonically hits in a mode that’s quintessentially Sleater-Kinney, while creating guitar sounds that in point of fact feel unusual. How did you attain that?

Corin Tucker: “We’re various avid gamers – we’re opposite by system of guitar having fun with. I try to grunt chord progressions to crawl a chorus along in a sure path, and Carrie is more of a riff-basically based mostly player. However we complement every various as we grunt various methodologies on guitar.”

Brownstein: “I feel the guitar as a approach of expressing myself and my feelings. I bask in the emotive quality of the guitar, how it mimics the human affirm, and the vogue you may bend the notes – these are issues that indulge in the guitar unfamiliar.

“You are going to have the flexibility to occur upon one thing that is a small bit discordant and glide into one thing that sounds melodic. It’s all within the vogue you attain it; the guitar is humanistic, so you may attain it aggressively or with tenderness.”

Must you may well indulge in got one thing that’s a identified or realized activity, you have to unlearn it, then to gain to a station of imagination and innovation

Carrie Brownstein

Level-headed, Sleater-Kinney has an established sound, and there’s no stripping that away. How stay you balance what’s anticipated with being explorative?

Tucker: “We bask in to experiment loads after we’re writing, to establish out and blend issues in. Customarily we’ll birth a song on guitar by jamming, however various events we’ll crawl into a computer program and begin in other places.

“It’s going to be a rudimentary synth fragment and adding a guitar or one thing else. We try so as to add various voices, and although it ends up on guitar it would possibly well per chance birth in other places, which ends up in unusual issues.”

Brownstein: “We indulge in an established template. Fragment of that is we tune to C#, which creates sourness. It’s no longer a tuning a form of guitarists are trying to preserve in – it’s more or less out of tune. We’ve found out a mode to indulge in essentially the most of these moments to create one thing evocative in that dissonance. We vacillate between that and one thing in tune, which is more palatable.

“Must you may well indulge in got one thing that’s a identified or realized activity, as a songwriter and craftsperson you have to unlearn it, then to gain to a station of imagination and innovation. That’s the build Corin and I will at remaining deviate from the routine and be in point of fact experimental.”

What equipment did you lean on most while making Limited Rope?

Brownstein: “I changed into once going for extremely gritty, gated tones, and I feeble my Korg PX Pandora stompbox loads. Those are some squirrely pedals, and while you occur to alter the knobs correct correct, you may gain sounds that immoral issues in a mode that I bask in as they break apart.

“That sound changed into once brighter than I’m feeble to, however as a result of we indulge in a form of low discontinue on this album with Corin’s guitar – and the grunt of a synthesizer for bass – that allowed me to grunt the excessive discontinue in an efficient system. It in point of fact decrease via and it changed into once grating, and opposite of a harmonizer or chorus enact.

“I moreover bask in Fade Bliss and Eventide pedals, and I bask in the grunt of passe tape echo machines. As for amps, I largely caught with my Fender ’65 Deluxe Reverb reissue, however I moreover love my small Fender Princeton for lightening up a neat low-discontinue and making that a bit overdriven.

“I restful grunt my current Klon Centaur for grit and an EarthQuaker Devices Talons excessive-create overdrive. And I’ve got an passe Maestro Fuzz that I’ve rehoused, for the reason that passe model changed into once wide to the level of being bask in a skate ramp. I restful love fuzz; it’s a wide fragment of my wheelhouse, however I’m strict about incorporating it.”

There are a form of subtle, repetitive issues I stay… then Carrie’s guitar will near in on the chorus adding this uplifting melody

Corin Tucker

Tucker: “I indulge in a Fender Showman head that’s loads bask in a ’65 Dim[-panel], and I bask in it – it offers my guitar this sizable, enormous, tubby sound. I play a Gibson Les Paul, and Carrie gave me a extraordinarily good Les Paul Goldtop that I conducted on this epic. It’s neat spherical-sounding with a thick tone, and it changed into once a excellent disagreement to Carrie’s sharper tones.

“The distorted sounds she got with the PX Pandora – as she said – got right here via the grittiest and grimiest settings, so my sounds are more or less beneath issues. However they’re repeatedly very apparent as a result of I bask in them to be hideous and grim, with these deep undertones. Those are the more or less tones I changed into once going for, with the Les Paul and the Showman.”

Sleater-Kinney perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2024

(Portray credit: Randy Holmes/Disney via Getty Photos)

Brownstein: “I guess I forgot to level out the guitars I in point of fact play! I in point of fact bask in my Guild, and the S-100 has a large vibrato bar. It’s a extraordinarily crunchy guitar, which lends itself to Sleater-Kinney completely. And I must admit, I bask in my ’72 Gibson SG, even supposing it’s from the dubious Norlin period – I contemplate it sounds enormous.

“There’s a man named Reuben Cox [often referred to as the ‘junk luthier’] in LA, who builds guitars the passe-vogue system. I indulge in a semi-hole from him which I bask in. I’m repeatedly trying to acquire thick, shadowy tones – however boosted, bask in mixing in a bit of excessive-discontinue. That’s unprejudiced appropriate, as Corin occupies so necessary low-discontinue.”

Which songs from Limited Rope symbolize what you two stay most attention-grabbing?

Tucker: Speak It Be pleased You Mean It is the one for me. I had a general rhythm guitar line that I constructed a vocal around, however the form of lilting sound that I did with the guitar grew to turn out to be into what you hear on the epic.

“There are a form of subtle, repetitive issues I stay with the guitar that I create the songs with, and then Carrie’s guitar will near in on the chorus and it’s enormous, adding this uplifting melody.

“That’s how it is miles on Speak It Be pleased You Mean It. I bask in the extra emotive layer outdoors the darkness, as that riff brings a sense of optimism.”

Brownstein: “I indulge in two examples. One is Untidy Creature – it begins with this lead riff of mine, and then Corin suits my vitality on guitar with her vocals. We’ve repeatedly spoken from facet to facet within songs bask in that: me via guitar and her responding with a vocal melody.

“Then there’s Six Errors, which I wrote these forms of Devo-bask in riffs for, and it changed into once very austere. However I desired to indulge in it more nasty. It had heaviness, however I desired to indulge in it groove.

Folk appear to listen to and watch themselves within the songs…possibly they want song bask in this too

Carrie Brownstein

“It basic one thing over the tip, so a sequence of leads got right here and went all the strategy in which via, which is how I bask in to play. I bask in intertwining lines that conceal up, indulge in their level, and gain out. I bask in having fun with with dwelling, leaving a void, and filling it in with one thing indelible.”

The returns are early, however Limited Rope has resonated deeply with listeners. That must be good.

Brownstein: “Folk appear to listen to and watch themselves within the songs. I contemplate they’ll in point of fact feel and listen to the vitality and the urgency, and our guess is that they’re experiencing – for with out reference to scheme – these same forms of issues in their get lives, and possibly they want song bask in this, too.”

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