“Thom Yorke known as Colin Greenwood the secret weapon to Radiohead, and I’ve he used to be gorgeous”: John Garrison on the 5 bass albums that formed his sound

It’s been two a long time since singer-songwriter James Blunt first conquered the UK airwaves alongside with his multi-million promoting debut album, Inspire to Bedlam, whereby time he has gone on to maintain more success than ever, even discovering time to pen hits for the likes of German producer Robin Schulz and The Vamps (yes, the songwriting credit on I Chanced on A Girl is Blunt).

John Garrison has occupied the bass chair with Blunt since 2007, having stepped in following the departure of long-established bassist Malcolm Moore. In Garrison’s case it’s an consciousness of what it takes to carry out an notify work, alongside side an impulse to put things straightforward, that has proved principal. 

“As a bass participant it’s infrequently ever ever about you,” says Garrison. “You’re there to attain what’s gorgeous for the artist. On this gig, folks are desirous to appear James, that’s who they are desirous to level of curiosity on, so there shouldn’t be any distractions from that.”

At the 2d on tour promoting Blunt’s seventh studio album, Who We Former To Be, we requested Garrison to name 5 albums that helped shape him into the bass participant that he’s this present day. 

1. Level 42 – A Physical Presence (1985)

“I used to be launched to this album after I used to be 15. I had been taking part in drums for six years but had excellent obtained my first bass and it grew to turn out to be my musical bible. I might well per chance play alongside to it from initiate to attain each and daily after school until I’d play it show-excellent.

“At the time, I used to be so devoted (and hadn’t came across girls or beer yet!) that I might well per chance rewind it to the initiate if I made a mistake and initiate yet again until I had played it gorgeous. However I could not realize why I could not acquire into any native bands. I believed everybody thought taking part in 26 notes a 2d used to be frosty!”

2. It Bites – Once Round The World (1988)

“I had been a fan of It Bites since listening to Calling All The Heroes from their first album, however the 2d album launched me to beats and progressions I had never heard earlier than. Dick Nolan’s interaction with Bob Dalton on drums used to be so staunch that now not one bass drum beat goes by without a bass show and vice versa.

“However what I no doubt cherished referring to the album used to be restful the tunes – so melodic and catchy that the casual listener doesn’t no doubt pay any consideration to the complexities going on below. It sounds dated now, despite the indisputable fact that, and used to be vastly self-indulgent, but that used to be restful OK in 1988!”

3. Jellyfish – Spilt Milk (1993)

“The drums and bass on this album are restful about a of the excellent I maintain heard. And it doesn’t age sonically. It obtained me into songwriting and the potentialities of how a bass can add dynamics and pleasure to a song.

“Becoming a member of A Fan Club is a loopy Queen meets Beatles meets Supertramp rollercoaster that always leaves me breathless by the discontinue, and the bass on that track is extraordinary, very Macca-esque.

“I used to be lucky sufficient to appear them dwell at some level of their immediate-lived profession. and they were even better within the flesh. It made me elevate my dwell sport quite considerably.”

4. Radiohead – OK Computer (1997)

“I’ve Colin Greenwood is certainly one of doubtlessly the most unsung bass gamers available. He’s amazingly musical and on this album he comes into his possess. His underpinning of Thom Yorke’s melodies is extraordinary.

“I as soon as heard in an interview Thom Yorke calling Colin the secret weapon to Radiohead and I’ve he’s gorgeous. Anyone who has tried to play alongside to Paranoid Android will know the arrangement complex his basslines can even be, but they always sound so ‘gorgeous’. The entrance of the fuzz bass midway through Exit Music (For a Film) is restful certainly one of my favourite moments in music.”

5. Focus on Focus on – The Color Of Spring (1986)

“This restful stays my accepted album of all time. For me it is the acceptable combine of tall musicianship and tall songwriting. The bass of Paul Webb is so melodic and imaginative, alternatively it always enhances the song.

“The general public know the piano hook bassline of Existence’s What You Accept as true with It; but there are quite a bit of tall bass hooks right through this album – and the rhythm allotment of Webb and Lee Harris on drums, I’d hear to them on their very possess all day.

“They made two more tall albums after this one which were plenty more experimental and no doubt pushed musical obstacles at the time – a lot to the annoyance of EMI!”

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