VeCollal launches biomimetic vegan collagen in excessive protein bar

Developed in collaboration with Dutch health product launch-up CollaVegan and its German manufacturing accomplice Alphacaps GmbH, this addition to the VeCollal portfolio takes its product applications portfolio past powders, gels and liquids.

With the protein bar market surging to $4.88 billion in 2023 and projected to exceed $7 billion by 2030, the vegan section has emerged because the quickest-growing sector, essentially based completely totally on Market Research Future’s Global Protein Bars Market Overview​.

“This marks the first time a clinically-validated vegan change to animal-derived collagen has been utilized in a helpful bar,” Tony Van Campen,

VeCollal bar

VeCollal excessive protein bar

founder and CEO of VeCollal, educated NutraIngredients. “This Vegan Excessive Protein Beauty Bar no longer finest meets person demands for style, indulgence, and helpful advantages but additionally opens doorways to a contemporary generation of helpful food applications.”

He added that participating with industry experts allowed the crew to beat challenges in formulating a collagen fortified bar with effective doses of vigorous substances, approved health claims and an toothsome style and texture.

The product combines 5g of VeCollal—clinically proven to decrease wrinkles by 32.9% in eight weeks​—alongside pea, sunflower and rice protein to originate 14 g of protein in a sub-200 calorie bar in a white chocolate and raspberry style.

“By harnessing the vitality of complementary plant-essentially based completely mostly substances and clinically-validated formulations, we’re proud to offer a guilt-free indulgence that no longer finest satisfies style buds but additionally enhances magnificence from internal,” Van Campen added.

Mimicking human collagen

Launched in collaboration with AminoLabs within the first quarter of 2022 in a powder structure, VeCollal​—rapid for Vegan Collagen Replacement—has been on hand for use in capsules, liquids, helpful food, powders and face lotions.

The launch responds to growing person consciousness and topic for the environmental impacts of animal merchandise.

“And but there’s no exact vegan or sustainable change for collagen on the market but,” Van Campen educated NutraIngredients on the time of the launch. “Animals and folk naturally derive their very have confidence collagen by breaking down dietary protein into amino acids and organising collagen that has a truly explicit ratio of amino acids. As a consequence of this truth, till now, getting these explicit amino acids within the particular ratios would indicate drinking collagen that could finest be be aware in animal sources.”

He explained that whereas several manufacturers have confidence taken every person amongst these amino acids and blended them with superfoods and known because it vegan collagen, “there’s minute or no science within the support of those merchandise”.

To personal this gap out there, Van Campen approached Dr. Josué Vázquez, a effectively-revered biomaterials specialist who specialises in tissue engineering, precision medication and recordsdata science. 

“We requested him how can you develop collagen from vegan sources, and he told us you might per chance also derive ‘a biomimetic’ that copies the profile of human collagen as intently as likely,” Van Campen said. “Basically, bovine and fish collagen are actually no longer just like human collagen in any admire by the usage of their amino acid composition, with about a of the indispensable amino acids lacking entirely.”

Dr. Vázquez went about defining and mimicking the amino acid profile of human type 1 collagen and created a components with three nutrients known to stimulate the physique’s natural collagen production—ginseng, nutrition C and asiaticoside. Aminolabs’s R&D crew then built on this formulation to originate the final product VeCollal.

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