The role of policy in a pretty food arrangement

The food arrangement is fashioned by a myriad of forces, from patrons’ preferences to producers’ earnings to the sweat and metal of producers at some level of the area. But one thing that performs a predominant role in the arrangement it develops is executive policy.

At this week’s City Food and Drink Lecture in the Guildhall, London, figures from within and without commerce agreed that in a unfold of factors, from health to the atmosphere, commerce can’t alternate without effective executive policy.

Making food more healthy

While it’s a necessity to create food real looking to the real looking user, the panel believed, so it is frequently well-known to create clear food is healthy. It takes executive policy to take care of this enlighten.  

“Obesity is costing our society £100bn per yr, and we should always soundless be fixing that enlighten with our food arrangement. What a improbable different that is. But I’m in a position to’t resolve that on my contain, and none of us can resolve that on our contain. This takes grown up policy and some with out a doubt complex conversations. How originate we originate that in the future?” asked Tom Bradshaw, president of the National Farmers Union (NFU) of the UK.

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The panel, from left to pretty: Simon Roberts of Sainsbury’s, the NUF’s Tom Bradshaw, Anna Taylor of the Food Foundation, Dan Aherne of Fresh England Seafood Global, and panel chair Charlotte Smith. Image Source: City Food and Drink Lecture

It is a long way up to executive as well to commerce to strive against the sad health negate of our food, believes Dan Aherne, group CEO at Fresh England Seafood Global. “There are decisions that executive can create. We set up apart subsidies in each and each form of places, and we are in a position to web conclude where we set up apart them. I suspect it takes fearless management and reform, and fairly than accepting the inevitable consequences of the value of the NHS going from six to ten billion in the next twenty five years, why originate now not we originate doing something about that on the front fracture?” he mentioned.

With regards to extremely-processed foods, policy is already aiming to encourage patrons now not to relish it, suggested Anna Taylor OBE, govt director at The Food Foundation. “Our policies are with out a doubt geared round searching to shift patrons a long way from those foods, whether or now not or now not it’s to originate with marketing laws, or promotions, restrictions or positioning in retailer. So we want to raise on that policy note and now not let extremely-processed foods a technique or the opposite muddy the waters,” she mentioned.

Food insecurity

On the quite quite loads of fracture of the scale, it’s a necessity for both executive and the food commerce to take care of food insecurity, suggested Taylor.

“Sadly, for the time being the pricing of foods at some level of the total vary means that the least healthy foods are about half the value per calorie than the more healthy foods, so now we contain got an argument: if you are on a extremely low earnings or now not it’s even more difficult for you to relish effectively in a type which protects your health. That is the project I suspect for the food commerce, and there is an earnings project which is for executive,” she mentioned.

To strive against food insecurity, suggested Simon Roberts, CEO of Sainsbury’s, food waste wants to be utilised. Policy, he suggested, performs a role in this as effectively. “I suspect as an commerce, we are in a position to show veil what we are in a position to originate in the amount of food either up in the availability chain or the total arrangement by it that with out a doubt goes to waste. This might increasingly be repurposed with out a doubt effectively. And there are extensive wants for policy to release that,” he mentioned.

Coordination all the arrangement by the chief is also key. “The precedence of food security in this nation has a clear magnitude to it now even than five years prior to now and so executive being coordinated in its response to that and its capacity to bewitch with commerce and each and each share of it in a phenomenal more linked arrangement is a terribly key share of the alternate we want to survey too.”


The problem of food insecurity loomed handsome in the discussion. Image Source: Getty Photos/Maskot

“How we feed 70 million of us living on an island, is a fully well-known share of executive policy,” added the NFU’s Bradshaw. “But or now not it has been undervalued and underappreciated the role that the food arrangement performs. Now we contain legislative environmental targets, we as farmers will constantly be judged by how we move the atmosphere. But we want to assign food on the identical footing as environmental security so as that the two with out a doubt originate move hand in hand, and there can’t be a sad relation between them. For the time being there is a sad relation, and that’s food manufacturing.”

Protecting the atmosphere

Fresh England Seafood Global’s Aherne believes that executive policy is a well-known guiding hand to outlets in terms of sustainability. “Every retailer has its contain idiosyncrasies and typically they might be able to battle by cycles and waves relying on what goes on on, relying on the quite quite loads of pressures, relying on the management, nonetheless I originate think there is a alternate afoot in UK retailing,” he mentioned.

“I suspect that’s welcome, nonetheless I originate now not think without the chief policy part as effectively having a level of consistency and lengthy-term pondering, that wants to be there as effectively and now we must uncover that over . . . on memoir of that then creates the native climate and the atmosphere for the outlets to create (sustainability) commitments, which then filter down by the availability chain to the producers and the farmers.”

The Food Foundation’s Taylor also identified the need for a broader horticulture technique to give protection to fruit and veg weak to native climate alternate. “We would argue for the time being on memoir of so many of our imported fruit and veg being weak to native climate alternate as well to water scarcity, we are in a position to originate plenty more to survey at how we are in a position to contain a terribly thriving sector right here in the UK.”


One of the most ordinary subject issues amongst the guests used to be collaboration. In repeat to uncover a immense snapshot of a immense food arrangement with so many transferring parts, one must dispute collectively voices from at some level of the commerce, Sainsbury’s Roberts suggested. Policy makers, he mentioned, are a well-known share of this.

“What’s changing, and I suspect is a terribly lag, lag shift in the direction of this theory of arrangement pondering, is for instance the IGD dispute collectively all of the suppliers and all of the outlets to contain one conversation in the room, usually with policy makers too and I suspect I’d demand of and hope we are in a position to enlarge that come.”

Such collaboration is a “accurate different to have an effect on the policies . . . whether or now not that be on more healthy diets, whether or now not that be on the pretty stability of lengthy-term measures in agriculture, whether or now not that be in making clear that in each and each ingredient of the food arrangement we’re in is arrangement more joined up.”

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