Review: Corn Kidz 64 (Swap) -Bit Throwback That Nails The Retro Vibe

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Captured on Nintendo Swap (Docked)

Despite the incontrovertible fact that the peak years of the 3D platformer style had been within the late ’90s and early 2000s, there’s been a bit a resurgence in engaging unusual style entries in fresh years. Titles equivalent to Glyph and Lunistice have faith proven that smaller platforming tasks would perchance be factual as compelling because the more renowned examples, and now now we have faith BogoSoft’s Corn Kidz 64 persevering with that style with one thing decidedly retro. Following the adventures of a spunky goat named Seve, this title targets to emulate the spirit of an N64 platformer as accurately as seemingly. It largely succeeds; Corn Kidz 64 in point of fact feels love a lost sport from this technology, and even supposing it has some valuable shortcomings, that is general an delightful and fun retro romp.

Corn Kidz 64 is an actual collectathon at coronary heart, tasking you with picking up varied doodads squirreled away in each and each seemingly corner of those modestly-sized playgrounds. Your main collectible is a colossal collection of cubes that grant you “XP” for each and each one you snatch—after getting enough of them, you’ll be in a plan to unlock doorways that gate web entry to to more difficult challenges that disguise even more cubes. Additionally, there are other issues to achieve, love knocking over all the trash cans in a stage or discovering a small collection of bottle caps to trade for corn syrup, which raises your max well being.

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Captured on Nintendo Swap (Docked)

Despite the incontrovertible fact that you’re within the rupture funneled down a quite linear route, you’re given deal of leeway in each and each space over what to focal level on. Critical love in Banjo-Kazooie or Donkey Kong 64, there are issues to snatch up in each effect the effect, so it’s in point of fact a matter of factual seeing one thing engaging and hiking or working over to resolve out what’s hidden spherical it. This means feels natural and we love that it permits you in deciding what you want to explain of affairs your self with—if navigating those jumps is simply too nerve-racking, factual web lost in diverse areas and come in assist to try again later.

Seve’s moveset isn’t nearly as versatile as Mario’s, nonetheless he manages to web deal of mileage out of a homing strike and ground-pound switch. The homing strike would perchance be used to loosen screws or to snag bomb birds to toss at weak walls. There are many gimmicks littered throughout the ambiance to wait on elevate his skills, too, equivalent to a line of floating rings that mean you would also employ your homing strike more than one times with out touching the ground, or decided forms of walls that would perchance be wall-jumped infinitely.

With the manner every part’s organized, Corn Kidz 64 feels well-paced, never wasting any home or needlessly padding out the abilities as some platformers are notoriously responsible of. Each stage is stuffed with stuff to achieve with out feeling leisurely, and there are on a popular foundation unusual gimmicks and challenges supplied to protect issues feeling fresh. A total bustle must most engaging recall you about eight to ten hours, nonetheless Corn Kidz 64 makes essentially the most of every and each minute.

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Captured on Nintendo Swap (Handheld/Undocked)

For its presentation, Corn Kidz 64 appears like it’s straight out of 1997, even going as a ways as providing you with the boxy 4:3 aspect ratio and fuzzy scanlines. It is seemingly you’ll perchance toddle into the settings to tune these show alternate suggestions to resemble one thing more fresh, nonetheless we most popular the lo-fi skill and felt that it match very well with the art course. The art style itself aspects all the blocky devices and blurry textures you’d query out of an N64 platformer, nonetheless we liked the darker, nearly menacing, vibe to the visuals. Something about these worlds is factual off in a delightfully creepy and kooky more or less plan, which creates an enticing ambiance as you stumble on deeper.

The soundtrack similarly has that ancient-college MIDI in point of fact feel, with a handy book a rough collection of cartoonish tracks that also prevail in a loyal job of feeding into that ominous ambiance. It’s now not an extraordinarily memorable collection of tracks, on the opposite hand it matches the at ease completely and helps add that extra layer to the retro immersion.

There had been a pair of valuable disorders we met that dampened the abilities, on the opposite hand. For one part, there’s some reasonably noticeable input mosey on this Swap version, which lends the gameplay a sluggish and unresponsive feeling. You adjust to the mosey a bit with teach, and the explain of affairs of the stage web is general kept quite low, nonetheless we experienced deal of times where more precision used to be required and the controls factual weren’t up to the duty, ensuing in some nerve-racking overlooked jumps and wasted efforts.

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Captured on Nintendo Swap (Docked)

Additionally, the digicam is one other explain of affairs, making Corn Kidz 64 perchance rather too harking assist to the retro video games it clearly channels. There are over and over where digicam adjust is particular or mounted, and the viewpoint on the full fails to give you with a chuffed peek of the platforming explain of affairs. Even must you prevail in have faith more adjust over placement, there’s an unwieldy clunkiness that makes it in point of fact feel equivalent to you’re scuffling with to web it in essentially the most engaging web site. It is seemingly you’ll perchance also bid the downhearted digicam is nearly charming occupied with the plan it’s correct on-trace for the technology, nonetheless all the equivalent, we would’ve liked to gape this aspect improved.


Corn Kidz 64 feels love an actual title from the N64 technology and we commend the developer for his or her ability to efficiently recreate that retro abilities. A in point of fact most engaging length, loyal pacing, and varied web all work on this sport’s desire, though its sluggish controls and awkward digicam protect it assist from greatness. The total equivalent, it’s most engaging seven bucks—we’d give this one a advice to somebody taking a look for unusual 3D platformer for his or her library.

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