Remaining Delusion 16’s Yoshi-P sparks hope for but one more SRPG Tactics high-tail-off within the series: “Or now not it is potentially about time that we achieve a brand unusual one”

One Remaining Delusion producer has sparked hope for but one more approach high-tail-off within the favored series.

Producer Naoki ‘Yoshi-P’ Yoshida jumped from stewarding big MMO Remaining Delusion 14 to working on the series’ memoir action pivot in Remaining Delusion 16, and now, he’s expressed ardour in but one more Remaining Delusion Tactics game or now not decrease than a high-tail-off with the same approach-soaked roots. 

“The series does lend itself wisely to that form of storytelling and we like Tactics as wisely,” the producer informed TheGamer when requested about a potential unusual Tactics game. “Or now not it is potentially about time that we achieve a brand unusual one.”

Without reference to before the entirety being released in 1997, Remaining Delusion Tactics has left an enduring legacy and restful sits deep within the fan bases’ collective memories for its extra accessible high-tail on approach battles. Tactics fostered varied apply-ups, alongside side approach high-tail-offs on the GameBoy Attain and Nintendo DS, however has but to receive a staunch form sequel. 

“We now possess tons of our workers who labored on earlier video games worship Remaining Delusion Tactics or Remaining Delusion 12, so that you just are going to possess tons of that actually feel due to tons of the identical of us are on the [Final Fantasy 16] group,” Yoshi-P continues. “But when we had been going to procedure this, we wouldn’t achieve the identical chronicle that turns out to be a diversified chronicle.”

Yoshi-P does rule out the opportunity of it being build of residing within the Remaining Delusion 16 universe, though. “How would we even achieve the Eikon versus Eikon battles in that vogue?” Yoshi-P ponders. “How many squares is an Eikon going to be? You possess extra of us available as wisely, so what relating to the wait time in between?”

Remaining Delusion Tactics director impartial now not too long within the past informed fans begging for a sequel to examine up on Unicorn Overlord, but one more very, very true approach RPG. 

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