Don’t effort, Stardew Valley 1.6 is aloof in trend for console and cell farmers, however ConcernedApe has “no remark release date”

PC chums were taking half within the beefy Stardew Valley 1.6 update since its release final month on March 19, whereas farmers on console and cell were twiddling their thumbs. Creator Eric ‘ConcernedApe’ Barone now assures us that the wait will be over “as soon as imaginable.”

Barone posted the update earlier this day on the receive page formerly identified as Twitter, the set he writes that the 1.6 update on cell, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation is “in growth and would possibly perhaps additionally be launched as soon as imaginable.”

Unfortunately for those that use to farm, romance, and grind away from their desks, the update’s launch has “no remark release date” up to now, however Barone promises to “give updates if there is the leisure significant to allotment.” Sounds fancy 1.6 will on the discipline of different platforms as and when it is prepared, then, despite the proven truth that the sport’s creator appreciates the community’s “patience and figuring out.”

Over on the PC facet of things, Stardew Valley’s most standard update has added a gross amount to the perennial rural ruin out simulator, equivalent to a extra special nod to one amongst the sport’s strangest system defects, a fetch-rich-hasty plot, and a reference to fellow indie heavy-hitter Terraria.

Extra worryingly, Stardew Valley 1.6 now lets players chug complete jars of mayonnaise, which clearly turned trusty into a speedrunning opponents very hasty as players raced to drink the stuff as speedy as imaginable. Egg Jam obsessives took the ardour to disturbing fresh heights over April Fools, however I could terminate writing about this matter for now earlier than my character pukes pixels.

ConcernedApe also had an update on his different game, Apprehensive Chocolatier, which he’s “interested” to fetch again to rising.  

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