Initiate of Demonstration Experiment for Scandalous Place Energy Rescue Gadget Utilizing Electrical Vehicles

— Providing Real and Valid Communication Services and products with Rapid Energy Provide during Energy Outages by AI-Primarily based fully mostly Dispatch Planning —


NTT DOCOMO, INC. (hereinafter usually known as DOCOMO), NIPPON TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE CORPORATION (NTT), and NIPPON CAR SOLUTIONS CO., LTD. (NCS) will initiate a demonstration experiment, as phase of their enhanced disaster response measures exciting responding to vitality outages. This experiment specializes in a contaminated space vitality recovery machine the exercise of electric autos (EVs).

The machine for this experiment comprises DOCOMO’s Energy Administration Gadget (EMS) platform for monitoring and controlling contaminated space vitality, NTT’s AI-essentially based fully mostly automobile dispatch planning created the exercise of deep reinforcement studying*1, and proper-time EV recordsdata (including problem, stored vitality, and riding recordsdata) quiet by NCS. The design is to efficiently dispatch optimally located and charged EVs to vitality-downed contaminated stations. This validation will accumulate scream from January 12 to June 30, 2024. Furthermore, NTT is a member of the EV100 initiative*2, and this demonstration experiment is performed as phase of the initiative’s efforts.

One day of vitality outages, contaminated stations for the time being provide communique services the exercise of backup batteries for a miniature time and deploy generators for extended outages. This experiment objectives to toughen disaster response by successfully the exercise of EVs, that are expected to become extra long-established as corporate autos.

This initiative will doubtless be showcased at the “docomo Commence Home’24” hosted by DOCOMO, initiating January 17, 2024.


  1. Deep reinforcement studying is a combination of reinforcement studying and deep studying.
  2. EV100 is an global initiative aimed at promoting the utilization of electric autos and linked infrastructure amongst agencies. In 2018, NTT grew to become the predominant telecommunications operator to affix the initiative.


Overview of the Demonstration Experiment

1. Reason

To test the effectivity of the EV-essentially based fully mostly contaminated space vitality recovery machine in dispatching optimal EVs for like a flash vitality offer to vitality-downed contaminated stations.

2. Experiment Significant aspects

Experiments simulating vitality outages will doubtless be performed to withhold in mind and title challenges within the contaminated space vitality recovery machine. These encompass:

  • Growing dispatch plans for every EV on the root of contaminated space recordsdata and EV recordsdata, simulating a large-problem vitality outage in Chiba Prefecture and validating the effectiveness of the AI-essentially based fully mostly dispatch planning by indubitably riding the EVs as per the plans.
  • Sorting out whether or no longer the contaminated space batteries trace as expected during the deliberate vitality offer from the EVs and evaluating the effectivity of the vitality offer belief developed by the EMS platform.

3. Technologies Susceptible within the Experiment

The experiment will expend the following technologies:

EMS Platform

  • Shows the associated charge scream of every contaminated space and formulates vitality offer plans.
  • Controls efficient scream contemporary vitality offer after connecting EVs to contaminated stations.

AI-Primarily based fully mostly Dispatch Planning

  • Generates routes for just a few EVs to manufacture timely arrival at contaminated stations earlier than their batteries dissipate and to achieve charging stations earlier than the EV’s possess battery runs out.
  • Quickens passe route generation components by the application of deep reinforcement studying.

    Reference: https://ntt-dkiku.github.io/rl-evrpeps/

EV Files

  • Collects recordsdata corresponding to the positioning, stored vitality, and riding recordsdata of every EV.
  • Gives bag admission to to and disseminates quiet recordsdata.

4. Experiment Length

January 12 to June 30, 2024.

5. Roles of Every Company


  • Planning and total management of the experiment.
  • Providing vitality-sharing technology between contaminated stations and EVs; evaluating the riding outcomes of the EVs.


  • Providing the route generation technology and AI-essentially based fully mostly dispatch planning for efficient EV circulation.
  • Inspecting challenges for bettering accuracy and practicality of the route generation technology and AI dispatch planning.


  • Collecting and offering EV recordsdata
  • Inspecting challenges linked to the provision of EV recordsdata.

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