Anycia’s Prayer: The Rising ATL Rapper Breaks Down Contemporary ‘Princess Pop That’ Challenge & Unearths What In actuality Makes Her Tick 

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When Anycia sauntered onto the stage all over her provided-out headline be aware at SOB’s in Contemporary York Metropolis (March 30), a necessary particular person had very clearly entered the gap. And with a buzzing crowd packed shoulder to shoulder, mingling and vibing through clouds of marijuana smoke, the venue became ready to welcome her fancy the necessary particular person she is. 

From fan-licensed “BRB” to buzzy collabs fancy “Splash Brothers” (with Karrahbooo) and the Latto-assisted “Support Exterior,” the group rapped along to each be aware of Anycia’s rising catalog, effortlessly emulating the Atlanta emcee’s raspy, blasé tone. At one level, Anycia gave her microphone to a fan, who occurred to be a law student traveling from out of tell, and she rapped a whole verse bar-for-bar as Anycia appeared on in humble shock and glee. A chunk of of bit later, one other fan bowled over Anycia with a bouquet of plants, which she tearfully and gratefully current.

“They became blowing my mind,” she says of her fans. “It upright made me stamp fancy, You if truth be told got fans, girl!” 

Alongside with her debut plump-size projects hitting DSPs on Friday (April 25), the ascendant rapper is gearing up for the following section of her occupation. Princess Pop That – which parts collaborations with Luh Tyler and Money Cobain – finds Anycia branching out from the Detroit-model beats that characterised her earlier output whereas peaceable affirming her authenticity. When Anycia raps, “Beat up the cat ’motive he know I’m a canine/ I turn a prince to a frog/ I turn a frog to a prince/ I’ll scuttle away a n—a on missed name,” on Princess Pop That standout “ATM,” he laid-abet tone is come what may both menacing and spellbinding, a if truth be told intoxicating combination. 

She is aware of she will contain someone’s man and stagger them fancy a canine, however she doesn’t essentially feel the prefer to bawl that from the rooftops. Must you know, you know – and in phrases of Anycia, all people will know whether or no longer they were looking out out for that files or no longer.  

After opening up for Veeze remaining year and kicking off 2024 with her most-viewed music video but in “Support Exterior” (three million hits on YouTube in precisely three months), Anycia is able to amass her touchy e-girl-meets-ATL baddie ravishing the overall arrangement to the tip. 

In an illuminating conversation with Billboard, Anycia breaks down her three very primary Princess Pop That tracks, primary aspects how she’s adjusting to her rising reputation and unearths what if truth be told makes her emotional. 

What are three songs that you watched are must-listens from Princess Pop That? 

“Squigi,” upright due to I fancy the sample on it. I picked it out, it’s “Let’s Salvage Away” by T.I., it’s very nostalgic for me. It’s already a song that I continuously snoop on, so [I knew I wanted to sample it]. I identify to incorporate the s—t that I snoop on in the beat or some form of arrangement. 

“EAT!” is upright a bop to me. Like that song. And working with Kenny [Beats] is continuously frigid. [In the studio], we were upright vibing. I had some tacos – I procure the a related s—t, I had my lil carne asada, some guac with a lil rice and beans and stuff fancy that – mess my abdomen up a lil bit, however I did what I had to attain and I made my song and the entirety became tea! I [also] had some wine, I fancy cabernet! [Laughs.

[This] one’s rising on me only due to I did an interview and it made me stamp, “Wait, I if truth be told bear never viewed no b—h at the monetary institution before for valid.” It light to be my least licensed, “ATM,” however it undoubtedly’s rising on me. Chile, I did no longer fancy that song. It’s grown on me due to I if truth be told ain’t never viewed nobody that I don’t fancy at the monetary institution. They be in each single method else in the arena: Popeyes, the grocery retailer, the mall, I bumped into a b—h at the rattling doctor’s office. I ain’t never bustle into no b—h that I don’t fancy at the ATM withdrawing something. I ain’t never viewed a b—h during the monetary institution, I never even drove previous no b—h in entrance the monetary institution! I ain’t never viewed them nowhere near no money! 

[The studio session for “ATM”] became turnt. I became drunk. I had upright went out to eat, I became having a time, chile! On occasion I freestyle, it depends on how I feel. I had some photographs, so a b—h became freestylin’, you know the arrangement we procure, chile. 

You’ve acknowledged that you’ve continuously been doing music in your lifestyles, however you tried to amass it significantly in 2022. What are your earliest musical memories? 

I light to head to a Christian College, and it became a dwell efficiency – now that I deem… it goes to additionally’ve been slightly of racist! Because why did y’all manufacture me the rapper? Then I had to take into story it, fancy, Maybe it’s no longer racist. I became continuously singing and doing stuff at school, so that they made me the rapper. They’d me in a puffer jacket with the fur on it in Atlanta spherical Easter time! It became ravishing scorching!  

So, I upright rapped about God. It became fancy my have dinky solo. That’s why I feel fancy… he know that I made that song for him! That’s why I’m getting the overall blessings I’m getting. 

What attain you take into accout listening to in the dwelling? 

I grew up with girls, my mom and my grandma, they in most cases both are totally diverse. My grandma would be listening to Sam Cooke and Luther Vandross and Teena Marie, stuff fancy that. My mom would be listening to Crime Mob, Bone Thugs-N-Concord, Self-discipline Mob, Ciara, Esteem, so I grew up on that. My mom’s from California, so she got a West Soar vibe and the girl’s upright cultured, she’s musically inclined. 

How attain you pondering rising up in a family of females fashioned you into who you may well additionally very effectively be as of late? 

With the females that I became brought up spherical, they if truth be told upright taught me to contain myself 100%. No topic the disclose, continuously be proud of yourself. Adore I acknowledged, my grandma and my mama are the overall opposite, so I procure totally diverse opinions on s—t and we peaceable fancy that now. They’ve continuously taught me to dwell in tune with myself, if truth be told upright recommendations to be a f—king lady, recommendations to face your floor, recommendations to stamp each dynamic of a girl, recommendations to revel in your lady abilities no topic what the f–good ample is going down. And no topic what, upright to supply it 100%. 

Dangle they ever given you notes or recommendation on music or your occupation the least bit?  

No. Despite the indisputable reality that they did, I’d contain it with a grain of salt — due to I’ve continuously been one amongst those other folks that got to bump my have head to establish some s—t out. Can’t nobody repeat me what the f—good ample due to I feel fancy it’s diverse strokes for diverse other folks, your story is no longer the following particular person’s story. I attain contain recommendation. I’m studying to amass recommendation from other folks that bear of direction been in those [situations]. You realize other folks identify to build their 1-2 in! You tryna give me a 1-2 and also you ain’t even had that 1 but. Gorgeous let me attain what I attain, and also you upright make stronger. 

No person if truth be told sounds equivalent to you. How did you fabricate your rap narrate and your waft? 

In the starting build, I light to be attempting to attain dinky melodic model s—t. Gorgeous dibbling and dabbling in some bulls—t. Nonetheless, at one level in time, I upright realized… B—h, upright talk

Closing winter you build out your debut EP, Extra. How would you listing your remark from that project to Princess Pop That? What are about a of the greatest classes you realized since striking out your first project? 

Nothing if truth be told musically. I upright be doing my lil thing. I procure into diverse baggage with myself. I realized recommendations to adapt to diverse s–t. Let me bag out recommendations to procure in diverse baggage and step out my part however peaceable be myself. Sooner than, I felt fancy other folks became striking me in a box: Detroit model beats. That’s no longer a enviornment, however my greatest thing is I would prefer to be upright me. I upright prefer to be in my have lane. I don’t want nobody on the a related freeway with me. This is my freeway, I’ll come over there after I come over there. It’s deepest, gated community. [Laughs.]

We got Kevin Durant, Drake, and Latto — you’re getting into your debut album period with some huge co-indicators. Which one supposed potentially the most to you and who’s given you the one recommendation about this whole music thing? 

Ain’t nobody gave me no recommendation. Each person’s given me make stronger. I don’t if truth be told leer recommendation. I’m no longer prone with other folks except we’re shut. I don’t manufacture you feel fancy I want any recommendation. If the rest, I want you to be taking a survey to me fancy, “B—h what can I attain to be equivalent to you?” I don’t give a rattling who it is! 

I’d hiss Latto is my licensed [co-sign]. She’s any such girl’s girl, and we had enjoyable taking pictures the [“Back Outside”] music video. I met her at her birthday celebration sooner than that. The girls if truth be told be my licensed to me. 

You no longer too long ago toured with Veeze, who had his have breakout 2nd remaining year. What did you bought away from that abilities? 

Sooner than [the Veeze tour], I would be so apprehensive. I peaceable attain be slightly of apprehensive, however now it’s better due to I know other folks are beginning to procure the gist of what’s going on. Adore [at] SOB’s, other folks are coming to glance me. For the Veeze tour, I became peaceable unique. It became diverse states that we were going to, that I actually became finna s—t bricks at the abet of the scenes — fancy, Is these other folks gonna boo me? I light to anxiety about that. 

I realized that no topic what room we step in, no topic what efficiency I attain, even when they don’t know me, all of the arrangement is to fabricate definite that that they know me before they scuttle away. 

What became it fancy must you bought that decision to originate for him? 

Or no longer it be obvious s—t that hit me fancy, “OK, here’s if truth be told going on!” Nonetheless, for potentially the most section, I became upright wrathful by… where we became finna be at. Adore duty s—t. I became apprehensive about performing, however I wasn’t [screaming] or the rest fancy that. 

Is there ever a 2nd where something happens and also you are screaming and leaping? 

No longer screaming and s—t, [but] I got emotional at SOB’s. All this s—t is terribly intimate to me. A great deal of stuff excites me, however no longer for valid. The smallest things mean loads to me. I cried at SOB’s due to I became surrounded by other folks [who] bear been with me a whereas. Them plants? Chile, that became the lead for the primary ride. One amongst the females that work with me, she got me a personalized lil letterman jacket with “provided out be aware” on the abet, I upright bust out in tears, chile, I became so emotional. Nonetheless I cleaned it up valid staunch after that! 

How attain you effect grounded with all of these large occupation changes? 

It’s stressful the least bit. I wouldn’t even sit down here and be fancy I’m the overall arrangement spherical it. It’s s—t that irritates the f—good ample out of me on daily basis. Industry s–t, you know what I’m asserting? I procure overwhelmed, I won’t hiss aggravated or aggravated. I bear loads to attain. This is what I certain to attain, you ain’t if truth be told going to procure no sleep fancy that. Nonetheless it undoubtedly’s surely tea! 

It’s [less] being grounded and [more] studying recommendations to attain what you bought to attain and scuttle in conjunction with that and peaceable incorporate being you and no longer dropping peek of what the f—good ample the bigger describe is. Adore if I don’t prefer to attain something, I’m no longer gonna attain it. If I don’t fancy something, I’m gonna hiss I don’t fancy it. I’m originate to how the f—good ample you feel, or why you watched I may well additionally peaceable attain it, however if I don’t prefer to attain something, it’s continuously myself first. 

In the case of creating your stage be aware, attain you may well additionally bear someone you peek up to? 

On occasion I don’t even know what the f—good ample I’m going to attain before I procure on that motherf—ker! I don’t know what it is. Truth be knowledgeable, I may rehearsal, I get up by the stage, I procure the bubble guts after which the entirety upright goes out my mind. I’ll step on the stage and watch the oldsters and my abdomen starts hurting. I be fancy, Oh, s—t, they if truth be told pulled up. I feel fancy a scary b—h that didn’t if truth be told prefer to fight for valid. The dreaded b—h that dopped the addy and didn’t own they became if truth be told gonna come. I be at the abet of the scenes fancy, They gon beat my a— bro! 

And then you surely gotta scuttle accessible, motive your mom in the abet, fancy, You brought these b—hes to my condominium! They upright paid fuel money and s–t, I got to procure accessible. So, it upright clicks. Sasha Fierce! I get up accessible and something takes over and we upright birth rocking out.  

[At] Rolling Loud, I had a psychological f—king breakdown on the plane. I got mad after I got to the to the rattling hotel room. I became being a b—h, then I upright broke down. Gaze, that’s what happens with me. I’ll be a b—h, after which I become a b—h for valid. I’ll be a b—h, and no topic the entirety the bulls—t, all it takes is one particular person spherical me to be fancy, “What’s up?” and I’ll spoil down in tears. Then we now bear a pleasant dinky pep talk and we abet into motion. Nonetheless I became on that thought laughing and crying with the f—king wine taking images. I took selfies of me crying!  

How became performing at Rolling Loud? 

It became frigid.  My mom got to glance me, that became her first time ever being in a tell to glance me before. I had to fabricate definite that it became a uncommon be aware due to she is a laborious cookie to disintegrate, dinky one. I couldn’t upright divulge her to a conventional be aware. I had to divulge her to Rolling Loud. She became wrathful, she got a shirt and the entirety. That became the one section for me, my mom seeing me. 

And the oldsters accessible, I didn’t own that they’d be there for me. I underestimate myself in some conditions. It upright hasn’t totally clicked the overall arrangement. It’s clicking, don’t procure me inappropriate, however it undoubtedly’s crazy due to I’m actually being myself. 

What are those moments where it if truth be told started to click for you? 

Or no longer it be potentially the most random instances, fancy after I’m doing some s—t where I didn’t rely on nobody to glance me. I became in the flea market getting one amongst my grills made, and there became a young lady with her mother. To start with, I became going to pass out, duration. I am anemic and I hadn’t ate. I became waiting on the girl to alternate my phone case, and I became getting if truth be told lightheaded. I had on a rattling windbreaker jogger swimsuit! [Laughs.]  

So, I’m leaning on the rattling stool and this lady come over fancy, “Hi there, are you Anycia?” And I’m peaceable adjusting [to fame]! Typically, a b—h rely on you what’s your establish or who you is at 285 Flea Market, I don’t know whether or no longer to claim sure or no! So, I’m fancy… this b—h finna beat my a–. She gon knock me ravishing the f—good ample out. Then she fancy, “My daughter over there, and she apprehensive!” I peek over and the daughter over there [hiding]. She primary to amass a describe, so I [got myself together]. All of that became random! 

Nonetheless for valid, I be forgetting I’m in a position to’t scuttle outside with my wig the overall arrangement abet. I’m in a position to’t scuttle outside with a bald cap on no extra! 

In the case of fan interplay fancy how attain you navigate that? How’s that relationship developed over time? 

It if truth be told wasn’t a construction thing! I’ve continuously been a particular person that likes to interrupt the ice and describe a room. I’ve continuously felt [that with] being a stagger-setter, you assign the room. Whoever tags along, tags along. Whoever don’t, is no longer supposed to be in my world. I’ve continuously been a other folks particular person, however I don’t fancy who I don’t fancy.  

Who’s in your Mount Rushmore of rap? 

1, me. 2, me. 3, me and 4, me. Nonetheless the arrangement in which it must be method up, it’s diverse styles that I achieved did. Some gorgeous braids, cornrows, 30-lope bust down straight down the middle — after which the following one upright gon be me being the baddest b—h I’m in a position to seemingly be. 

What’s your licensed rap album? 

Potentially Princess Pop That

What are your top 5 songs ever? 

“Sizable Body” by Anycia. “BRB” by Anycia. “Support Exterior” by Anycia. “EAT!,” it’s additionally by Anycia too. And “Squigi” by Anycia. 

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