Amor a la Mexicana: Thalia Breaks Down 5 Main Songs From ‘A Mucha Honra’

“It evokes a nostalgia in me, it will get into the Mexican’s DNA,” says the artist of the tune of her place of dwelling of origin.

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Taking a regional Mexican tune route has led Thalia — on the total referred to because the Queen of Latin Pop — wait on to her roots, as she embraces the resurgence of música mexicana on her most up-to-date EP, A Mucha Honra.

“This album was created at the provision from which this [new corridos] motion comes and emanates,” the celeb tells Billboard Español. In collaboration with Jimmy Humilde of Rancho Humilde and tune producer Edgar Rodríguez of Yellow Room, the singer dives deep into the musical heritage of her preferred house country.

She displays on the facility of songs fancy the timeless “Amor a la Mexicana” as a key inspiration for this challenge. “It’s the appropriate circle of why I’m singing regional [Mexican] good now,” says Thalia about the classic 1997 Mexican cumbia-pop hit. “[This genre] evokes a nostalgia in me. It will get into the Mexican DNA and provokes a catharsis in you, this model, this sound, these chords.”

The 9-tune EP, released on Friday (April 26) below Sony Tune US Latin, entails the corridos tumbados of “Bebé, Perdón,” “Para Qué Celarme” and a remake of “Amor a la Mexicana.” There’s also the sierreño pop jam “Choro” featuring Estilo Sin Límite, the norteño song “Silencio,” and a nor-techno remix of “Te Va a Doler,” courtesy of Deorro, which she premiered closing evening at the 2024 Latin American Tune Awards; the unusual model aspects Grupo Firme.

“For me it has been a pleasure in negate to create this tune for this sort of very very long time, in negate to fabricate it”, the artist explains. “It has been unbelievable for me to free up A Mucha Honra miniature by miniature. I repeatedly strive and skills tons of things, new things, things that suppose me and add to me.”

Under, Thalia breaks down 5 wanted songs from her new EP, in her possess words.

“Te Va a Doler” (with Grupo Firme)

“Te Va a Doler” is a song that despite being regional [Mexican], has a miniature bit little bit of both worlds. It has a miniature bit more of the Thalia universe, of my musical and interpretative model, nonetheless it level-headed has the facility and sonority of the brand new regional Mexican. For bigger than a year we now had been talking with Eduin Caz [of Grupo Firme] about doing something, about working together, and for me this song was the appropriate ring for this union. In truth that our styles merged neatly, his instruct sounds very extremely effective in this memoir, and it was spectacular.

From the an identical song, “Te Va a Doler,” a more electronic model was finished with Deorro, who since I heard his work I preferred it, so I stated: “It’s a long way critical to create something for me.” I address Deorro’s work, and he did the remix model of this song.

“Amor a la Mexicana”

It’s the appropriate circle of why I’m singing regional good now. For me, singing to Mexico and singing within the sorts of our musical [heritage] has been a constant in my discography. Ought to you stare for songs, videos and hits by Thalia which contain a regional or Mexican sound, there are a complete bunch, and the classic of my complete occupation is “Amor a la Mexicana.” So, it can presumably well well now not be lacking in this album known as A Mucha Honra. I in point of fact feel honored to be Mexican, to contain an even time what goes on with culture, with tune globally today. And what bigger than with the icing on the cake, which is to swear a new model of “Amor a la Mexicana”, which in point of fact grew to turn out to be out spectacular. Undoubtedly, it is miles one in every of my easiest versions of “Amor a la Mexicana.”

“Troca” (with Ángela Aguilar)

It’s a long way a song that has such shapely lyrics, so pure, so easy, so great address, that I needed. It resonated with me to swear something with shapely, with composed lyrics of address. It made me in point of fact feel good to suppose these words and these lyrics. It was also a gargantuan opportunity to bring together two generations, two Mexicans, singing today. I in point of fact feel that our voices got here together very cool, and very velvety, fancy a cozy blanket round you. And that makes me very pleased in negate to negate how cool it is miles that two Mexicans from tons of generations coexist in a address song.

We made an bright video which is also something new and tons of for me. It’s huge gorgeous.

“Choro” (with Estilo Sin Límite)

“Choro” aspects Dania from Estilo Sin Límite, an rising artist who has unbelievable skills, and is a gargantuan songwriter with a extremely particular instruct. When I heard her, I stated, “Let’s create the song, let’s work”, and we recorded “Choro.” The interpretation is huge cool. I in point of fact feel a duty, of anyone who has already strategy an effective way [in my career] to lengthen a hand and toughen new abilities.

[Choro] is a extremely Mexican factor to negate. I idea it was an even title, an even idea for a song. Later it made me laugh resulting from in tons of international locations it has tons of connotations.

“Para Qué Celarme”

I wager it’s my favourite of the album. The arrangements are nostalgic, it does something to my heart. I address the lyrics, the memoir is so superior, and it permits me as an actress to swear it and catch into personality. And that’s what I address roughly this song. It’s a ballad with pleasure, with power. It rings a bell in my memory a miniature bit little bit of that song of mine, “Equivocada,” within the topic topic. My fans likes to see the party Thalia, the Thalia who sings irreverent songs, dance songs, nonetheless also the romantic one, the one who sings songs of broken hearts, and intense ballads. Right here’s the ballad of this album.

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