Doubtlessly the most efficient cars from the Seventies

A photo of a Lancia Stratos rally car in the Alitaia livery.

Is the Lancia Stratos the easiest automobile from the 1970s?
Checklist: Lancia

There must gathered be no arguments that the 1970s was once an acceptable decade for movies and tune. Releases like Ziggy Stardust from David Bowie and Saturday Evening Fever clearly dispute that. Nonetheless were the cars from this decade as suitable?

To search out out, we was to you and requested what’s the easiest automobile from the 1970s? Fortuitously, you bought right here succor with some wide strategies.

So, from world-beating rally cars to quirky French sedans, flick through the following pages to catch out extra about some of the crucial easiest cars from the ‘70s.

A photo of the rear quarters on a Dodge Colt Custom hatchback.

Checklist: Dodge

“I cherished my ‘79 Dodge Colt Customized (aka Colt RS) with yellow paint and a twin-stick transmission rather loads but total the ‘70s were a dazzling rotten time for cars.”

Changed into once the Dodge Colt Customized a uncommon nugget of enjoyment in an otherwise insensible period for automobile originate? Let’s catch out collectively.

Suggested by: Alan Dahl (Facebook)

A photo of a green Datsun 240Z sports car.

Checklist: Nissan

“Datsun Z. A life like sport automobile with performance, handling and fun! I had one and I gathered bring it to mind so effectively. I drove it in Summer time and in Winter, by no methodology had a field.”

Call it the Datsun 240Z, the Nissan Fairlady Z and even the Nissan S30, whatever name you selected it’s gathered a dazzling automobile.

Suggested by: minardi

A side profile photo of a Pontiac Firebird muscle car

Checklist: Pontiac

“Most effective is a relative term.

“I will issue the Firebird. You have gotten the coolness of the ‘Smokey and the Bandit’ gold and dim Firebirds… although they were out performed by a drag-on lawnmower. You even have the early 70s bottlenose Firebirds with the superior TransAM and the System 400 and its iconic hood scoops.”

The Firebird is in all likelihood some of the most American cars ever made. Nonetheless, is it also some of the easiest cars of the ‘70s?

Suggested by: slicks30r

A photo of a lime green MK1 VW Golf hatchback.

Checklist: VW

“VW Golf Mk.1

“It was once stunning mighty a flexible automobile from family hatchbacks, performance variants, convertibles and even a truck.”

Shoutouts got right here in for every the abnormal MK1 Golf and its beefier GTI sibling, which launched into the enviornment in 1976.

Suggested by: thedriveress-

A photo of a red Mercedes sedan.

Checklist: Mercedes-Benz

“The Mercedes W123 chassis coupes, sedans and wagons.

“Made from 1973 your entire procedure through the 80s. It was once the automobile that elated the masses that it was once possible to request 100okay+ miles with out a essential engine carrier, or any valuable carrier at all, for that topic…if you may catch the money for the initial opt tag.

“The Eastern were really effectively on their procedure, but most People gathered struggled with cultural image points associated with these cars, as suitable as they were. Despite every little thing, most World Battle II vets hadn’t even retired yet.

“The Mercedes W123 is gathered broadly even handed as some of the easiest cars ever built—from any decade.”

Constructed between 1976 and 1986, the W123 lineup integrated sedans, coupes and dwelling wagons. All in, the German automaker equipped extra than 2.7 million W123 cars in this period.

Suggested by: Kris Though-provoking (Facebook)

A photo of a silver Cadillac Fleetwood sedan.

Checklist: Cadillac

“Mid-seventies American barges.

“Below is a image of my 1976 Cadillac Fleetwood. Barring the completely abysmal mileage from the 8.2L V8 (185 hp!), it was once a actually wide device to trip a street day breeze back and forth. Took my sons on a 3000 mi day breeze back and forth over final spring ruin and hit quite so much of the roadside sights in the southwest US.”

What began as a prefix for sure Cadillac models grew to change into a automobile in its bear appropriate in the 1970s with the begin of the Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham and the Cadillac Fleetwood Limousine.

Suggested by: soloyosh

A photo of a Lancia Stratos rally car in the Alitaia livery.

Checklist: Lancia

“Can also honest I recent to your consideration, the Lancia Stratos!

“WRC Champion in 74, 75, and 76. Soundless appears to be like like a appropriate plug automobile this day. Ferrari Dino engine, styled by Marcello Gandini. And the Alitalia livery was once fable. If I ever hit the lottery for a couple hundred mil, right here’s the automobile I would inaugurate my collection with.”

The precise form resolution. I’m truly disappointed in myself for no longer taking into consideration of this one sooner. The Stratos is and incessantly will probably be out of the ordinary.

Suggested by: gtbeam

A photo of a yellow Plymouth Barracuda in a studio.

Checklist: Plymouth

“1971 ‘Cuda convertible. Frigid passable for ‘Mannix’ and wintry passable for ‘Nash Bridges’ twenty five years later.”

The third and closing iteration of the Barracuda went on sale in 1970. It struggled on for four years, before being killed off in the fallout of the 1970s energy crisis.

Suggested by: Scott Sanford (Facebook)

A photo of a brown Honda Accord sedan parked on a cobble street.

Checklist: Honda

“First Technology Honda Accord. The principle proper threat to the Detroit Big Three, particularly when the sedan was once launched.”

The MK1 Honda Accord sedan appears to be like to be wintry AF, even in this irregular brown.

Suggested by: earthbound-misfit-i

A photo of a dark colored Porsche 911 in a forrest.

Checklist: Porsche

“Porsche 911 has to be in consideration. And for that topic the oft-maligned 914. Datsun 510 and 620 pickup were recreation changers too.”

Is the 911 of the 1970s the easiest having a witness 911? It really would be.

Suggested by: Adam Martin (Facebook)

A side profile view of a Plymouth Superbird muscle car in blue.

Checklist: Plymouth

“1970 Plymouth Superbird.

“I was once a toddler going to Bosak Chrysler/Plymouth in Gary, IN with my father to rob up his Nabisco firm automobile. Chrysler had disbursed one to every dealership and for some motive they’d no longer one, but two of these on their showroom. One had the flee and for some motive the opposite did no longer. Both were Alpine White. I quiz the MSRP was once around $4500 but I distinctly rob after my thoughts stopped blowing my first thought was once, ‘who the fuck has $8000 for a automobile?’ Turns out my pal’s brother did. His father owned an auto repair/body store. Yearly he’d paint his Superbird a run manufacturing facility coloration.”

The Plymouth Superbird is a bonkers, but very nice, automobile that was once built for one cause: to execute the Ford Torino at stock automobile meets.

Suggested by: 900turbo

A photo of a 1970s Saab 99 driving on a highway.

Checklist: Saab

“Saab 99 or Mercedes S-Class. Saab was once appropriate form irregular and stunning. The Mercedes you gathered quiz around. They don’t quit.

“Honorable mention to an early 1970s Bronco.

“Sentimental mention to the El Camino. So grotesque it’s appealing.”

It wouldn’t be a witness succor at the easiest cars in historical previous with out a cheeky small Saab now, would it no longer? The 99 was once first launched in 1968 and remained on sale till the early ‘80s.

Suggested by: Barrett Buss (Facebook)

A photo of a yellow Lamborghini Countach supercar.

Checklist: Lamborghini

“Countach! Sooner than your entire cheesy wings and fender flares.”

One other iconic automobile that spanned quite so much of a few years, the Lamborghini Countach. This chunk of Italian engineering was once launched in 1974 and remained on sale till 1990.

Suggested by: hangovergrenade

A photo of the front end on a light blue Citroen CX car.

Checklist: Citroën

“I thought about the SM (being launched in 1970 it does qualify) but I’ll truly nominate the Citroën CX as the closing 1970’s automobile.

“It was once the final of the particular substantial Citroëns, before Peugeot took over and decided Citroën needed to change into their fee range tag and took away all that made them appealing.

“Hydropneunatic suspension, DIRAVI steerage and a bonkers interior. And then there’s the styling which no longer handiest made it witness like a spaceship but was once aerodynamic too.”

Citroën must gathered return to establishing quirky sedans which would be ridiculously relaxed. And they must gathered promote them throughout right here, The US would be at an advantage with extra quirky French cars.

Suggested by: alferr

A photo of a red Ferrari 308 in a studio.

Checklist: Ferrari

“Ferrari 308 GTS/GTB. It dwelling the originate language for a generation of Ferraris, and took us into the ‘80s with one Thomas Magnum.”

Clearly, the 1970s were a time for pointy Italian cars to reign supreme, so following on from the Countach and the Stratos right here’s the Ferrari 308. The mighty Pininfarina-styled Ferrari 308 GTB was once launched at the Paris Motor Repeat in 1975.

Suggested by: JohnnyWasASchoolBoy

A photo of a cream VW bus on a sand dune.

Checklist: VW

“The VW Westfalia/Kind 2 van. There’s no longer many things extra iconic of the 70s than a VW van fat of hippies with a bunch of weed.”

If I would possibly have one automobile on this checklist, it would possibly also be a VW T2 van. I take care of them with all my coronary heart.

Suggested by: dangerdane911

A photo of two rusting trucks in a field.

Checklist: Justin Sullivan (Getty Photography)

“Doubtlessly the most efficient automobile of the 70s was once the one you saved from the 60s. 70s cars were underpowered smog-mobiles with unpleasant 5 mph bumpers.”

So, after pondering all 16 of the cars nominated, enact you settle with this catch?

Suggested by: Dave Wielgas (Facebook)

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