Singularity 6 reduces group by 35%

Palia developer says decision came after evaluating give a increase to vital for the game

Singularity 6 has laid off a third of its workers following Palia’s liberate on Steam.

In a assertion equipped to Polygon’s Nicole Wood employee, the studio acknowledged the decision came after it “evaluated the give a increase to vital” for the MMO.

“We made the complicated decision to diminish our group, which impacted about 35% of our proficient and hardworking team contributors,” it acknowledged. “We worth their contributions and are committed to supporting them throughout this process, including severance, work-placement and career steering assistance, and retainment of all firm-equipped constructing equipment.

“This decision turned into now not made evenly, and is derived after cautious consideration of our constructing and business needs to present a increase to Palia and its neighborhood.”

The Los Angeles-basically based completely developer turned into founded in 2018 by Aidan Karabaich and Anthony Leung, previously of Riot Video games.

The studio raised $30 million in 2021 with the funds passe to gasoline Palia’s constructing, which launched in August 2023. Last month, the game reached over six million gamers.

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