Zilog Z80 CPU – Contemporary, free and begin source silicon clone

On April 15 of 2024 Zilog has launched End-of-Life for Z80, no doubt one of doubtlessly the most famed 8-bit CPUs of all time.

It’s a time for birth-source and hardware preservation community to step in with a Free and Initiate Source Silicon (FOSS) replacement for Zilog Z80.

The first fabrication of FOSS Z80 is scheduled for June of 2024!

On the route to become a silicon confirmed, pin like minded, birth-source replacement for frequent Zilog Z80.

FOSS Z80 leverages OpenROAD circulate and FOSS 130 nm Skywater PDK to synthesize manufacturing ready silicon. Minute Tapeout infrastructure is ragged to test and pool make with many others to decrease the price of physical chip fabrication at Skywater Foundries.

The considerable iteration of FOSS Z80 silicon

The considerable iteration is developed with Minute Tapeout 07 the use of 130 nm assignment and fits on a 0.064 mm2 die field. The considerable fabrication is scheduled for June of 2024 as a component of CI 2406 Shuttle.

The implementation is primarily primarily based around Man Hutchison’s TV80 Verilog core.

Study documentation for Minute Tapeout 07 model

Under is the image of GDSII constructed-in circuit format for FOSS Z80. It’s the tip outcomes of computerized affirm-and-route circulate in OpenROAD the use of 130 nm “gates” logic substances.

  • Add thorough instruction (including ‘illegal’) execution exams ZEXALL to testbench
  • Examine diversified implementations: Verilog core A-Z80, Netlist primarily primarily based Z80Explorer
  • Tapeout with ChipIgnite in QFN44 package deal
  • Tapeout with DIP40 package deal
  • Develop gate-level layouts that can maybe per chance resemble the distinctive Z80 format, peer the distinctive chip dies under. Zilog designed Z80 by manually placing each and each transistor by hand.
  • Z80 Customers Manual
  • Z80 Customers Manual from Mostek
  • Zilog Info E-book
  • The whole files about Z80
  • Undocumented directions
  • Opcode desk and timing
  • Oral Historical past of the Model of the Z80

    Oral Historical past Panel on the Founding of the Company and the Model of the Z80 Microprocessor

    M. Shima on Demystifying Microprocessor Form

    • (expired) Patent US4605980 — enter voltage spike security
    • (expired) Patent US4332008A — ???
    • (expired) Patent US4486827A — reset circuitry

    Existing Z80 implementations

    Minute Tapeout is an tutorial project that objectives to designate it less difficult and more cost effective than ever to score your digital designs manufactured on a true chip.

    To be taught extra and score started, seek the advice of with

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