Xiaomi BE 3600: WiFi 7 router now available at an cheap tag

Xiaomi BE 3600: New WiFi 7 router to launch at a low price
Xiaomi BE 3600: New WiFi 7 router to start at a low tag

Xiaomi is offering the BE 3600, a WiFi 7 router that goals to clutch over traders with its in particular low tag. A fleet Ethernet port would perchance well be available.

Silvio Werner (translated by Jacob Fisher), Published 🇩🇪

Xiaomi would perchance maybe be simplest known amongst consumers as a manufacturer of smartphones, but also offers a wide fluctuate of merchandise from various categories, including routers. Sure Xiaomi routers are already available, with the manufacturer also focusing on tag-conscious traders. 

Xiaomi has now equipped a brand fresh router that combines excessive efficiency with an awfully cheap tag mark. The BE 3600 is the manufacturer’s cheapest router with WiFi 7 functionality up to now. Xiaomi has no longer yet published your complete actual specs, but the title already offers an actual indication of the maximum data switch payment. Based entirely entirely on naming conventions, this is liable to be as much as three,600 MBit/s, which is no longer in particular excessive for a WiFi 7 router. The required data switch payment is continually given because the frequent optimum payment, that would possibly simplest be performed below excellent and no longer so real looking stipulations.

Based entirely entirely on Xiaomi, an SoC with four computing cores is installed – which chip exactly is weak is peaceable unclear. On the least one Ethernet port with a maximum data switch card of 2.5 Gbit/s is claimed to be installed – whether simplest the WAN port has an increased data switch payment stays to be seen. The risk of connecting to IoT devices would perchance well be marketed.

Currently, no actual tag data is accessible, but it undoubtedly is anticipated to be the identical of round $40. This would perchance well be launched on January 30 and originally simplest in China; Xiaomi has no longer yet commented on a that you just may mediate of worldwide start.

Silvio Werner, 2024-01-14 (Change: 2024-01-14)

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