It looks to be adore upright the day prior to this WordPress became as soon as turning into a youngster, and in a blink of the detect it’s now ragged sufficient to drink! 21 years since Mike and I did the first release of WordPress, forking Michel’s work on b2/cafélog.

There’s been many milestones and highlights along the kind, and heaps extra to come. I’ve been pondering loads about parts that made WordPress successful in its early years that we may maybe maybe also merely easy serve in ideas as we secure this year and past. Right here’s 11 opinions:

  1. Straightforward issues wants to be simple and intuitive, and intricate issues that it is doubtless you’ll maybe maybe be also occupy.
  2. Running a blog, commenting, and pingbacks may maybe maybe also merely easy be fun. Static websites are handsome, but dynamic ones are higher. Almost every jabber would be improved by having a vast weblog.
  3. Wikis are unbelievable, and our documentation wants to be wiki-simple to edit.
  4. Boards wants to be entrance and center in the neighborhood. bbPress and BuddyPress want some love.
  5. Every plugin and theme must contain the overall infrastructure that we utilize to secure WordPress itself—version adjust, malicious program trackers, boards, documentation, internationalization, chat rooms, P2, and simple pathways for contribution and neighborhood. We shouldn’t be uploading ZIPs in 2024!
  6. Theme previews wants to be vast, and a vast series of non-business topics with various aesthetics and functionality are mandatory.
  7. We are in a position to’t over-index for pointers and requirements. Better to contain lawful marketplace dynamics and engineer automated feedback loops and transparency to users. Boundaries in functionality and compose wants to be pushed. (But spam and spammy behavior deserves zero tolerance.)
  8. Ideas loops are so valuable, and may maybe maybe merely scale with usage and the overall neighborhood in wish to being reliant on gatekeepers.
  9. Core wants to be opinionated and quirky: Easter eggs, language with persona even though it’s sophisticated to translate, jazzy.
  10. Everyone constructing and making selections for system wants to utilize it.
  11. It’s valuable that we all contain reinforce, slouch to meetups and events, the relaxation we can to discontinue terminate to regular discontinuance-users of what we build.

What would you add?

Stress-free truth: On Can also 27, 2003 I blogged “Working backwards, earlier tonight became as soon as vast. Build WordPress out, which felt vast.” as one sentence in a 953-note entry written from the porch of my parent’s residence the put I became as soon as by chance locked out all night until my Dad left in the morning to transfer to work. Had no belief WordPress would be as enormous because it is. Earlier that night had location up WP for my buddy Ramie Speight, and performed some phone tech reinforce for one other buddy Mike Tremoulet I had met by the native blogger meetup. My chums from high college all had their very bear domains with WP and that feedback loop became as soon as magical for shaping the system.

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