Winning Cryptocurrency Analyst Shares His Presale Investments

Trader Andre Outbertg, the creator of the standard Crypto Whale Pump prognosis channel, has shared his views on the sole cryptocurrencies to idea at some level of the upcoming crypto bull hump. His views consequence from years of a success cryptocurrency procuring and selling, and he thinks that meme coins will rob the tag within the next bull cycle. 

Andre shares his thoughts and insights on his Telegram channel, and basically based on his most modern predictions, three platforms are the most definitely candidates for explosive boost and high returns in 2024.

All Three Cryptos Are Restful within the Earliest Phases

Skilled crypto merchants know that investing early in upcoming crypto platforms will likely yield the supreme returns. Consequently, all three platforms in Andre’s level of curiosity are both nonetheless available in a presale or are about to open within the following few weeks. Therefore, they are yet to become available on CEX/DEX listings, so you nonetheless include a chance to make investments early to purchase tokens on the lowest tag that it is probably going you’ll presumably well be judge, allowing you to rep the supreme profits within the medium term. 

So, without further ado, let’s uncover Andre’s approved upcoming crypto platforms and watch why he thinks they’ve the supreme return likely within the upcoming months.

crypto whales pumps

1. Scotty AI (SCOTTY) – New Meme Coin Focusing on AI-Driven Blockchain Security

“I moral sold some SCOTTY tokens by exchanging my ETH. Over 90% of tokens were equipped already, and this AI currency shall be one thing sizable”, concluded Outbertg. 

Scotty AI is one in every of the latest meme coins available in presale, and it capabilities a Scottish Terrier who objectives to become the protector of blockchains worldwide. It is a dog-themed cryptocurrency, however it affords whisper of the art AI-pushed blockchain security choices designed to identify and quit all kinds of breaches, frauds, and scams.

The AI solution, at its core, uses evolved code analytics to detect suspicious behavior within blockchains, allowing them to trace and quit unsuitable actions. Its purpose is to enable customers to work together to construct better AI security choices aged to audit third-celebration blockchains to increase their security. This map affords SCOTTY tokens real utility, separating them from most meme coins within the marketplace. 

Scotty AI objectives to construct and preserve an active neighborhood while allowing customers to stake SCOTTY tokens to produce rewards. The token is nonetheless available in presale, however within the final allotment, so as to include only eight days to rep SCOTTY for only $0.0083. The occasion raised over $4.1 million in epic time, making it one in every of the most anticipated meme coins in 2024.

scotty the ai

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2. Green Bitcoin (GBTC) – Earn GBTC Tokens For Predicting Bitcoin Price Movements

Green Bitcoin is a BTC-related crypto platform that gives users another way of monetizing on the next Bitcoin bull run. It’s a unique project that uses the Predict-to-Earn reward system, allowing users to monetize on their “gut feeling” when it comes to future Bitcoin prices.

Here’s how it works: first, users are required to buy and stake an amount of native $GBTC tokens to be able to place predictions. Then, after their predictions are set, users must wait a week to see if their gut feeling was correct. If their predictions correlate with the actual situation, users get higher $GBTC in return. 

Green Bitcoin’s official launch will coincide with the upcoming Bitcoin halving event, $GBTC tokens have a good chance of 10x gains weeks after launch. The official Green Bitcoin toke presale raised over $2.4 million in the past few weeks, showing clear signs of high-growth potential. Moreover, if you stake your tokens during the event, you will earn 162% rewards before the presale is over.

Green Bitcoin

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3. Meme Kombat (MK) – One of The Most Anticipated Memes on the Market

Meme Kombat has been a hot topic among investors worldwide ever since it went into presale in late 2023. The event raised well over $9 million, proving that it has significant support from worldwide investors. The event is now closed, and MK tokens went live on Uniswap on March 5, 2024. 

The final price of MK tokens during the presale event was $0.27, and just three days after going live on Uniswap, the tokens are selling for over $0.49. The price increase of nearly 80% in the first few days after going live on Uniswap is just the start, as MK tokens are expected to result in much higher gains down the road.

The platform is built around AI-driven arena battles where users can put their favorite online meme characters, such as Doge, Pepe the Frog, Spongebob, and many others, against each other in 100% fair and transparent arena battles. Players must stake MK tokens before each battle; if their character wins, they get higher returns. However, Meme Kombat also allows users to bet on random battle outcomes to earn MK tokens if their predictions are correct. 

You can still purchase MK tokens at a relatively low price, as they are expected to explode in the upcoming period. Visit the official website for more information about Meme Kombat, and follow the provided link to the Uniswap exchange.

meme kombat

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4. Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX) – Cloud-Based BTC Mining Platform With Massive Potential

Bitcoin Minetrix raised nearly $12 million so far. I’m waiting for more information, but stakers gain over 59% in staking, months after the presale event went live”. According to Andres words, BTCMTX investors who staked their tokens are already earning a profit, even before the platform is live on major listings.

Bitcoin Minetrix is a unique cloud-based Bitcoin mining platform that solves the biggest challenges of mining BTC tokens in one sweep. It makes mining BTC accessible to any user, as it doesn’t come with high hardware or electricity costs. Instead, users must stake their BTCMTX tokens to earn nonfungible BTC mining credits, which they use to rent remote mining machines and earn Bitcoin.

The platform is a few months into the presale event, during which it raised nearly $12 million. 

It’s the only Bitcoin mining platform of its kind on the market, and it’s about to go live right around the next BTV halving event. The event is in stage 24, allowing you to exchange your ETH or USDT for BTCMTX tokens selling for $0.0139. Hurry up and get your BTCMTX tokens before the presale ends to earn the highest returns after the first listing.

Bitcoin Minetrix

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Wrapping Up

Because it is probably going you’ll presumably perhaps watch, platforms including Meme Kombat, Bitcoin Minetrix, and Scotty AI are attracting experienced merchants and crypto merchants enjoy Andre Outbertg. If he thinks these platforms will become one in every of the supreme-gaining cryptos in 2024 and is engaging to make investments in them, they have a tendency to consequence in high returns. Don’t lumber over your chance to make investments in MK, BTCMTX, and SCOTTY tokens early to rep the supreme returns after the dear CEX/DEX listings. 

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