‘We’re this kind of sure firm on the present time’: Interior Olipop’s growth technique with Chad Wilson, head of promoting

By Kimeko McCoy  •  April 2, 2024  •  3 min read  •

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Prebiotic soda tag Olipop is in growth mode, coming off $200 million in annual gross sales and its first nationwide campaign with pop considerable person Camila Cabello final One year. 

Heaps of the six-One year-dilapidated tag’s initial popularity tracks relief to TikTok. On the opposite hand, the final One year has been transformational for Olipop, positioning itself as an real competitor to the likes of legacy brands like Pepsi or Coca Cola. 

“We’re this kind of sure firm on the present time than we were 12 months in the past largely attributable to that growth,” said Chad Wilson, head of promoting for Olipop, on a most contemporary episode of the Digiday Podcast. “From a advertising level of view, we’ve viewed enormous success in social and influencers. We jumped on social early on in the firm’s growth and it changed into like rocket gas nearly.” 

On this episode of the Digiday Podcast, we caught up with Wilson to focus on use Olipop’s momentum, its in-home company and what sorting out and discovering out seems like on TikTok.

Below are highlights from the conversation, which were lightly edited and condensed for readability. 

Constructing Olipop’s in-home team

It’s an innovation piece, alternatively it’s also appropriate making determined the whisper that we’re making is relevant, and with out a doubt we’re now not talking to ourselves. In building the team when I started [last year], there were about eight of us on the team and now we’re about 25. What we’ve done as we search for to absorb the important thing roles is search for all the scheme in which via the board. We’ve got of us in from company facet places like R/GA, Wieden+Kennedy, nevertheless we’ve also got of us who worked on the emblem facet in home teams too. We’re searching for to earn a combine of of us so we’ve assorted perspectives on the desk.

Testing and discovering out on TikTok 

We’ve been experimenting with TikTok Store a miniature bit. When it came out, we’d been experimenting, taking half in spherical with it. We’ve viewed about a bugs. I would possibly roar that the TikTok team has been fabulous in serving to us out when we enact bump into obvious things. It’s a brand contemporary product so that you’d search files from to gape about a glitches. I’m now not gonna roar that it’s up and working in the scheme in which we want it to be working. There’s still a miniature bit of bit extra work to enact there, alternatively it’s positively something we’re experimenting with.

Maturing influencer advertising 

I don’t are searching for to command it’s the Wild West, nevertheless influencer advertising is appropriate a brand contemporary ingredient that all people’s searching for to settle out work with them. First and major,  the scheme in which we mediate about influencers is we want them to be customers first. Authenticity is so critical to us that we with out a doubt are searching for to be certain that these of us — when we work with influencers — we’re searching for to be certain that they with out a doubt think in the product as worthy as we enact.

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