$WAI Tops $2.3 Million as GME Dips, 4X Gains But For for How Long?

$WAI Tops $2.3 Million as GME Dips, 4X Gains for How Long

After its presale honest recently launched, WienerAI ($WAI) surged above $2.3M, offering investors 418% APY in staking rewards. Early birds have already staked over 2.4B tokens, aiming for long-length of time earnings.

$WAI is following within the footsteps of one more AI meme coin, ScottyAI, which raised virtually $10M all the contrivance thru its presale. Final week’s meme coin frenzy precipitated by Keith Gill’s return to X seemingly ended in WienerAI’s fame surge.

GME’s fresh dip (–19.73% since Friday) and volatility might perchance additionally have also played a honest within the success of meme cash, including $WAI.

In the occasion you staked $867 $WAI now, you’d make $3,624 in a year.

The venture’s energy efficiency, Coinsult audit, and >4x staking rewards make it a sexy draw close for quite loads of investors. Let’s explore WienerAI in extra facet.

GameStop Dips 27.85% Over the Weekend as Meme Money Surge

GameStop (GME) stock plummeted from $29.37 to $21.19 in not as much as an hour on Friday morning, a 27.85% decrease.

GME stock dip last week

This came about after the company launched a brand new fragment offering and decrease-than-expected Q1 earnings. The earnings fell in want of 2023 Q1’s $1.24B and below Wall Boulevard estimates of $1.1B.

GME’s dip turn out to be once preceded by a meme coin frenzy final week, with will increase from 2% to 13%. Ethereum also pumped by 4.35%, leading many ERC-20 meme cash to coach suit.

Meme coin frenzy last week

GME’s dip isn’t at threat of final, as TheRoaringKitty retains posting on X and encourages investors to belief him once again. His bullish ideas peaceable haven’t modified from the final GameStop pump in 2021.

There’s no doubt primary tell surrounding GME. The stock’s shopping and selling volume is vastly mountainous, with virtually 100M draw close and promote orders, whereas stocks cherish SPY, AAPL, and TSLA barely reach 70,000 combined.

WienerAI – AI Meme Coin with 418% APY and Trading Bot

💰 $WAI tops 2.3M all the contrivance thru presale attributable to the sizzling surge in investor passion and affords >4x APY in staking rewards.

This AI meme coin launched not as much as a month ago and investors are already flocking to it. Our WienerAI imprint prediction explains why.

Here’s an elaborate of the dialogue:

  • Combines two fashionable niches: meme cash and AI
  • Trading bot functionality
  • Long-length of time staking with a hit API that can amplify liquidity
  • ERC-20 token with quicker transactions and decrease costs
  • Actual supporters on X
  • Strategic tokenomics focused on long-length of time development
  • Coinsult audit

$WAI’s fresh announcement of a shopping and selling bot guarantees a predictive, noob-pleasant, and immediate shopping and selling skills. With zero costs and seamless token swaps, it’s no wonder investors peek a golden alternative in WienerAI.

Opposite to the frequent fickleness of the meme coin team, the venture’s over 9,300 X followers are also true, celebrating the presale milestones alongside developers. Most investors who draw close WienerAI stake the tokens for long-length of time earnings, which also advantages the ecosystem.

‘WienerAI’ Raises Over $2 Million in Crypto Presale – Most productive Meme Coin to Take hang of Now? – ReadWrite

— WienerAI (@WienerDogAI) Could seemingly seemingly also honest 18, 2024

Staking is a gigantic clarification for $WAI’s fresh presale surge. With over 400% APY, investors stand to quadruple their investments in a single year.

For these that stake $WAI, you relinquish steal a watch on of the tokens all the contrivance thru the a lock-up length, an length of time situation by the staking pool. For the length of that time, it is probably going you’ll perchance seemingly’t withdraw or promote the tokens.

💰 In the occasion you draw close 1,222,849 $WAI (price $867) on the present time, you’d have 11,824,949.82 $WAI in a year, equal to $4,491.06 with the sizzling 418% APY.

Nonetheless, this prediction doesn’t legend for $WAI’s guaranteed imprint amplify because the presale continues elevating funds. While the APY will plunge, your $WAI tokens will seemingly be price more after a year, especially if the venture launches efficiently on exchanges.

Discuss with the respectable presale net space to stake WienerAI for long-length of time earnings.

Summing Up

$WAI tops $2.3M in presale funds, bringing it nearer to its purpose of $2.7M. At that level, the $WAI token imprint will amplify, bringing earnings to early investors.

The venture brings foremost utility with its shopping and selling bot, a step up from most meme cash’ hype-fueled FOMO marketing.

Nonetheless, we point out you DYOR, read WienerAI’s whitepaper and roadmap, and come by a feel of the venture’s team and fundamentals earlier than investing.

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