Unveiling the Most Current Crypto Presales in March Among Individuals

As BTC surges 162% and SOL a wide 820% year to this level, with many other tokens following, the crypto industry experiences a revival. We open seeing more unusual nice looking initiatives, heaps of which give merchants a raffle to take their tokens with discounts on presales. 

Nonetheless, no longer every presale is equally a hit. Some initiatives flop internal days, by no manner reaching the launch stage. Keeping apart nonstarters from initiatives with accurate capacity isn’t easy. 

Currently, we’re sharing the three most neatly-preferred crypto presales this March amongst Individuals that are rate your attention. 

Here’s no longer investment advice. The cryptocurrency market is risky and susceptible to FOMO. It’s main you carry out your believe compare forward of procuring for any cryptocurrency.


Dogecoin20 is the ERC-20 successor of the renowned Dogecoin, the principle meme coin ever launched.

DOGE20 has already raised over $10 million on presale.

Investors peaceful luxuriate in a raffle to be half of the presale and safe it at $0.00022 per token. That’s 57% above its starting up mark of $0.000140, however the community anticipates the associated price to develop even extra after its launch on most main DEXs. 

Dogecoin20 crypto presale

The launch is deliberate for April 20, World DOGE Day. DOGE mark in overall surges spherical that time, so DOGE20, too, has the capacity for a first-rate price magnify. 

As for tokenomics, DOGE20 has a complete offer of 140 billion tokens, 25% of which luxuriate in already been sold at some stage in presale. Now, the mission trades tokens from the 35-billion marketing allocation to magnify its post-launch liquidity. 

Any other 25% is allocated to long-term trend, highlighting the mission’s purpose for sustained boost. Since DOGE20 utility lies in staking with as much as 170% APY, 15% is reserved for rewards. Lastly, 10% will execute definite the coin’s post-launch liquidity on exchanges. 


Smog, a peculiar friendly dragon meme coin, exploded 4,600% after its fine launch on Solana’s Raydium DEX. 

Nonetheless, SMOG is peaceful obtainable on Ethereum presale, presenting the closing likelihood to safe it at 10% off the most up-to-date market mark. 

Smog crypto presale

Early merchants can already stake their SMOG at 42% APY in Ethereum.

Any other incentive driving the mission’s boost is the upcoming Solana airdrop, with 35% of the token offer allocated for the motive. 

Out of the total 1.4 billion SMOG tokens, a hefty 50% is allocated for marketing efforts, which is handiest logical for a meme coin that largely relies on community make stronger. 

Smog crypto X account

Smog has already gained over 50k followers on X, with posts getting thousands of feedback, likes, and retweets. The excellent 15% is reserved for commerce liquidity. 


In difference to Dogecoin20 and Smog, BlockDAG doesn’t high-tail the meme coin hype wave but targets to substitute the mining enviornment. It introduces a unusual mining mobile app the put users can invent as much as 20 BDAG day to day. 

BDAG already raised over $9.8 million on presale and is rapidly drawing conclude the $10 million achieve. Handiest $393 million stays till the token is launched on exchanges. 

BlockDAG crypto presale

On the 2d, 1 BDAG trades for 0.003 USDT.  The next token batch will be priced 16% increased at 0.0035 USDT. 

Of the total 50 billion token offer, 33% is allocated to presale and 66% to the community as mining rewards, marketing, and commerce liquidity. Handiest 1% is reserved for the mission’s crew. 

Final Phrases

As 2024 marks the foundation of the unusual crypto bull hurry, an increasing number of nice looking initiatives seem on the market. The most efficient presales, admire Dogecoin20 and Smog, luxuriate in already shown their capacity, earning millions in funding and thousands of community members. 

But whereas crypto presales might possibly possibly possibly offer an replace for increased returns, it’s main you make investments responsibly and DYOR (carry out your believe compare). The crypto market is risky, so that you have to handiest consume as unparalleled as you’re ready to lose. 

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