Uh-oh: ICQ is shutting down on June 26

Mariella Moon

ICQ, which historical to be a extremely in vogue messaging app for a short period in the 90s and the early aughts, only has a month left earlier than it joins the other apps and strength of historical in the mountainous gigantic farm in the sky. This can quit working on June 26, per it net net page, which moreover encourages customers to switch to VK Messenger for casual chats and to VK WorkSpace for skilled conversations. ICQ came into the picture at a time when most folk had been the utilize of IRC to chat. IRC, alternatively, modified into largely intended for community conversations — ICQ made it easy to talk one-on-one.

Users who signed up for an memoir got assigned a quantity that grew longer as time went on, on memoir of it modified into issued sequentially. The shortest numbers had 5 digits, which method customers who got them had been there at the very beginning. ICQ peaked in the early 2000s when it reached 100 million registered accounts. And whereas it didn’t capture an awfully long time for AIM, Yahoo Messenger and MSN Messenger to eclipse its recognition, ICQ’s iconic “uh-oh!” notification sound remains memorable for loads of net customers all the way by that generation.

ICQ, derived from the phrase “I gape you,” modified into developed by Israeli company Mirabilis. It modified into then purchased by AOL after which by the Russian company Mail.Ru Community that’s now is named VK, which has its luxuriate in social networking and messaging products and companies.

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