‘There’s no e-commerce point-of-sale’: Farmer’s Fridge’s advertising and marketing director Liz Mella hones in on non-venerable ways

By Kimeko McCoy  •  March 12, 2024  •  3 min read  •

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For the previous couple of months, marketers and advertisers have sooner or later had to reckon with the fallout of Google’s crumbling third-occasion cookie amid an increasingly more fragmented media panorama. Meaning, concentrated on and measurement are getting more a lot to enact. Alternatively, it’s something Liz Mella, director of promoting for Farmer’s Fridge, has been tasked with working by because the food vending firm is without an e-commerce point of sale.

With more than 1,000 areas nationwide in airports, hospitals, keep of enterprise constructions, universities and more, Mella acknowledged Farmer’s Fridge’s industry model has required non-venerable advertising and marketing suggestions. “We’re attempting into doing issues, adore we’re procuring media at the categorical point of purchase,” she acknowledged in a most fresh interview with Digiday. “But there’s no easy, silver bullet technique to this. It’s truly doing a complete lot of tiny issues to have confidence the amplifier procure of media.”

On this episode of the Digiday Podcast, we caught up with Mella to issue about Farmer’s Fridge’s non-venerable technique to advertising and marketing, measurement and media.

Below are highlights from the dialog, which had been calmly edited and condensed for readability. 

Constructing credibility by third-occasion channels

With this queer advertising and marketing subject that we’re up against, we’ve truly serious about owned and earned media thus a ways in our technique, and are starting up to maintain of what paid would ogle adore. On the earned aspect, we’ve invested plenty in our earned presence and are truly happy with what we’ve been ready to enact there. Our technique there might be to have confidence credibility by third-occasion channels. So whether or now not that’s issues adore racking up awards, or feeding local TV anchors, doing dwell style assessments, [it’s] correct getting that external validation to support patrons designate that it’s miles a ravishing possibility for them after they’re on the dash. On the earned aspect, it might possibly possibly also ogle something adore local media segments. We enact a complete lot of TV, trade media, apart from we’ll enact more out of the box issues.

Keeping up with converse material churn

Most of our social work is accomplished by in-home creators, nevertheless it completely is a feed the beast factor. We’re repeatedly candidly looking out for to resolve out how a lot is mainly the most attention-grabbing cadence for us to submit. One thing I repeatedly strive to lean on leading a social team is UGC [user generated content], or as I take to name it “making others enact the work for you.” We have such actual fans. We’re getting tagged daily. We’re getting posted about. Other folk are writing amusing tweets about us. And so resurfacing a complete lot of that converse material on our private mark page is what I strive to enact on yarn of it builds that external credibility. We don’t have to be shooting 24/7 ourselves and in actuality, it does quite a lot.

Size by fragmentation

For the reason of this discussion, the point-of-sale is by the friend itself. If you watched of that, as a brick-and-mortar industry, I’m driving foot traffic to those brick-and-mortar areas, in its keep of clicks to a internet keep of dwelling, which is correct a complete flip of the intention you watched of promoting. After I consult with a complete lot of distributors, they’re adore, “Whoa. There’s no e-commerce point-of-sale.” So all of a surprising, the attribution modeling that is so general to point ROI on advertising and marketing use is now not existent for us. With that, we’ve had to in point of fact reevaluate how we hotfoot our paid media. Doing assessments adore programmatic has been something that we ogle at, nonetheless determining how to measure that is at risk of be a fight. We maintain plenty about how to enact geo-focused adverts. But with 1,200 areas, it would be so geo-focused to those very particular vending machines that we haven’t utterly cracked that nut. One factor we are attempting at is strategic out-of-home.

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