There’s a Pokémon Items livestream scheduled for February 27

Lawrence Bonk

The Pokémon Company is web hosting a morning livestream on February 27 at 9AM ET to fragment “thrilling Pokémon files” on its legitimate YouTube channel. The as soon as a year movement, accurately named Pokémon Items, will present a bunch of facts about what’s coming down the pike at some stage in 2024.

The firm does this movement annually, but this one might perchance perchance very properly be particular. In spite of the whole lot, it occurs to tumble precisely on the entirely now not made-up holiday Pokémon Day, which celebrates the fashioned Eastern delivery of Pokémon Red and Pokémon Green again in 1996.

We don’t know precisely what might perchance be shown, but now we delight in some instructed guesses. Given outdated Pokémon Items streams, we’ll most likely fetch updates on live-carrier hits admire Pokémon Recede, the MOBA Pokémon Unite and the now not too long ago-released tracking app Pokémon Sleep.

Bucks to doughnuts, we’ll also fetch something extra tall to bite on. These forms of streams characteristic the announcement of an precise Pokémon RPG. Chronologically talking, it’s too soon to demand a cloak for the proper subsequent-gen Pokémon sport, as Scarlet and Violet proper launched in 2022. The mainline entries on the total follow a 3-year delivery cycle.

That leaves remakes and spinoffs. Pokémon Good Diamond and Shimmering Pearl released in 2021 so it’s high-time for remakes of the liked Pokémon Sad and White fifth-gen titles. Here is staunch a bet, but it’s now not admire the Pokémon Company is gonna skip a technology in its remake-a-palooza. It’s Sad and White’s flip to shine.

There’s also an different we’ll fetch a peculiar Let’s Recede title characteristic in one other space of the Poké-verse. Lets even fetch a peculiar action RPG admire Pokémon Legends: Arceus. There’s continually going to be some oddball announcements, admire a peculiar Pokémon Thriller Dungeon and even a peculiar Pokémon Work Academy that integrates the Switch’s touchscreen.

That you must always silent demand some announcements regarding train material characteristic in the Pokémon cinematic universe. The delightfully quirky live-circulation point out Pokémon Concierge used to be proper renewed for a 2nd season, so lets gaze a teaser. There might perchance perchance also be a trailer for a peculiar season of Pokémon Horizons: The Sequence.

Additionally, to throw a little bit of of cool water on expectations, here’s a movement conducted by The Pokémon Company, and now not Nintendo. You received’t get a whiff of tool deliberate for the Switch 2, or no topic the unusual console ends up being called. Rumors swirl that the delivery of that console has been delayed except 2025. Nintendo’s maintaining its hang Convey livestream the next day, but it’ll point of curiosity on third-birthday celebration titles and might perchance perchance most likely now not consist of any files on the upcoming console.

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