The single Chromebook you most definitely can favor in 2024

The Chromebook market has grown so powerful right thru the final few years that selecting the single Chromebook for you most definitely will most definitely be onerous. The combo of years price of software program updates and manufacturers making laptops with more energy, better originate quality and long battery life contrivance there are a ton of proper Chrome OS machines that work properly as day after day drivers. Whereas Google did produce issues more useful final fall by introducing the Chromebook Plus initiative (more on that underneath), there are gentle more than one issues to salvage in tips when procuring for a brand unique Chromebook. I’ve been attempting out and reviewing Chromebooks for years and know what are trying to be looking out out out, and what you most definitely can search data from out of these laptops in 2024.

Editor’s characterize (3/22/24): We’re constantly attempting out and evaluating unique Chromebooks for this manual, and there are two fashions on our radar for inclusion that we’re appealing to check. Every Acer and ASUS provide 15-inch Chromebook Plus fashions for $399, and we deem one (or both) is susceptible to be proper alternate choices for somebody who wants a greater camouflage for less cash.

Instant Overview

  • Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 Chromebook (2023)

    Simplest Chromebook total

  • Acer Chromebook Saunter 714 (2023)

    Simplest top rate Chromebook

  • Acer Chromebook 516 GE

    Simplest Chromebook with a ideal-looking out camouflage

What’s Chrome OS, and why would I put it to use over Home windows?

Here is perhaps the number one inquire of about Chromebooks. There are a lot of less expensive Home windows laptops accessible on the market, so why distress with Chrome’s working machine? Happy you requested. For me, the easy and clean nature of Chrome OS is a mountainous selling level. Chrome OS relies utterly on Google’s Chrome browser, which contrivance a lot of the programs you most definitely can inch are web based utterly. There’s no bloatware or undesirable apps to uninstall similar to you in total salvage on Home windows laptops, it boots up in seconds, and likewise you most definitely can utterly reset to manufacturing unit settings virtually as snappy.

Unnecessary to command, simplicity will furthermore be a important predicament for some customers. No longer having the flexibility to set up native software program in total is a dealbreaker whilst you occur to’re a video editor or software program developer. Nonetheless there are furthermore a lot of of us that plan the massive majority of their work in a web based browser.

Google and its software program partners are recuperating yearly at supporting more developed aspects. Shall we advise, Google added video enhancing tools to the Google Photos app on Chromebooks – it gained’t change Adobe Premiere, but it absolutely must be useful for loads of other folks. Equally, Google and Adobe launched Photoshop on the ranking final year, something that must carry powerful of the energy of Adobe’s desktop apps to Chromebooks.

Google has furthermore added enhance for Android apps on Chromebooks, which enormously expands the amount of software program accessible. The quality varies broadly, but it absolutely contrivance you most definitely can plan more with a Chromebook past ideal web-based utterly apps. Shall we advise, you most definitely can set up the Netflix app and set videos for offline staring at. Other Android apps fancy Microsoft Region of job and Adobe Lightroom are surprisingly succesful as properly. Between Android apps and a common narrate in web apps, Chromebooks are greater than ideal portals to a browser.

What plan Chromebooks plan properly?

Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 Chromebook

Photo by Nathan Ingraham / Engadget

Put simply, web looking out and in actuality the leisure web based utterly. Online procuring, streaming music and video and the utilize of diversified social media net sites are amongst the commonest daily tasks other folks plan on Chromebooks. As you most definitely can search data from, they furthermore work properly with Google products and services fancy Photos, Doctors, Gmail, Power, Preserve etc. Certain, any computer that could maybe well inch Chrome can plan that too, however the gentle-weight nature of Google Chrome OS makes it a responsive and trusty platform.

As I talked about earlier than, Chrome OS can inch Android apps, so whilst you occur to’re an Android user you’ll find some nice ties between the platforms. That you must most definitely salvage a lot of the identical apps which is susceptible to be for your phone on a Chromebook and retain info in sync between them. That you would be able to furthermore utilize some Android phones as a security key to your Chromebook or straight tether your computer pc to make utilize of mobile data.

Google continues to tout security as a important differentiator for Chromebooks, and it’s positively a factor price brooding about. Auto-updates are the important traces of protection. Chrome OS updates salvage snappy within the background and a snappy reboot is all it takes to set up the latest version. Google says that every webpage and app on a Chromebook runs in its possess sandbox as properly, so any security threats are contained to that particular person app. At final, Chrome OS has a self-look at known as Verified Boot that runs whenever a instrument begins up. Previous all this, the easy truth that you in total can’t set up feeble apps on a Chromebook contrivance there are fewer ways for spoiled actors to salvage entry to the machine.

As for when to manual obvious of Chromebooks, the acknowledge is straightforward: Whenever you depend closely on a explicit native software program for Home windows or a Mac, chances are high you gained’t find the particular same choice on a ChromeOS instrument. That’s most comely in fields fancy photo and video enhancing, but it absolutely can furthermore be the case in law or finance. Masses of agencies inch on Google’s G suite software program, but more gentle hold explicit requirements that a Chromebook gained’t match. Whenever you’re an iPhone user, you’ll furthermore fail to label the manner the iPhone without concerns integrates with an iPad or Mac. For me, the mountainous device back isn’t very any longer having the flexibility to salvage entry to iMessage on a Chromebook.

At final, gaming Chromebooks are no longer ubiquitous, though they’re turning into a a minute bit more cheap choice with the upward push of cloud gaming. In unhurried 2022, Google and a few hardware partners launched a push to provide Chromebooks with cloud gaming in tips. From a hardware perspective, that contrivance laptops with greater screens which hold greater refresh rates in addition to optimizing these laptops to work with products and services fancy NVIDIA GeForce Now, Xbox Game Breeze and Amazon Luna. You’ll clearly need an web connection to make utilize of these products and services, however the correct news is that taking part in unique video games on a Chromebook isn’t very unlikely. That you would be able to set up Android video games from the Google Play Retailer, but that’s no longer what most other folks are thinking of after they’re looking out to sport on a computer pc.

There’s one other most likely trade on the horizon, as Valve and Google are working to carry the broad Steam catalog to Chromebooks. Straight away, Steam is simply accessible as an early alpha on a handful of gadgets with greater specs, but it absolutely works a lot better than I anticipated. You’re gentle no longer going to inch the most annoying video games on fashioned laptops, however the Steam catalog is so huge that there are a lot of titles that labored on the Chromebook I examined it with. Whenever you’re alive to about giving it a shot, you are going to find the corpulent listing of supported Chromebooks and particulars on how you most definitely can take a explore at Steam right here.

What are the finest specs for a Chromebook?

Chromebook Plus

Photo by Nathan Ingraham / Engadget

Chrome OS is gentle-weight and in total runs properly on rather modest hardware, so the finest factor to behold for gained’t be processor energy or storage role. Nonetheless Google made it simpler to salvage constant specs and performance unhurried final year when it launched the Chromebook Plus initiative. Any instrument with a Chromebook Plus designation meets some minimum requirements, which occur to be very equal to what I’d indicate most other folks salvage if they’re looking out out out a computer pc they’ll utilize every day.

Chromebook Plus fashions hold at the least a 12th-gen Intel Core i3 processor, or an AMD Ryzen 3 7000 sequence processor, both of which must be greater than ample for loads of folks. These laptops furthermore hold at the least 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, which must plan the trick except you’re in actuality pushing your Chromebook. All Chromebook Plus fashions wish to hold a 1080p webcam, which is nice in this present day of constant video calling, and they also furthermore all wish to hold at the least a 1080p IPS camouflage.

Unnecessary to command, you most definitely can salvage greater specs or better screens whilst you occur to need, but I’ve found that in total the entirety integrated within the Chromebook Plus blueprint specs makes for a extraordinarily proper skills.

Google has an Auto Change coverage for Chromebooks, and whereas that’s no longer precisely a spec, it’s price checking earlier than you want. Remaining year, Google launched that Chromebooks would salvage software program updates and enhance for a ambitious 10 years after their free up date. This enhance web page lists the Auto Change expiration date for virtually every Chromebook ever, but a proper rule of thumb is to retract the most unique machine you most definitely can to maximise your enhance.

How powerful must I exhaust?

Chromebooks started out notoriously cheap, with listing costs in total coming in underneath $300. Nonetheless as they’ve gone more mainstream, they’ve transitioned from being if truth be told unique netbooks to the originate of computer pc you’ll are looking out to make utilize of all day. As such, costs hold increased: At this level, it’s most life like to search data from to exhaust at the least $400 whilst you occur to’d fancy a trusty daily driver. There are gentle many budget alternate choices available that is susceptible to be correct as secondary gadgets, but Chromebooks that is susceptible to be all-day, every-day laptops will cost more. Nonetheless, severely, even the single Chromebooks in total cost no longer as a lot as the only Home windows or “regular” laptops available.

There are a lot of top rate Chromebooks that procedure or even exceed $1,000, but I don’t indicate spending that powerful. On the whole, that’ll salvage you a greater originate with more top rate materials, in addition to more extremely effective internals and extra storage role. Unnecessary to command, you furthermore now and again pay for the logo title. Nonetheless, the specs I outlined earlier are in total ample.

Gaze Also:

Photo by Nathan Ingraham / Engadget

Veil dimension: 14 inches | Veil decision: 1,920 x 1,200 | Put in reminiscence: 8GB | Weight: 3.52 lbs | Accessible ports: 1 x USB-A 3.2, 2 x USB-C 3.2, MicroSD card slot (SD 3.0), Headphone jack, Kensington Naon security slot | Power capacity: 128GB | Battery life: 6 hours as examined

Lenovo has been making a number of of the single cheap Chromebooks you most definitely can favor for several years now, and its 2023 IdeaPad Flex 5i is an cheap computer pc that provides ideal about the entirety you most definitely can need in a common Chromebook. The 14-inch, 1,920 x 1,200 touchscreen is both increased and taller than final year’s mannequin. This implies you salvage more vertical camouflage proper estate, which is something I handle over a common 1080p show. This Lenovo Chromebook hits the Chromebook Plus urged specs with a 13th-period Intel Core i3 processor plus 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. That’s a bump up from the 11th-period processor in final year’s mannequin, and the RAM and storage must be plenty.

Sadly, the battery life is rather mediocre — I obtained about six hours of regular utilize out of it. My workflow contains a ton of Chrome tabs, plus web apps for issues fancy Slack, Todoist, Trello, Google Preserve and YouTube Music. I in total take a number of video calls for the length of the day, so whilst you occur to’re no longer on camera powerful you most definitely can salvage a minute more time from the computer pc. I wish it lasted longer, but I will’t knock it too powerful brooding about the Flex 5i’s tag.

The backlit keyboard and trackpad are very proper and feel severely better than I’d search data from on a rather cheap machine. The keys hold nice shuttle and the trackpad is ideal-looking out and responsive. Despite the truth that it has a 1080p webcam, I will’t advise that I looked all that huge within the video calls I took. It does the job, but no longer powerful more.

Other issues within the Flex 5i’s desire encompass both USB-C and USB-A ports, a microSD card slot and a security lock. At 3.5 pounds and nil.78 inches thick, it’s positively no longer the lightest or slimmest choice available. It’s a utilitarian slab of a computer pc, but that’s OK. At final, the Flex 5i will receive software program and security updates except June of 2032, so that you most definitely can favor this computer and hold it lined for years to come.

For me, the $500 Ideapad Flex 5i is the wonderful Chromebook. It’ll hit the sweet put of residing for loads of buyers available, offering a diploma of quality and performance that’s ravishing uncommon to search out at this tag level.


  • Essential total performance for the price
  • Good show
  • Solid keyboard and trackpad


  • Mediocre battery life
  • Moderately heavy and tubby

$499 at Amazon

Photo by Nathan Ingraham / Engadget

Veil dimension: 14 inches | Veil decision: 1,980 x 1,200 | Put in reminiscence: 8GB | Weight: 3.02 lbs | Accessible ports: 1 x USB-A 3.2, 2 x USB-C / Thunderbolt, HDMI, Headphone jack | Power capacity: 256GB | Battery life: 7.5 hours as examined

Acer’s Chromebook Saunter 714 has long been undoubtedly one of the important single top rate Chromebook alternate choices available, and the latest mannequin isn’t very any exception.

The Saunter 714 aspects a 14-inch, 1,920 x 1,200 touchscreen. Treasure the camouflage on Lenovo’s mannequin, this works out to a taller 16: 10 side ratio than you’ll salvage from the 1080p panels on most laptops. I’m a mountainous fan of taller computer pc screens, and whereas this isn’t as luxurious because the few 3:2 ratio Chromebooks accessible on the market, it’s gentle a delighted and excessive quality camouflage. It’s furthermore a little bit of bit brighter than the camouflage on the Lenovo (340 nits vs. 300).

One critical feature is the 2K webcam integrated within the Saunter 714. In a world the put we’re all doing more video calls than we’d fancy, having a camera that doesn’t minimize you to a blurry put of residing is surely appreciated. It’s a far better camera than the one on our top defend.

As for the comfort of the hardware, the Saunter 714 bests the Lenovo in a number of how. It aspects a 13th-period Intel Core i5 processor, alongside with 8GB and 256GB of storage. It furthermore has better battery life in my attempting out — I in total obtained about 7 and a half hours when the utilize of it. That’s no longer outstanding, but it absolutely’s in accordance with what I’ve viewed on diversified i5-powered Chromebooks.

Unbiased proper because the title suggests, the Saunter 714 has a 360-diploma hinge which enables you to make utilize of the computer pc in tablet mode. I’m no longer keen on this convertible originate – I don’t know who wants to make utilize of a 3-plus pound tablet, but it absolutely’s there whilst you occur to’d fancy it.

The latest Saunter 714 costs $700 – no longer an unreasonable tag for a computer with these specs and constructed quality. Whenever you’re a excessive multitasker, need a greater show and keyboard, or ideal need a computer that’ll final as long as that you most definitely can take into consideration, the Acer Saunter 714 is easy to indicate.


  • Essential camouflage
  • Very obvious webcam
  • Masses of energy and storage role
  • Actual keyboard and trackpad
  • Compact originate


  • Moderately costly
  • Battery life is ravishing moderate

$555 at Amazon

Photo by Nathan Ingraham / Engadget

Veil dimension: 16 inches | Veil decision: 2,560 x 1,600 | Put in reminiscence: 8GB | Weight: 3.75 lbs | Accessible ports: 1 x USB-A 3.2, 2 x USB-C 3.2, HDMI, Headphone jack, Ethernet | Power capacity: 256GB | Battery life: 9 hours (producer estimate)

Acer launched the Chromebook 516 GE within the fall of 2022 as section of Google’s push to provide gadgets correct for cloud gaming, but you don’t wish to be a gamer to handle this computer pc. For $650, you’ll salvage a 16-inch show with a 2,560 x 1,600 decision and a 120Hz refresh rate. NVIDIA’s GeForce Now gaming provider supports as a lot as 4K visuals at 120Hz on its Remaining tier so that you’ll salvage to gaze these advantages. This computer pc furthermore supports Steam, but one other motive avid gamers is susceptible to be alive to about attempting it. Nonetheless even non-avid gamers must hold the good thing about the 516 GE’s crisp and obvious camouflage and subtle hardware.

It furthermore contains Intel’s 12th-gen Core i7 1240P processor, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. Given the computer pc’s dimension, it’s proper that Acer didn’t skimp on ports right here: there’s an HDMI port, USB-C, USB-A, ethernet and a headphone jack. The keyboard has gamer-pleasant LED lights that you most definitely can customize, but more importantly, it’s ideal a trusty and delighted keyboard for taking part in video games or ideal typing up reviews. The trackpad is ideal-looking out and responsive as properly.

The 516 GE only weighs 3.75 pounds too – ravishing gentle for a computer pc with a 16-inch camouflage. Between the extremely effective hardware, trusty originate, proper trackpad and keyboard and huge camouflage, anybody who wants a greater Chromebook is continually delighted with this mannequin. As for enhance, Google says the 516 GE will proceed receiving updates except June of 2032.


  • Essential, excessive-decision camouflage with a snappy refresh rate
  • Masses of ports
  • Intel i7 processor provides a lot of energy
  • Essential and mammoth keyboard
  • Comparatively gentle-weight for a ideal-looking out-camouflage computer pc


  • No longer everybody will handle the gamer aesthetic

$530 at Amazon

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