The Most Visited Meme Coins on DEXTools – Ought to silent You Purchase Them?

Investing in meme coins in most cases is a rollercoaster lag due to an absence of records about the initiatives. However, DEXTools offers a seamless platform for users to swap tokens without problems with its Multswap feature. 

The platform’s sizzling list exhibits the most neatly-liked meme coins. However now not all meme coins are valid. Some are scams that depart fleet.

This article lists sizzling meme coins on DEXTools, similar to PEPE, WIF, DUKO, PORK, and MEWRead on to search out out more about these initiatives and their capabilities.

What are Meme Coins?

This is a category of cryptocurrency that specializes in fun and traits. Folks manufacture them in step with neatly-liked web memes or jokes. As an instance, Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer created the liked Dogecoin (DOGE) as a joke.

Not like fashioned cryptocurrencies, meme coins don’t trust a essential cause, similar to shopping for items or companies. As a change, they’re more love digital collectibles or games. Folks exchange them staunch for earnings or to affix in on the most up-to-date web craze. 

Furthermore, Meme coins assuredly trust catchy names and trademarks impressed by memes, which is able to accomplish them neatly-liked fleet. 

However, since memes are largely for fun, they’ll even be unhealthy to spend money on, as their note can exchange loads. So, note staunch likelihood administration before investing in a meme coin.

Pepe (PEPE) – Meme Coin Gaining Well-known Traction

PEPE, which surged to a bigger than $1 billion market cap staunch thru a bearish market, is now amongst the waste coins trending in DEXTools. Per CoinMarketCap records, its market cap is now round $3.1 billion, occupying the #36 living amongst the waste cryptos within the enviornment.

Pepe $PEPE is trading round $0.0000076 with a quantity of over $8 million. In the past 24 hours, PEPE has been down 5.22%. However, within the past hour, the bulls trust advance lend a hand, because the coin has elevated by 5.63%. 

On April 23, the group shared on the X platform that the token has been listed on Coinbase Perpetual. Following this construction, its note flew from $0.000006 to $0.000008.

This may well even entice more institutions and huge investors to the venture, increasing inquire of for the coin.

Dogwifhat (WIF) – High SOL-Based mostly mostly Memecoin with $2.9 Billion MCap


At showcase, right here is the greatest meme coin underneath the Solana ecosystem. It is the third largest overall meme coin, with a market cap of $2.9 billion, following Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.

Final month, this coin jumped by bigger than 15 instances, giving early candy positive aspects. Interestingly, the venture is receiving enhance from high platforms love OKX. As an instance, on April 15, OKX shared a submit on X pertaining to to WIF, which drove more investors’ hobby. 

Some other bullish catalyst is CoinBase attainable list. If Dogwifhat will get listed on a enormous exchange love Coinbase, the worth may if truth be told interact off.

@CoinbaseIntExch will add enhance for dogwifhat perpetual futures on Coinbase Global Substitute and Coinbase Superior. The opening of our WIF-PERP will originate on or after 9: 30am UTC on 25 APR 2024.

— Coinbase Global Substitute 🛡️ (@CoinbaseIntExch) April 18, 2024

On April 18, 2024, CoinBase posted that the exchange will list WIF on perpetual futures at the novel time. 

Top Five Visited Meme Coins on DEXTools To Watch Out

MEW is the first of its style to face in opposition to the dominance of a Canine-themed meme coin. The venture wants the cat meme coin to became more neatly-liked within the meme home.

MEW has received essential recognition within the crypto home, attracting now not fully cat fans however high investors.

More than 190,000 wallets lend a hand MEW tokens staunch now. What’s more moving about this venture is that the bullish sentiment is terribly engaging and exhibits no signs of preventing anytime rapidly.

Per DEXTools, this coin is amongst the waste trending coins on its platform this week. MEW token is amongst the waste tokens exchanged on the Phantom platform, which exhibits staunch how neatly-liked this venture is.



— MEW (@MewsWorld) April 23, 2024

Dukocoin ($DUKO) – Solana Based mostly mostly Meme Coin for Canine Enthusiasts

Top Five Visited Meme Coins on DEXTools To Watch Out

DUKO is one other Solana-essentially based fully mostly token poised for essential boost within the meme home. On April 24, 2024, this meme coin surged by bigger than 31.21% and also entered DEXTool’s high trending coins.

$DUKO your portfolio

— Jeiz (@jeizlol) April 24, 2024

However, as investors began to accomplish some profit, DUKO dropped, trading at $0.00252. This represents a fall of 14%. Interestingly, this note fall doesn’t end the extensive engagement within the neighborhood and X platform.

$DUKO the crimson dog 🐶💜

What’s original?

• Commercial observed on @telegram

(700 million month-to-month engaging users)

• Fascinating logo added to @DEXToolsApp

(duko staunch casually strolling round)

What’s subsequent?

Tier 1 CEX & Aaaa looooooot more. So pay attention! Wooof wooof 🐕💯

— Doobie Boiz (@Pioneermoonzila) April 24, 2024

With the neighborhood supporting the venture, it may well maybe maybe enter tier 1 exchange sooner. Some influencers even predict that the coin will attain a market cap of bigger than $1 billion. 

DUKO is definitely primed for the $1b run at this point.

— Peylay (@peylay73) April 24, 2024

Pepe Fork ($PORK) – The Frog-Themed Meme Coin

Top Five Visited Meme Coins on DEXTools To Watch Out

Pepe Fork is a coin that is impressed by the liked Pepe token however with an added froggy twist. This coin came to existence to honest staunch-wanting a number of of Pepe’s predominant errors, and it has been doing neatly since then.

The purpose of PepeFork is to rebuild belief in a token that if truth be told does something worthwhile. 

In the past 24 hours, Pepe Fork has been on the radar of high trading platforms. As an instance, LBank shared that Pepe Fork is keeping the first region of high coin searched about this week.


— PORK 🐷 (@PorkCoinETH) April 25, 2024

This exhibits that many of investors are literally drawn to this venture. This hobby is mirrored within the worth. Per DEXTools, within the past hour, the coin has surged bigger than 3.5%. Plus, over the most moving week, PORK has recorded an accomplish bigger of 41.96%.

Things to Know Sooner than Shopping for Meme Coins

Meme coins can even be difficult, however there are a number of issues to grab first:

  • Pork up From Neighborhood: Discontinuance your study to grab the scale and engagement of the coin’s neighborhood. With this, it is possible you’ll gauge the extent of enhance and attainable for boost.
  • Workforce Leisurely the Accomplishing: Continuously verify and know the group within the lend a hand of or increasing any memecoin before shopping for. This may well attend bear in mind the abilities and credibility of the coin’s construction group and assess its potential to bring on promises.
  • Market Trends: Appealing the market pattern and investor’s sentiment a number of coin will provide abet to to grab its attainable for short-timeframe and long-timeframe boost.
  • Only invest what it is possible you’ll come up with the money for to lose: Meme coins are of venture. Don’t set in additional money than you’re okay with losing.


As the meme coin frenzy continues to captivate the crypto world, taking a look a sizzling venture is essential. By exploring high-performing meme coins on DEXTools, investors can potentially describe hidden gemstones.

However, caution and thorough study are mandatory, because the memecoin panorama is notoriously volatile.

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