The Morning After: How many Vision Pro headsets has Apple sold?

Mat Smith

Apple Vision Pro headset manufacturing is reportedly being sever back, sales are reportedly “manner down.” However but but wait: Wasn’t the Vision Pro intended to commerce the arena of VR/AR, ushering in an generation of spatial computing? Is the dream over?

Hah, no. As Sam Rutherford laid out apt earlier than the weekend, whereas studies and rumors can’t nail accurate numbers, consistent with financial figures from Apple’s last earnings, Vision Pro sales possible equate to around one percent of the firm’s revenue. It’s virtually as if early Vision Pro sales numbers don’t topic. Be acutely conscious: The first iPhone wasn’t immense either.

— Mat Smith

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He deepfakes Shakur and Snoop Dogg’s voices to diss Kendrick Lamar.

Drake has deleted an X put up with his music “Taylor Made Freestyle,” which historical an AI-generated game of Tupac Shakur’s relate to needle Kendrick Lamar. The takedown came after an attorney representing the late hip-hop myth’s estate threatened to sue the Canadian rapper for his “unauthorized” exhaust of Tupac’s relate. Drake historical Snoop Dogg’s relate too, but… he’s quiet alive.

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Aaron Sorkin is engaged on a Social Network sequel concerned on January 6

He blames Facebook for the Capitol assault.


Sony Pictures

Aaron Sorkin has announced he’s writing a follow-up script to The Social Network, all yet again about Facebook / Meta but with a fun, depressing center of attention on the January 6 rise up strive. Sorkin is cagey on the actual info of the unique script but slightly much lays the blame for the assault at Meta’s feet. Sorkin hasn’t announced a partnership with any studio to manufacture the movie, but my immense quiz of: Who’s going to play Trump?

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Nikon’s Z8 is a stunning mirrorless camera for the value

A more cost effective different to Sony’s A1.



Nikon is arguably the arena’s most neatly-known camera mark, but with the decline of DSLRs, it has struggled. In 2022, it released the Z9, a flagship mirrorless camera that could possibly even lastly withhold its like against competitors, but the $5,500 mark set it out of reach for most. Now, we’re checking out the Z8, which has the same sensor and specs for $1,700. The Z8 could also be better than Sony’s A1 for a range of hybrid shooters, particularly for video. However don’t quiz me: Take a look at out Steve Dent’s stout take a look at-shoot ultimate right here.

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