The Morning After: Foldable iPhone rumors, Rogan’s recent Spotify deal and more

Mat Smith

Welcome to the weekend. First, learn our Imaginative and prescient Genuine evaluate, nonetheless also strive now to now not predict directly at Devindra’s Imaginative and prescient Genuine avatar. I have confidence it would possibly perchance well be cursed. Mosey, Apple’s imaginative and prescient of the lengthy speed of computing is here to bleed early adopters of hundreds of dollars. I half-shaggy dog epic: Apple has brought its intelligence to AR, gesture interfaces and excessive-skills (these displays!) to fall jaws at some stage in the field. But that now you can now not need one correct yet. We also touch on the most enchanting podcast in the field getting bigger and these perennial folding iPhone rumors. It would possibly well occur, nonetheless you are going to most seemingly salvage a foldable iPad first.

This week:

↩️📱↪️: Apple has reportedly made foldable iPhone prototypes

🍎🥽: Apple Imaginative and prescient Genuine evaluate: Beta checking out the lengthy speed

🎙️👨🏼‍🦲: Joe Rogan’s $250 million address Spotify

Be taught this:

Obtain you wish the total AI ideas under the sun to salvage a competitive smartphone in 2024? Properly, OnePlus is here to disprove that. The OnePlus 12 has the identical mercurial performance and better battery existence than the Galaxy S24+, alongside with true cameras and a gargantuan conceal for $200 much less. There are few, if any, AI ideas, nonetheless that doesn’t detract vital from gargantuan battery existence, excessive-res cameras, and an $800 label. Tubby evaluate correct here.

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