Tesla Cybertruck 1/4 mile efficiency vs Porsche 911 debunked — Tesla engineer responds to clarify numbers were simulated from 1/8-mile crawl

Tesla's Cybertruck marketing heavily leaned on its performance vs a Porsche 911. (Image source: Tesla on YouTube - edited)
Tesla’s Cybertruck marketing and marketing carefully leaned on its efficiency vs a Porsche 911. (Image source: Tesla on YouTube – edited)

Because it turns out, the Tesla Cybertruck can no longer crawl a 1/4 mile faster than a Porsche 911 whereas towing a Porsche 911. Online sleuths picked apart Tesla’s tale, revealing that Tesla handiest confirmed the Cybertruck towing the Porsche 911 all over 1/8 mile, whereas the firm additionally stacked the deck, picking the slowest Porsche 911 obtainable and misrepresenting its efficiency for a dramatic pause.

Tesla’s inform that the “revolutionary” Cybertruck can total the quarter-mile looked unfamiliar when the firm’s CEO, Elon Musk, made it at the supply occasion. Quickly after that, some customers on X (previously Twitter) identified that the video in fact confirmed the Cybertruck beating the Porsche all over an 1/8-mile strip, as a substitute of your total 1/4-mile lag strip.

Extra no longer too prolonged within the past, Engineering Defined on YouTube has analysed Tesla’s video of the claimed 1/4-mile feat, utilized some arithmetic, and figured out that Tesla’s Cybertruck does no longer stand an opportunity against the Porsche 911 whereas towing every other Porsche 911.

To originate, Jason from Engineering Defined confirms with satellite pictures and the video pictures that Tesla’s video is basically of a 1/8-mile crawl as a substitute of the claimed 1/4-mile. He then jumps into the maths, using the video’s body rate to identify the gap between the Cybertruck and the Porsche finally of the 1/8-mile occasion.

This data is then inclined to extrapolate what the 1/4-mile efficiency of the Cybertruck and 911 might well be, within the raze knowing that the Tesla Cybertruck’s 1/4-mile time whereas towing the Porsche would likely be at a minimal 12.3 seconds.

Jason assumes from the fast-term pauses within the video that the Porsche Tesla vulnerable used to be the 911 Carrera T, which has the slowest acceleration of the lot of present-generation Porsche 911s thanks to its manual transmission. This works out in Tesla’s favour, on account of it permits the EV maker to inform it is faster than regarded as one of the vital effectively-identified sports activities autos on the planet. This particular Porsche 911 model completes the 1/4 mile in 12.2 seconds.

In response to this conservative maths by myself, the Tesla Cybertruck towing the Porsche 911 Carrera T is at least 0.1 seconds within the support of the Porsche 911 by itself, but that is no longer even the most damning segment. Jason’s diagnosis of the efficiency took Tesla’s video at face tag, calculating the Porsche’s and Cybertruck’s 1/8-mile efficiency using the video that clearly confirmed the Cybertruck beating the Porsche within the lumber.

On the other hand, in a later put up on X, it used to be printed that third-acquire collectively attempting out in fact came upon that the Porsche 911 Carrera T can total the 1/8-mile lumber in 8.0 seconds as a substitute of the 8.38 seconds shown within the Cybertruck promotional fabric. This attempting out puts the Porsche 911 Carrera T sooner than the Cybertruck towing the Porsche by a quarter of a second (0.25 s), refuting Tesla’s claims fully. 

The diagnosis of Tesla’s have promotional fabric and extra data received by Engineering Defined by strategy of MotorTrend refutes Tesla’s Cybertruck efficiency claims fully, implying that Tesla is misrepresenting the efficiency of its electrical pickup to ability traders.

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*Holy Smokes!I apt confirmed with @MotorTrend

that their 2023 911 T (7MT) did the 1/Eighth mile in 8.0s at 93.1 mph. That is *FASTERthan the Cybertruck towing the 911 did it, and ~0.38 seconds *FASTERthan the 911 within the video did it. So… what’s up with the 911’s gradual time?

— Engineering Defined (@jasonfenske13) January 12, 2024

After Engineering Defined printed the diagnosis video, @wesmorrill3 on X, lead Tesla Cybertruck engineer responded to the diagnosis. He claims that the Cybertruck’s fastest 1/8-mile crawl used to be 7.808 s, which would every other time set it sooner than the Porsche 911 Carrera T for the 1/8-mile efficiency. He further claims that the elephantine 1/4-mile crawl used to be never tested within the Cybertruck, and that the 1/4-mile efficiency inform used to be basically basically based on a simulation, citing an 80 mph (ca. 129 km/h) ranking on the trailer tyres because the clarification for no longer working the overall test.  

The utilization of the identical methodology to estimate the minimal 1/4-mile time, nevertheless, the Tesla Cybertruck will accumulate to remove a minimal of 11.868 seconds to total a 1/4-mile, tranquil striking it within the support of the Porsche 911 Carrera T’s confirmed 11.5 second 1/4-mile time.

Adore the detailed breakdown @jasonfenske13 – effectively performed! One underlying assumption, which is what any inexpensive engineer would recall: the video confirmed used to be the correct crawl. It used to be no longer. However it used to be the most dramatic pause.

So “why didn’t we pause a elephantine 1/4mi?”

The fastest 1/8mi CT…

— Wes (@wmorrill3) January 13, 2024

Julian van der Merwe, 2024-01-14 (Update: 2024-01-14)

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