Tart: VMs on macOS using Apple’s native Virtualization.Framework

Tart is a virtualization toolset to form, bustle and
arrange macOS and Linux digital machines on
Apple Silicon.

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Apple’s native Virtualization.Framework

Native efficiency

Tart is using Apple’s native
Virtualization.Framework that was developed alongside with
architecting the first M1 chip. This seamless integration
between hardware and utility ensures soft efficiency with out
any drawbacks.

OCI-compatible container registries

A ways flung storage for Virtual Machines

For storing digital machine photos Tart integrates with
OCI-effectively matched container registries. Work with digital machines as
you at possibility of with Docker containers.

GitHub Actions Runners

Seamless integration collectively with your existing automations

Tart powers several valid integration methods collectively with
on‑demand GitHub Actions Runners
Cirrus CI. Double the efficiency of your macOS actions with
a couple traces of code.

Speed at scale with Orchard

Tart toolset involves Orchard Orchestration — utility to bustle and arrange Tart digital machines
at scale on a cluster of Apple Silicon hosts. An Orchard Cluster exposes a straightforward REST API to administer
hundreds digital machines. Orchard CLI permits gaining access to far flung digital machines like they bustle locally.

With extra than 25,000 installations up to now, Tart has been adopted for various scenarios.
Its capabilities differ from powering CI/CD pipelines and reproducible local pattern environments,
to helping in the discovering out of utility management methods with out right bodily gadgets.

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