Stare out — false RTX 4090s are being sold on Amazon

An RTX 4090 with an RTX 4080 chip.

What a nightmare. An Amazon customer equipped an RTX 4090 that required repairs, nonetheless when graphics repair expert and YouTuber North West Repair unfolded the GPU, the $2,000 card turned out to be a full catastrophe. In fact, what used to be supposed to be the most efficient graphics card within the marketplace used to be truly a Frankensteined RTX 4080.

Tony from North West Repair shared a video on his channel that showcases the Asus ROG Strix RTX 4090 card and serves as a warning to likely customers. The GPU used to be sent to him for repairs with components described as “transport rupture.” Basically, the components lengthen a long way beyond what would perchance well also happen loyal by transport for the explanation that GPU, broken on several ranges, used to be clearly tampered with.

Upon initial inspection, North West Repair came all the way by two of the most long-established complications faced by the RTX 4090: a cracked PCB and a melted vitality connector. The cracked PCB on my own can be sufficient to mark it a no-repair, nonetheless the YouTuber dug deeper. The screws were too tight and there used to be a false anti-tamper decal, so things were getting dodgy, nonetheless taking out the heatsink and exposing the PCB is the attach it gets attention-grabbing. As a exchange of finding an AD102 GPU, he came all the way by an AD103 chip that seemingly belonged to a desktop RTX 4080. You’d mediate that used to be rather sufficient, nonetheless no, the PCB itself moreover had rather a spread of components, starting from missing reminiscence cooling pads to parts of it being fried.

The patron before all the pieces purchased it by a pallet deal from Amazon Returns. To sum it up, what used to be sold as a returned RTX 4090 that suffered transport rupture turned out to be a combination of the RTX 4090 and the RTX 4080, with several melted or cracked parts. Enormous deal, certainly.

Melted connector on the RTX 4090.

It’s unclear whether or no longer more of these stitched-collectively monstrosities are at repeat available within the market for sale or no longer, nonetheless it’s no longer out of the realm of possibility. Must you shop for a graphics card on Amazon, we propose steering obvious of returns. As smartly as, trace obvious the GPU you’re shopping is both sold straight by Amazon or by a first price supply (equivalent to Asus or MSI).

In the previous few months, one other in style Amazon scam has emerged. You would also safe a abundant deal on a GPU or, more regularly, a CPU admire the Ryzen 7800X3D, the attach the chip is sold for about half of the in style market trace. Unfortunately, these “offers” are no longer sold straight by Amazon, and the vendor regularly fails to ship the chip or sends one thing else entirely that’s barely value the transport trace. The sellers to explore out for regularly have uncommon, prolonged names that are a aggregate of letters and numbers.

Rip-off or no longer, we’ve seen similarly improvised GPUs within the past. Severely loyal by the GPU shortage, seeing a repurposed RTX 3080 Ti cellular or RTX 3070 Ti cellular turned loyal into a desktop card wasn’t uncommon. However, what took space to this “RTX 4090” goes a long way beyond sticking a cellular chip loyal into a desktop shroud. The kind of GPU can by no way be usable for anything else in anyway, which way that the patron paid a hefty trace for an experiment that didn’t pan out.

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Nvidia RTX 4090 costs are skyrocketing as stocks jog seriously low

Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 GPU.

If you happen to were within the market for a graphics card loyal by the pandemic, you may well have seen that PC factor costs – namely those for graphics playing cards — went by the roof. Now, GPU costs are surging all over again, albeit for a truly rather a pair of reason.

It’s immoral facts in case you’re having a study to upgrade to really appropriate some of the ideal graphics playing cards, because the excessive-stop Nvidia RTX 4090 is smartly the worst affected. That’ll be grim finding out in case you having a study to settle your PC kind to the next stage.

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Even older RTX 4090s aren’t protected from melting connector

A melted connector on the Nvidia RTX 4090.

It be no facts that the vitality connector on really appropriate one of Nvidia’s most efficient graphics playing cards would perchance well also infrequently soften, and but, that is still to be current. Generally, the 12VHPWR connector came all the way by within the RTX 4090 would both soften snappy or below no circumstances. Corrupt facts for folks that thought they were out of the woods and protected from the sector — evidently the RTX 4090 can mute soften after a twelve months of usage.

Will the saga of RTX 4090 melting connectors by no way stop? It seems no longer. When the card used to be before all the pieces launched a twelve months within the past, the reports of melting cables on the GPU facet started cropping up, nonetheless then, slowly died down. Now, on the other hand, Byogore on Reddit posted a describe of a melted connector on the PCMR subreddit. After working swish for a twelve months, the user started experiencing components and seen that the connector had melted.

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There’s handiest one spend for an RTX 4080 Ti, and it’s no longer what you suspect

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Per the most recent spherical of leaks, Nvidia would perchance well even be readying an RTX 4080 Ti, set to return out within the first few months of 2024. While one of these GPU would no doubt inappropriate excessive among the ideal graphics playing cards, it be no longer precisely important appropriate now — there are hundreds of excessive-stop GPUs floating spherical. There is one reason I would settle to gaze an RTX 4080 Ti, though; to push down the value of the RTX 4080.

MEGAsizeGPU, who’s a frequent speculator within the graphics card space, shared over the weekend that an RTX 4080 Spruce, or presumably Ti, will strategy out in only a pair of months. Given Nvidia’s present naming convention on this expertise, a Ti card seems more seemingly. As per MEGAsizeGPU, the card will seemingly be in step with Nvidia’s flagship AD102 chip and would perchance well maybe have a vitality consumption below 450 watts. The opposite specs are a thriller, nonetheless I would no longer be stunned if Nvidia added some more VRAM to the card — 20GB seems seemingly. The bump from AD103 to AD102 must mute moreover bring an even upgrade in CUDA core counts — dare I state within the 12,000 to 13,000 vary?

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