Samsung’s Tune Frame makes audio search for as comely because it sounds

The front panel of the Samsung Music Frame snaps off so you can swap it out with other artwork.
The front panel of the Samsung Tune Frame snaps off so that you just may perhaps presumably swap it out with assorted artwork. Phil Nickinson / Digital Traits

For folks that first forged a see at the Tune Frame, you mediate, “Huh. That appears to be like magnificent cool.” And it does, because it’s a magnificent contemporary-having a search for picture frame. And because Samsung is showing it off at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, it has some magnificent snazzy artwork tucked internal. Suggested some sounds — be it song, or oldschool audio from a TV tell or film — and you mediate, “Huh. That picture frame sounds magnificent cool, too.”

And that, in a nutshell, is the Tune Frame. It’s a quintessential Samsung product, and intensely mighty the model of thing that makes CES one of these fun (if no longer repeatedly realistic) residing to delivery unique products. To be particular, the Tune Frame does precisely what it purports to end — are residing alongside The Frame tv, which is supposed to build a oldschool TV more of a share of artwork. The Tune Frame extends that ethos to wireless audio system, whether you’ve got got them paired to a TV as front or encompass audio system, or within the event you’re valid the utilization of it standalone as a Bluetooth- or Wi-Fi-enabled speaker.

The rear of the Samsung Music Frame speaker.
The Samsung Tune Frame isn’t precisely thin, and isn’t precisely wireless. Phil Nickinson / Digital Traits

Successfully, they’re wireless insofar as they don’t require any speaker wire, as you’d ask in 2024. However these are silent powered audio system, and that methodology they’ll require a energy cable. And a energy source with which to energy them. And that methodology that unless you’re performing some extreme renovations or working with unique constructing, you will now not fetch comparatively the same model of swish installation as what Samsung had readily obtainable right here in Las Vegas.

However it absolutely’s price making an strive, for the reason that Tune Frame audio system are magnificent innovative of their occupy ultimate. They search for in actuality cool. They sound magnificent comely. (How smartly they withstand more oldschool home theater audio system will require better finding out than what we can end in noisy press convention environments.)

A picture of a man playing the trumpet seen as the artwork on the Samsung Music Frame.
Elephantine-bleed artwork appears to be like unbelievable on the Samsung Tune Frame speaker. Phil Nickinson / Digital Traits

As a picture frame, they’re silent magnificent thick — about a pair inches. However that didn’t turn them into eyesores, whether they had been mounted on a wall, with the energy cable cleverly hidden away, or perched atop a pedestal or end table, with the cords tucked away by more oldschool cable management.

And it’s price noting that these are no longer digital picture frames. While that’d be cool, it’d additionally add a magnificent major layer of complexity for the tip client, to claim nothing of adding way more tech into the square equipment. So that you just’re going to are looking to utilize care to occupy one thing that appears comely, and no longer valid a washed-out Instagram-model put up. And to that end, Samsung additionally displayed some fat-bleed pictures that in actuality looked cool, alongside smaller pictures with matte borders.

What we don’t occupy yet is any model of belief of what it was as soon as cost. However or no longer it is essential to imagine that within the event you’re the kind that’s going to rig up a rapid of Tune Frames for your successfully designed home (presumably paired with The Frame, to match), you’re no longer going to quibble too mighty over the price. However within the event you’ll love a single Tune Frame (or perhaps a pair) to inspire as standalone-model audio system? Let’s hope things don’t high out at more than a pair hundred bucks. End tuned for that, even though, as smartly as any model of date as to when the Tune Frame will be obtainable.

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