Samsung reintroduces Ballie: now a projector, accomplice and mobile fair proper-searching dwelling hub

Ballie makes a comeback, albeit a virtual one on screen.  (Source: Samsung)
Ballie makes a comeback, albeit a virtual one on screen. (Provide: Samsung)

After four years without a hint, Samsung Ballie graces the stage any other time in a video demonstration sooner than CES 2024. The rolling robot is now a projector, fair proper-searching dwelling assistant and a hub for assorted linked devices.

Ballie, Samsung’s AI-powered dwelling accomplice robot, made a virtual appearance at a press conference earlier than CES this year with a brand new toughen that enables it to motivate as a projector. Shown by a video demonstrate, Ballie projected photos and movies to surfaces whereas following someone around. 

Samsung’s rolling robot silent seems equivalent to the major time it rolled on stage at CES 2020. Ballie is silent a yellow ball with a single rectangular carve that serves as a visor. The video shows Ballie as a mobile fair proper-searching dwelling hub that controls linked devices equivalent to fair proper-searching lights, air con or even automated pet feeders (enjoy this one from PetKit)

Ballie even communicates by text (likely in a accomplice app). Its AI capabilities also consist of environment the mood in the midst of workout routines or assorted activities by song strategies and even preset ambient lights.

Within the video and accompanying press release, Samsung Ballie is shown to venture photography at an optimum ground (ground, partitions and ceilings) counting on its put, lights prerequisites and the viewing angle. The promotional video ends with Ballie projecting a starry night sky to the bedroom ceiling.

With the exception of for the rounded get component and projection tricks, Samsung Ballie has the same premise because the LG fair proper-searching AI Agent (which genuinely showed up at CES). Both devices are mobile fair proper-searching dwelling hubs in thought/prototype stage they most incessantly’re both powered by AI. Neither machine has even a tentative release date or any mention of a imaginable label.

With its new projection feature, Baller makes for a good pet companion and entertainer. (Source: Samsung)
With its new projection feature, Baller makes for a licensed pet accomplice and entertainer. (Provide: Samsung)

Sarfo Ashong-Listowell, 2024-01-13 (Replace: 2024-01-13)

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