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written on Thursday, February 15, 2024

Two weeks ago I asked the request all all over again about What Rye ought to mild be. There has been one thing that I basically maintain no longer
publicly shared earlier than and that’s that ever since Rye exists I basically maintain additionally
been talking to Charlie Marsh
about Python packaging and Python tooling. It turns out that we had some
shared strategies of what to take into accounta good Python tooling panorama would find relish.
That has consequence in some very intelligent abet and forths. To originate a
doubtlessly very prolonged yarn fast: In conjunction with Astral’s free up of
uv they’re going to web stewardship of Rye. For the main points read on.

For me Rye is an thrilling take a look at mattress of what Python tooling could presumably presumably per chance even be. I basically maintain
been the spend of this take a look at mattress to crawl a of experiments over the final twelve months. I
realized loads about what’s lacking within the ecosystem by building it and
the establish the challenges are. What I loved the most of working on it to this level
has been the strategies from diversified people on it. I needed to obtain what
a “cargo for Python” is relish and or no longer it is changing into ever more evident what that
could presumably presumably per chance find relish. On the same time from the very originate up I became once very decided in
questioning its existence.

Since we were talking I became once in a position to crawl an experiment which has been to
build in Astral’s uv as replacement for pip-tools. For folks that are no longer
accustomed to it yet: uv nowadays is a drop-in replacement for
pip-tools and venv. The why in all equity decided: or no longer it is vital sooner than
pip-tools. As an alternative of taking 5 seconds to sync a virtualenv, or no longer it is
nearly instantaneous. It be annoying to overstate how impactful here’s by strategy of
developer expertise.

For totally unrelated reasons Rye nowadays already picks some of Astral’s tools
to vitality diversified functionality. For folks that invoke rye fmt and rye take a look at it
within the abet of the scenes makes spend of Astral’s ruff to possess so. They’re hasty,
sufficiently oppinonated they once in a while possess no longer require installing them into the
virtualenv of the mission. They’re rapidly changing into the glaring different
ought to you are primitive to stunning tooling from diversified ecosystems. So because it
stands, three issues that Rye does are either already picking Astral
tools, or will rapidly default to doing so.

This resulted in just a few conversations if it would originate sense for Astral to
continue the work on Rye and web it out into that “cargo for Python”.
I’m very vital convinced that there ought to mild be such a tool and that’s
one thing Charlie from Astral shares. Where we landed is a idea that
appears relish the next:

Rye will continue to be a take a look at mattress for what Python tooling could presumably presumably per chance even be. We
will hump the mission under Astral’s stewardship with the want to spend it
to further find what a ethical UX could presumably presumably per chance even be and we would be somewhat liberal in
attempting diversified issues. As an instance now that the equipment set up
direction of is blazing hasty, I basically opt to seem for if we can desire the want of
calling sync manually. There are additionally plenty of questions final
relish how one can originate the many of the indygreg builds or what
lock recordsdata ought to mild find relish in a Python world. I additionally want to head deep on
exploring a multi-version Python import system.

Rye will change into a blessed breeding ground of diversified issues. Because the
person expertise turns into more glaring uv itself will turn from what
it is nowadays — low stage plumbing — into that increased stage tool with a
decided migration path of people the spend of rye to that unique uv.

To attempt Rye on top of uv nowadays set up or update to the most up-to-date
version and enable the experimental uv pork up:

$ rye config --attach-bool behavior.spend-uv=devoted

To be taught more about uv and rye head over to GitHub:

It’s possible you’ll presumably presumably per chance presumably want some more questions about this so I compiled a typical FAQ:

Why no longer originate Rye the cargo for Python?
This in many techniques could presumably presumably per chance find relish the glaring request. The reply is
somewhat easy: Rye because it exists nowadays is no longer going to be the final
resolution. For a originate up code realistic or no longer it is pretty brittle coming from it
cobbling collectively diversified tools. It be a duck-taped resolution that became once
constructed to sketch up what could presumably presumably per chance even be, for my very possess makes spend of. It’s a ways on the other hand
incredibly priceless to play and find possible solutions.
Will Rye retired for uv?
No longer nowadays, however the want is that these tools finally converge into
Will you continue to make a contribution and withhold Rye?
Short reply: positive. Lengthy reply is that me contributing to my possess tool
has been a moderately spotty thing over the final twelve months. There became once in actuality
nearly a multi month hiatus the establish the excellent changes to Rye were bumping
Python versions and fixing minor disorders and that no longer because it became once
ideal. The motive more became once that I realized that Rye runs into
classic disorders that are basically gnarly to web to the underside of that could be
somewhat tense to assault as a side mission. So I’d like to continue
to be thinking one skill or one more, but here’s a mission vital
better than me and I possess no longer maintain the motivation to present it adequate of
that push myself.
Will I be half of Astral?
No 🙂
Is there a tune about Python packaging?

Thanks to AI there could be.

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