RIP ChatGPT’s knockoff Scarlett Johansson dispute [2023 — 2024]

Kris Holt

When OpenAI confirmed off GPT-4o’s apparently extra-human like dispute mode closing week, observers had been snappily to level out that one amongst ChatGPT’s voices seems like Scarlett Johansson, in particular her personality in Her. The firm says the similarity between the flirty AI dispute Sky (which it in truth rolled out in September) and Johansson was once unintentional. Nonetheless, it be “working to forestall the exercise of Sky” whereas it addresses some questions about the dispute.

“We imagine that AI voices have to quiet now not deliberately mimic a megastar’s distinctive dispute — Sky’s dispute is now not an imitation of Scarlett Johansson but belongs to a a range of first charge actress the exercise of her have pure speaking dispute,” OpenAI wrote in a blog submit detailing the very best plan it picked ChatGPT’s five voices. “To defend their privacy, we won’t fraction the names of our dispute abilities.” It added that every of the performers is paid “above prime-of-market charges, and this would just proceed for therefore lengthy as their voices are mature in our products.”

For what it be charge, shortly after OpenAI demoed the upgraded model of Sky, CEO Sam Altman posted the observe “her” on X. But it completely’s positively “now not an imitation.”

Johansson’s efficiency in Her is one amongst the extra popular depictions of a digital dispute assistant in cinema. The movie predated the conversational AI craze by round a decade, so it be now not too worthy of a surprise that Johansson’s portrayal of a breezy, warm chatbot is effectively a template for most modern dispute assistants. The actor previously took just circulate in opposition to a developer that was once said to earn mature an AI-generated model of her dispute and likeness in an ad.

Or now not it’s unclear why precisely OpenAI removed Sky within the within the meantime or what changes (if any) it plans to assemble earlier than restoring the dispute in ChatGPT. Engadget has requested the firm for comment.

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