Recent trailer for Dull Cells: Immortalis gives us a first trusty perceive at the sexy series

Cheyenne MacDonald

A full trailer appropriate dropped for the upcoming nice looking show per the standard game Dull Cells, and it appears to be like to be like appreciate the creators agree with made a number of surprising selections. For one, the Beheaded can it sounds as if talk.

Dull Cells: Immortalis is being produced by Bobbypills, the studio within the relieve of the sport’s nice looking trailers, and the French streaming provider, Animation Digital Network. Along with the trailer, the series now has a unlock date: June 19. It’ll attain out in French first, with English subtitles, sooner than getting an English-language unlock later this yr, in accordance with Dull Cells developer Lag Twin.

The trailer displays an even animation trend than we saw in the teaser that came out final yr when the series used to be first announced. As hinted relieve then, the principle character — who the show introduces now as “The Chosen One” — takes on the red-flame-headed Bobby construct. He’s accompanied by a character named Laurie Esposito, Guardian of the Fact. There’s an general silliness to the trailer, too, so whereas it appears to be like to be like appreciate there’ll in all probability be an excellent deal of action, don’t expect the show to score itself too seriously.

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