Philips Hue launches contemporary neat lighting fixtures product

The Philips Hue Perifo Flexible Connector is now on sale. (Image source: Philips Hue)
The Philips Hue Perifo Versatile Connector is now on sale. (Image supply: Philips Hue)

Signify has launched a recent accessory for Philips Hue neat lighting fixtures within the UK and the EU; the product is furthermore expected to attain within the US this April. The proportion permits for more inventive lighting fixtures designs for your ceiling or wall. Currently, potentialities can ideal preserve the product staunch now from the imprint via its on-line store.

Fresh Philips Hue Perifo neat tune lighting fixtures connectors are on sale in Europe. The Versatile connector became once unveiled alongside a range of diverse neat residence merchandise earlier this one year. The Perifo tune lighting fixtures machine is customizable, with a spread of tune lengths, light types and connectors to swimsuit your wall or ceiling.

On hand in unlit and white, the flexible accessory allows you to assemble diverse shapes at the side of your tune lighting fixtures; traditionally, ideal straight and corner connectors were accessible, that capacity designs were restricted and boxier. Product pages for the Perifo T connector have furthermore appeared on Philips Hue’s web sites in European countries. The accessory allows you to affix tracks in three instructions and is anticipated to open in the end in Q1.

The Philips Hue Perifo Versatile connector is on sale in Europe for €34.99/£29.99. On the time of writing, the product is right accessible to preserve staunch now from the company at its on-line store. When it arrives, the Perifo T Connector will sell for €39.99/£34.99. The contemporary connector shapes are as a result of open in North The US this April for around $34.99. In diverse news, Signify currently launched replace 5.10.0 for the Philips Hue app, which is fancy minded with the Perifo neat lighting fixtures merchandise and is accessible for iOS and Android.

Polly Allcock, 2024-02-10 (Update: 2024-02-10)

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