Meme Coin Roundup – Investors are Flocking to Popcat, Doland Tremp, and The First Youtube Cat

Meme Coin Roundup – Investors are Flocking to Popcat, Doland Tremp, and The First Youtube Cat

Following the most up-to-date crypto market dump, investors like taken to meme coins, particularly Solana-based completely mostly coins. Essentially, the essential three coins on our list are on Solana.

The blockchain’s ticket elevated by 538% in the closing year, currently trading at $139.44.

Solana’s performance in the last year

Solana presales like moreover gained recognition recently as a consequence of the past success of Solana meme coins treasure DigWifHat, BONK, and Book of Meme.

The crypto market will most in all probability be in a temporary-time length downtrend, nonetheless this isn’t stopping investors from flocking to meme coins.

Let’s focus on the meme coins that gained essential investor pastime in the closing week.

1. The First Youtube Cat ($PAJAMAS)

The First Youtube Cat is a mission that performs on the essential-ever cat video on YouTube. Conception to be among the platform’s co-founders, Steve Chen, posted the video on Would possibly perhaps well moreover 22, 2005. The cat’s title became Pajamas.

The coin gained over 430% in the closing month, leaping from $0.0058 to $0.029. The uptrend started almost today after the Bitcoin halving.

The First Youtube cat’s performance in the last month

$PAJAMAS has over 8,400 followers on X and depends largely on hype and FOMO to drive the associated charge upward. The mission launched on Jupiter, Raydium, Orca, and Meteora VD.

As a Solana meme coin, The First Youtube Cat’s efficiency mirrors the blockchain’s rising recognition, particularly after the Bitcoin halving.

2. Popcat ($POPCAT)

Popcat is a SOL coin that has gained 105% in the closing month, from $0.27 to $0.55, reaching a market cap of $540M.

Popcat’s performance in the last month

$POPCAT moreover depends completely on FOMO and community enhance, as the mission has no utility or roadmap. Its residing finest has a pop-meter with a nation leaderboard.

The coin has attracted essential investor pastime since launching in December 2023, growing by 5,500% historically. It seems the crypto community loves cats, as you’ll want to well additionally gape on their X channel.

You would possibly well presumably take hold of Popcat on Raydium,, MEXC, and Orca.

3. Doland Tremp ($TREMP)

Doland Tremp is one more Solana-based completely mostly meme coin that performs on Donald Trump’s title. In accordance with CoinMarketCap, it gained 24.54% in the closing 24 hours.

Doland Tremp’s 24-hour performance

The mission lacks utility, a roadmap, and particular tokenomics – it’s a purely speculative meme coin with a political twist.

Its contemporary market cap is $32M and growing.

$TREMP became listed on CoinMarketCap on March 8, 2024, and had a 160% ancient enhance, reaching a peak of $0.9793 on March 29. It’s available on Raydium, Orca, and MEXC.

Per past trends, political coins seem to be attracting essential attention, particularly from self-proclaimed degen investors.

4. Grok & Ponke

Grok ($GROK) and Ponke ($PONKE) are two plenty of meme coins which like gained recognition in the closing 24 hours.

Grok and Ponke daily performance

Grok is an Ethereum-based completely mostly mission inspired by Elon Musk’s Grok AI, whereas Ponke is a Solana-based completely mostly monkey token. Each and every projects rely upon hype and FOMO, though Grok has tokenomics.

Grok is currently in a reconsolidation part and could well presumably recoup its losses –14% previously month – whereas Ponke is green all around, occurring an uptrend all thru the Bitcoin halving.

Ponke has over 62,900 followers on X, whereas Grok finest has 19,400 X followers. Each and every seem to love attracted essential investor pastime in the closing week since the crypto dump.

5. Dogeverse ($DOGEVERSE)

Dogeverse recently launched on Solana, its sixth essential blockchain, gratifying its initial promise to investors and closing a chapter in its stir as the essential multichain meme coin. 

The mission is soundless in presale, having raised over $13M in lower than a month. 1 $DOGEVERSE is currently price $0.000305.

Dogeverse uses the Wormhole and Portal Bridge applied sciences to give seamless interoperability between Ethereum, Noxious, Avalanche, BNB Chain, Polygon, and Solana.

Investors like transacted over $116,000 price of $DOGEVERSE in the closing four days.

Dogeverse’s transactions in the last four days

Nearly 19B $DOGEVERSE tokens are currently staked with an 84% APY, and the presale is 80% finished. Looking out on investor pastime, it might possibly well presumably terminate in the upcoming days.

Seek recommendation from the expert presale online page to be taught more about the mission’s multichain mechanism.

6. WienerAI ($WAI)

WienerAI is a brand contemporary presale meme coin launched on April 11 that has already raised $886,000. The mission introduces an AI-based completely mostly trading bot that helps users salvage hidden crypto gem stones.

In accordance with the whitepaper, the bot is instantaneous, predictive, newbie-friendly, and offers seamless swaps with zero costs.

WienerAI’s presale widget

The ERC-20 token offers lower transaction costs, interoperability with dApps, and even more utility thru the trading bot feature.

1 $WAI is currently valued at $0.000703, and investors like staked over $996B.

The mission is gaining plenty of pastime on X now not too long previously, with over 6,000 followers and growing. Furthermore, given the 20% token allocation for marketing, the builders clearly favor the mission to prevail.

Seek recommendation from the expert presale online page for more files.

Despite the brief-time length crypto downtrend, meme coins are gathering plenty of investor attention, with coins treasure The First Youtube Cat and Popcat gaining between 100% and 500% in the closing month.

Two promising meme coins which would be soundless in presale are Dogeverse and WienerAI. Each and every bring additional utility and like sparked recognition among investors.

Nonetheless, DYOR sooner than investing in crypto, as the market is ruthless to uninformed investors. Repeatedly compare the mission’s whitepaper, roadmap, and tokenomics.

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