Kohler unveils its new PureWash E930 bidet bathroom seat strengthen for Alexa and Google Residence

Kohler's bidet toilet seats come at a high price, but that's merely a fraction of the cost of a full smart toilet. (Source: Kohler)
Kohler’s bidet bathroom seats attain at a excessive sign, but that’s merely a fraction of the worth of a pudgy neat bathroom. (Source: Kohler)

Alongside a series of neat bathroom and loo tech, Kohler publicizes an upgrade to its PureWash bidet seat that would be train controlled as well to through a handheld some distance off regulate. Kohler can be launching the SpaViva handshower and Atmo neat fan at CES 2024 this week.

Kohler did no longer open a brand new neat bathroom at CES this 365 days, but now we have the next simplest thing: the brand new PureWash E930 bidet bathroom seat that effectively transforms your commode into a excessive-discontinuance luxurious neat bathroom for decrease than a quarter of the worth. As well, Kohler also launched a beautiful SpaViva hand bathe accessory, as well to a couple neat tech gadgets to spice up your bathroom.

PureWash E930 bidet bathroom seat

Kohler’s new bathroom seat comes within the identical slim, elongated map as older versions, but is the first to be love minded with Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing the person to warm up the bathroom seat, alter the water temperature and tension and set off the air dryer or spray through uncomplicated train commands. Customers may maybe perchance also personalize their preferences with a handheld some distance off regulate or the Kohler Konnect app.

Apt below the PureWash bidet bathroom seat’s contactless opening lies a stainless steel wand that robotically cleans the bathroom seat through UV lights. There’s also a evening-light to withhold the within of the bowl illuminated.

The PureWash E930 bathroom seat has a listing sign of $2149 and is presently discounted to $1289 on Kohler’s online page online. Or no longer it’s by no manner low sign, but when put next to the imperfect listing sign of the Numi 2.0 within the US, or no longer it’s by some distance the more cheap choice.

SpaViva handshower

Kohler's $249 shower head is a must-have bathroom accessory (Source: Kohler)
Kohler’s $249 bathe head is essential bathroom accessory (Source: Kohler)

At Kohler’s show masks floor the SpaViva hand bathe became a appetizing glimpse. Kohler’s new bathe head contains a spinning prime with accessories for exfoliating, massaging and pumice scrubbing. 

The spray itself combines Kohler’s Katalyst air-induction abilities for warmth retention with a microbubble spray to train a bathe that promises an at-home spa abilities. Hundreds of bathe heads map the identical promise (such because the Purebble microbubble bathe head) but if the SpaViva works staunch as Kohler advertised, it may probably perchance staunch be the bathroom accessory to essentially pull off the spa abilities.

Kohler’s SpaViva hand bathe begins at $249

Atmo neat bathroom fan

The Atmo smart fan is a smart bathroom air-conditioner and night light. (Source: Kohler)
The Atmo neat fan is a neat bathroom air-conditioner and evening light. (Source: Kohler)

Kohler’s first neat fan is the $266 Atmo, launching this 365 days at CES 2024. It combines LED lights and neat cooling that enables users to customise their hottest default fan speeds. 

Devour the Vornado 660 air circulator($109 on Amazon) and most assorted neat fans within the market, Kohler’s Atmo is train activated and love minded with Alexa and Google Residence. However, the Atmo neat fan can provide you the option to gauging the temperature and humidity within the room and may maybe perchance robotically kick in if the bathroom gets too sizzling or humid. 

The Atmo neat fans would maybe be publicly within the market in Q1 of 2024.

Anthem Plus spa bathe regulate

At $2800, the Anthem Plus is an elite product for the luxury bathroom afficionado. (Source: Kohler)
At $2800, the Anthem Plus is an elite product for the posh bathroom afficionado. (Source: Kohler)

First launched in 2022, Kohler’s Anthem bathe valves and controls have staunch obtained an upgrade. The new Anthem Plus digital bathe controller now supports up to twelve bathe heads permits pudgy regulate of sound, lights and steam through a touchscreen interface.

The Anthem Plus also connects to the Kohler Konnect app for customizing person preferences for hundreds of scenarios. Nine presets come in (early morning, bedtime, post-workout, e.t.c) and the Anthem valves are love minded with neat home hubs such as Alexa and Google Residence. 

Kohler is anticipated to sell the brand new Anthem Plus for $2800 by February this 365 days.  

Sarfo Ashong-Listowell, 2024-01-10 (Replace: 2024-01-10)

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