IT leaders utilize on cutting-edge to refactor legacy tech

Organisations carry around an sizable amount of technical debt, which holds attend innovation and bounds application architectural selections

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Printed: 28 Feb 2024 15: 00

The TechTarget and Enterprise Strategy Crew’s Technology spending intentions glance has stumbled on IT option-makers are speeding ahead with application modernisation initiatives.

Nearly a quarter (23%) of the 1,432 IT option-makers surveyed acknowledged they’re refactoring existing applications.

Whereas it’s somewhat easy to launch up a “greenfield” application and assemble it with a cloud-native structure, most organisations salvage an sizable amount of older applications that would possibly maybe maybe’t recall aid of a cloud-native structure.

Rehosting an older application on infrastructure as a carrier (IaaS) is recurrently typically known as “utilize and shift”. Such an methodology is unable to carry out the quite rather a lot of the cloud characteristic. In keeping with analyst Gartner, organisations that apply this rehosting methodology on the total see that the migration crew took shortcuts and came up with workarounds lovely to gather the applications running.

Previous tackling the technical debt that has gathered over years of supporting extra and extra mission arrangement, the glance presentations that many organisations are focusing on cutting-edge trend applied sciences and methodologies.


Digital transformation has continued to be a high enterprise driver of tech funding. Alternatively, the IT option-makers who work in elevated and extra digitally feeble organisations acknowledged they’re prioritising buyer ride initiatives.

Trying at the indispensable areas of funding in application trend, IT option-makers appear to be placing extra emphasis this 365 days on cloud-native trend and knowledge-pushed selections, reminiscent of knowledge orchestration and precise verbal change.

The IT option-makers salvage been polled about their planned investments in integration applied sciences. The glance presentations there’s a continued shift in direction of cloud-based mostly mostly and automation-pushed application integration approaches. There’s furthermore a stable point of curiosity on automating projects and streamlining workflows thru application programming interfaces (APIs) and integrated systems.

The tip space of arrangement trend funding in 2024 is DevOps (35%), which continues to be a tall space of point of curiosity in enterprises. IT option-makers are extra and extra utilizing DevOps methodologies to automate the power integration and deployment of code and application infrastructure.

In contrast with knowledge from 2023, know-how areas seeing a a lot bigger point of curiosity in 2024 consist of API administration, serverless/functions-as-a-carrier and restore mesh.

When asked which application trend or integration applied sciences their organisation plans to carry out primarily the most important investments in over the subsequent 12 months, the glance stumbled on the massive majority of sizable enterprises are planning to make investments in API administration. Alternatively, mid-sized organisations are making enterprise direction of automation their high priority.

Overall, 43% of IT option-makers acknowledged API administration is their biggest application trend priority in 2024, followed by enterprise direction of automation (37%). The third-finest space of application trend funding is API gateways (31%), fourth is cloud integration reminiscent of investing in integration platform-as-a-carrier offerings (23%), and robotic direction of automation is fifth with 22%.

Generative AI is furthermore dwelling to shake up the application trend landscape. By its potential to streamline code generation and expedite trend processes, IT option-makers regard it a promising know-how for workflow optimisation.

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