iOS 17.3 Is Here, nonetheless Build not Omit These iOS 17.2 Aspects

Apple launched iOS 17.3 on Monday with just a few new ingredients, nonetheless the tech huge’s free up of iOS 17.2 was as soon as filled with new stuff which you would possibly merely maintain overlooked. The exchange was as soon as launched in December and came with security fixes and patches, plus over a dozen new and helpful ingredients, relish the long-awaited Journal app and Contact Key Verification. It moreover has fun ingredients relish the capability to react to messages with Are living Stickers

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To download the exchange, scuttle to Settings > Commonplace > Tool Change, tap Set up Now and apply the onscreen prompts. 

Here is what which you would possibly merely maintain overlooked in iOS 17.2.

The Journal app

Apple at final launched the Journal app with iOS 17.2. The tech huge launched the app at the corporate’s WWDC occasion in June alongside iOS 17, nonetheless it undoubtedly was as soon as absent from the exchange’s start on Sept. 18.

Apple acknowledged at WWDC that the app makes employ of on-machine machine studying to construct personalized writing solutions. Everybody of these solutions are created the employ of records for your iPhone, relish photos which you would possibly maintain got taken and music and podcasts which you would possibly maintain got listened to at some stage within the day. While you disregard what podcast you listened to earlier within the day — relish I recurrently produce — the app presentations you that records ought to you scuttle to maintain an entry.

Reflections in the Journal app

Journal presentations you multiple Reflections at a time by default.

Screenshot by Zach McAuliffe/CNET

The app moreover presentations you a handful of matters to write down about, called Reflections. Some of mine included, “Write just a few time you gave somebody an surprising reward,” and “Who cheers you up ought to you would possibly seemingly per chance per chance also be feeling down?”

While you set not are seeking to write down about whatever you listened to or employ a Reflection, which you would possibly correct write by tapping the Original Entry button. In Original Entry, which you would possibly write whatever you will want, construct a enlighten expose, steal a represent or construct a video to add to your journal entry. 

It is probably going you’ll also lock the app after it be closed for a living amount of time for some privateness. While you terminate the app and set not reopen it for a particular amount of time (relish 5 minutes) this would possibly seemingly per chance ask for your Face ID or passcode to start it again.

Contact Key Verification in Messages

Apple launched Contact Key Verification in December 2022, and the safety feature at final appeared in iOS 17.2. 

“With iMessage Contact Key Verification, customers who face unprecedented digital threats — similar to journalists, human rights activists and participants of authorities — can engage to further evaluate that they are messaging exclusively with the opposite folks they intend,” Apple acknowledged in a news free up final yr.

Apple wrote that many other folks would possibly seemingly per chance merely not be the target of a cyberattack, nonetheless Contact Key Verification offers other folks that would possibly seemingly per chance very successfully be a target an extra security layer. 

To enable Contact Key Verification scuttle to Settings > Apple ID > Contact Key Verification, tap the slider subsequent to Verification in iMessage and apply the on-display conceal prompts.

React with Are living Stickers

A text showing a picture of a dog

Here’s the formula you react to a textual direct material with a Are living Sticker, nonetheless in reality, the coronary heart response would suffice in this occasion.

Screenshot by Zach McAuliffe/CNET

Are living Stickers is a brand new feature Apple launched in iOS 17 at start. The feature permits you to construct your have stickers from photos which you would possibly maintain got taken. In iOS 17.2, which you would possibly react to texts in Messages with your Are living Stickers. To react with a Are living Sticker, long-press on a textual direct material similar to you would possibly seemingly per chance per chance seemingly to add a response, then tap Add Sticker within the dropdown menu to pull up your stickers. 

Original Apple Song settings

While you subscribe to Apple Song (which charges $11 a month) iOS 17.2 permits you to robotically add songs which you would possibly maintain got favorited to your library. While you set not fancy this, which you would possibly flip the environment off by going to Settings > Song and tapping the toggle subsequent to Add Accepted Songs.

Extra Memoji customization

In iOS 17.2, there’s a brand new menu within the Memoji editor called Body that permits you to edit the appears to be like of your Memoji’s physique. You would adjust your Memoji’s waist, bust, shoulders and arms in this menu. Only three alternatives are on hand in every of these sections at present, so Memoji will not be a full-on personality creator menu as you’d gaze in a online sport.

Switch your default notification sounds and haptics

In iOS 17.2, Apple permits you to trade the default notification sound. Here’s the first time Apple has allowed iPhone customers to trade the default notification sound. To trade this sound, scuttle to Settings > Sounds & Haptics > Default Signals, and also which you would possibly safe new and classic tones.

Within the Default Signals menu, you would possibly seemingly per chance per chance seemingly also trade your haptics by tapping Haptics come the highest of the page. Here which you would possibly engage from a handful of haptic patterns, and also which you would possibly construct a custom haptic by tapping Manufacture Original Vibration

Photos and Apple Song working together

While you scuttle into the Photos app after updating to iOS 17.2, Photos will ask permission to procure admission to your Apple Song library. The display conceal says this would possibly seemingly per chance employ songs out of your library to curate songs for your Memories.  

AppleCare and Warranty menu

In iOS 17.2, whenever you scuttle to Settings > Commonplace you would possibly seemingly per chance gaze a brand new risk called AppleCare and Warranty. While you tap into this risk, you would possibly seemingly per chance gaze your total devices which shall be or are not covered below AppleCare or a guaranty. In old betas, this risk was as soon as called Protection.

Choose-up arrow in Messages

A new feature in iOS 17.2 can mean which you would possibly realize what’s happening in a texting community or if somebody sends you a broad different of messages. The beta brings the take-up arrow support to Messages, so whenever you wake from a nap with a complete lot of messages, which you would possibly soar to the beginning of the brand new messages and apply the drama for context.

The take-up arrow was as soon as in some early iOS 17 betas, nonetheless it undoubtedly has been absent since. 

Original alternatives for sharing Contact Posters

In iOS 17.2, which you would possibly now share your Contact Poster thru Mobile telephone and FaceTime. While you scuttle to Settings and either Mobile telephone or FaceTime, you would possibly seemingly per chance gaze an risk called Piece Name and Photo. Tap this and also which you would possibly safe whether to robotically share your Contact Poster with your contacts or whether to require your phone to constantly ask sooner than sharing. This option was as soon as exclusively in Message sooner than. 

iPhone 15 Pro action button updated

Action button on the iPhone 15 Pro Max

Apple replaced the restful swap on the facet of the iPhone 15 Pro with the action button.

Nelson Aguilar/CNET

With iOS 17.2, the iPhone 15 Pro’s action button now has a translate feature. The new feature permits you to lickety-split translate phrases or maintain a conversation with somebody in every other language.

Sharing direct material between your iPhone and Apple Imaginative and prescient Pro

Apple launched its Imaginative and prescient Pro headset at WWDC in June. While you would possibly seemingly per chance per chance seemingly not select the Imaginative and prescient Pro yet — Apple plans for the headset to be on hand within the US in early 2024 — iOS 17.2 introduces a environment to enable your iPhone to work as an extra display conceal for it.

The environment is is called AirPlay Receiver and would possibly seemingly per chance per chance merely restful even be found below AirPlay & Handoff in Settings. Apple writes that AirPlay Receiver permits you to circulate or share direct material out of your Imaginative and prescient Pro headset to your iPhone. 

Spatial Video recording for the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max

A new feature in iOS 17.2 lets in iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max customers to file Spatial Video. This option will enable the video to be considered in 3D on the upcoming Imaginative and prescient Pro headset. Spatial Videos can moreover be considered within the Photos app as accepted videos.

Disable inline predictions for your keyboard

Keyboards option with Show Predictions Inline outlined in red

If the grey words are stressful, which you would possibly now abolish them.

Screenshot by Zach McAuliffe/CNET

Like you ever ever been typing a textual direct material in Messages and a gray be aware appears to be like in entrance of your cursor? Here’s called inline textual direct material predictions, and whenever which you would possibly maintain got ever been perplexed or aggravated by this option, iOS 17.2 introduces the capability to flip it off. 

Extra Sensitive Stutter Warnings

Sensitive Stutter Warnings had been launched in iOS 17 and blur out photos and videos that point out up in particular Apple providers and products and that would possibly seemingly per chance merely maintain nudity. With iOS 17.2, these warnings maintain been expanded to encompass dwell stickers and contact posters that would possibly seemingly per chance merely encompass nudity.

Extra Siri requests

In iOS 17.2, which you would possibly ask Siri just a few new questions, relish what your altitude is and what’s your estimated arrival time whenever you would possibly seemingly per chance per chance also be the employ of the enlighten assistant for directions. 

Siri responding that a person's altitude is 919 feet above sea level

I’m about 919 ft above sea stage, in accordance to Siri.

Screenshot by Zach McAuliffe/CNET

Up as a lot as now Weather widget and app

In old iOS versions, you’d maintain three alternatives for a Weather widget: a tiny tile, a medium tile bar and a broad tile that took up half of your display conceal. All confirmed the sizzling climate conditions in extra ingredient as they went up in dimension. 

With iOS 17.2, which you would possibly maintain got six widgets to maintain interplay from. The first three are the distinctive tiny, medium and broad tiles. The three new widgets are the total identical dimension as the tiny tile, nonetheless point out extra tiny print for the day. 

One tile presentations the sizzling condition, precipitation, UV index, wind ranges and air quality index. One other tile presentations the sizzling conditions plus the expected conditions for the subsequent four days. The closing new tile presentations ought to which you would possibly request the sunrise and sunset.

The app moreover has just a few new ingredients, relish an interactive moon calendar, the amount of rain for your home over time, and wind roam and path. The updated Weather app is relish having your have meteorologist for your pocket.

Original digital clock widget

In iOS 17.2, the clock widget gets an exchange as successfully. The widget now offers you the risk for a digital clock to without difficulty be taught the time. 

The clock widget showing 2:42 and the Weather widget showing the forecast for Denver

The new digital clock widget is much less complicated to be taught, and the brand new climate widget packs extra records in a tiny equipment.

Screenshot by Zach McAuliffe/CNET

News app helps Are living Actions

The News app moreover gets an exchange in iOS 17.2. Now, which you would possibly enable Are living Actions for the app, so you can apply news events, relish elections, as they happen on Are living Enlighten-enabled iPhones.

Apple TV app updated

The Apple TV app moreover gets an exchange with iOS 17.2. While you start the app and tap Retailer within the bottom menu, you would possibly seemingly per chance gaze the Movies and TV Shows sectionsall excessive of your display concealare long gone.

Local Consciousness risk in Emergency Signals

Emergency Alerts menu in iOS 17.2 beta 1

Local Consciousness aims to enhance the Emergency Signals you safe.

Screenshot by Zach McAuliffe/CNET

With iOS 17.1, there’s a brand new risk within the Emergency Signals menu called Local Consciousness. Apple writes that whenever you enable this risk, it makes employ of your approximate living to enhance the accuracy, timeliness and reliability of emergency signals you safe. 

Extra Contact Poster customization alternatives

Contact Posters is every other new feature Apple launched with iOS 17. With iOS 17.2, which you would possibly customise your Contact Posters necessary extra by providing you with the risk to present a contact poster rainbow-colored textual direct material. 

Listed below are the total free up notes for iOS 17.2:

About This Change


Journal is a brand new app that permits you to write down about the tiny moments and immense events for your existence so you can apply gratitude and increase your wellbeing.

Journaling solutions maintain it easy to preserve in mind your experiences by intelligently grouping your outings, photos, exercises, and further into moments which you would possibly add to your journal.

Filters mean which you would possibly lickety-split safe bookmarked entries or point out entries with attachments so you can revisit and replicate on key moments for your existence.

Scheduled notifications mean which you would possibly steal a consistent journaling apply by reminding you to write down on the days and time you resolve.

Likelihood to lock your journal the employ of Contact ID or Face ID.

iCloud sync retains your journal entries safe and encrypted on iCloud.

Action Button

Translate risk for the Action button on iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max to lickety-split translate phrases or maintain a conversation with somebody in every other language.


Spatial video permits you to lift video on iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max so you can relive your recollections in three dimensions on Apple Imaginative and prescient Pro.

Improved Telephoto camera focusing roam when shooting tiny faraway objects on iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.


Choose-up arrow permits you to without difficulty soar to your first unread message in a conversation by tapping the arrow seen within the highest-correct nook.

Add decal risk within the context menu permits you to add a decal on to a bubble.

Memoji updates encompass the capability to adjust the physique form of any Memoji.

Contact Key Verification offers computerized signals and Contact Verification Codes to support evaluate other folks going thru unprecedented digital threats are messaging exclusively with the opposite folks they intend.


Precipitation quantities mean which you would possibly dwell on top of rain and snow conditions for a given day over the subsequent 10 days.

Original widgets mean which you would possibly resolve from subsequent-hour precipitation, daily forecast, sunrise and sunset cases, and fresh conditions similar to Air Quality, Feels Appreciate and wind roam.

Wind plot snapshot helps you lickety-split assess wind patterns and procure admission to the intelligent wind plot overlay to arrange for forecasted wind conditions for the subsequent 24 hours.

Interactive moon calendar permits you to without difficulty visualize the phase of the moon on any day for the subsequent month.

This exchange moreover entails the next improvements and trojan horse fixes:

Siri fortify for privately having access to and logging Health app records the employ of your enlighten.

AirDrop improvements including expanded contact sharing alternatives and the capability to share boarding passes, film tickets, and varied eligible passes by bringing two iPhones together.

Accepted Songs Playlist in Apple Song permits you to lickety-split procure support to the songs you tag as favorites.

Enlighten Listening Ancient previous in Apple Song will even be disabled in a Focal point so music you hear to would not seem in Unbiased not too long ago Performed or influence your solutions.

A new Digital Clock Widget permits you to lickety-split maintain a look of the time for your Dwelling Display conceal and while in StandBy.

Enhanced AutoFill identifies fields in PDFs and varied kinds enabling you to populate them with records similar to names and addresses out of your contacts.

Original keyboard layouts provide fortify for 8 Sámi languages.

Sensitive Stutter Warning for stickers in Messages prevents you from being confirmed a decal containing nudity.

Qi2 charger fortify for all iPhone 13 devices and iPhone 14 devices.

Fixes a neighborhood that would possibly seemingly per chance merely prevent wi-fi charging in particular autos.

Some ingredients would possibly seemingly per chance merely not be on hand for all regions or on all Apple devices. For records on the safety direct material of Apple machine updates, please seek the advice of with this web sites:

For added Apple news, here is what’s included in iOS 17.3, what was as soon as included in iOS 17.1 and our iOS 17 cheat sheet.


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