Huawei claims HarmonyOS NEXT kernel is 3x extra atmosphere pleasant than Linux

Huawei details the Harmony kernel of HarmonyOS NEXT (Image source: Huawei)
Huawei exiguous print the Solidarity kernel of HarmonyOS NEXT (Image source: Huawei)

Huawei has unveiled a self-developed working system known as the HarmonyOS NEXT. On the enchancment event, the CEO described the OS as fully self sufficient with a paunchy-stack AI framework. The CEO has also claimed that the Solidarity kernel is three instances extra atmosphere pleasant than Linux.

Huawei HarmonyOS NEXT is the subsequent mammoth ingredient from the firm. As Yu Chengdong, Huawei’s Consumer Enterprise Crew CEO, describes, “Or now now not it is an genuine working system and now now not an Android skin.” The CEO extra clarified that the OS doesn’t speed on Linux or Unix.

As a replace, HarmonyOS NEXT utilizes a self-developed Solidarity kernel, which Huawei claims is three instances extra memory atmosphere pleasant than Linux cores. The firm says the OS uses a ‘heterogenous native-love” mechanism, making the working system able to delivering a fluid experience.

As neatly as to being atmosphere pleasant, HarmonyOS NEXT also prioritizes security. On the event, Huawei described that the recent OS has three very best-stage security certifications with kernel-stage security. It also comes with on-tool AI capabilities to compete with customized Android implementations of different leading brands.

Total, Huawei’s vital fair with the HarmonyOS NEXT is to give a privateness-focused working system optimized for a smooth user experience. With it, the firm can even was free from the US technologies it relied on for the working system of Huawei smartphones.

Pointless to claim, now we be pleased got to befriend and sight whether Huawei can actually fulfill its promises with the HarmonyOS NEXT. The working system is currently in the developer preview stage, with a compile rollout scheduled for Q4 2024.

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Abid Ahsan Shanto, 2024-01-20 (Change: 2024-01-20)

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