HM Treasury signs AWS knowledge superhighway hosting atmosphere management address Keysource

HM Treasury has enlisted datacentre management products and companies provider to abet operate the AWS atmosphere ragged to host execrable-government spending knowledge plan

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Printed: 20 Feb 2024 16: 45

HM Treasury has signed two three-year offers with datacentre specialist Keysource, including one gripping the repairs of the Amazon Web Products and companies (AWS) atmosphere that hosts the 2d iteration of the department’s execrable-government public spending database.

The plan, identified as the Online Machine for Central Accounting and Reporting (Oscar II), is ragged by HM Treasury to analyse and file the quantity of cash government departments employ, so it will serve music of the hot reveal of public sector budgets.

Below the phrases of the 36-month contract, Keysource has been accountable for inserting ahead the AWS atmosphere knowledge superhighway hosting Oscar II to be obvious its resiliency, performance and security since November 2023.

To this point, the firm will likely be expected to behavior IT security-focused vulnerability management audits, and be obvious there is a great backup and effort recovery protocol in receive of dwelling to improve the setup.

The 2d of the two contracts, which also went are living in November 2023, involves the provision of provider desk capabilities – in the invent of user reinforce and repair management – by Keysource on behalf of HM Treasury.

This design Keysource will act as a single point of contact for all customers and Oscar II suppliers.

“Salvage right of entry to and incident management and vogue diagnosis also invent portion of the remit alongside a commitment to steady provider enchancment and innovation,” stated Keysource, in an announcement.

The firm did, nonetheless, decline to verify to Computer Weekly the value of either contract.

Jon Healy, chief working officer at Keysource, described the contract as “prestigious and vital”, and stated the firm is “extraordinarily proud” to believe been awarded it.

“Oscar II became developed to position finance analytics at the heart of choices one day of presidency, the employ of more factual knowledge, and spending more time on insight and diagnosis and never more on handbook quality assessments and validation,” he stated.

“Our characteristic is to abet present a steady, scalable and legit platform for this monetary management and reporting, ensuring the provide, performance and security of the plan.”

Rachel Salim, deputy director of finance analytics, adjust and skills at HM Treasury, added: “Thru the at ease job, transition and first few months of provide, Keysource has demonstrated a commitment to steady enchancment and innovation to both their very hold products and companies and the provider of Oscar II as a whole. We are enraged to thought how we can evolve the provider together over the following three years.”

In step with knowledge shared with Computer Weekly by public sector-focused analyst Tussell, Keysource has secured 14 public sector contracts totalling £2.8m in rate since 2015. The largest of these contracts became awarded to the company by the UK Examine and Innovation company in 2021, and valued at £1.1m.

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