Hasselblad unveils modular 907X 100C medium layout digicam with 100 MP sensor and 1 TB SSD

The Hasselblad 907X gets a new 100 MP medium format sensor thanks to CFV 100C. (Image: Hasselblad)
The Hasselblad 907X will get a novel 100 MP medium layout sensor due to CFV 100C. (Image: Hasselblad)

The logo novel Hasselblad 907X 100C combines a stylish and versatile retro salvage with a 100 MP medium layout sensor, a high-option flip-out touchscreen and a 1TB SSD.

With the CVF 100C, Hasselblad has launched a novel digital assist for the 907X,  upgrading the digicam with the 100 MP medium layout sensor already identified from the Hasselblad X2D. This sensor records photos at a option of 11,656 x 8742 and a dynamic range of 15 stops.

The novel Digital Aid is around 15% lighter, weighing 460 grams, and now has an integrated 1 TB SSD on which photos may maybe perhaps moreover be kept as neatly as to the CFexpress Form B memory card, even supposing there is no such thing as a long a dual SD card reader as within the earlier mannequin. A RAW represent requires an common of 206 MB, so the interior SSD holds around 4850 photos, which is spellbinding to be transferred to a laptop by skill of USB-C (10 Gbit/s).

The digicam has every an digital and a mechanical shutter and may maybe perhaps moreover control the central shutter of neatly suited lenses. All Hasselblad XCD lenses may maybe perhaps moreover be vulnerable on the side of the 907X; the HC, HCD, XPan and V lenses are neatly suited by skill of adapter. In its place of the 907X, the CFV 100C Digital Aid may maybe perhaps moreover be vulnerable with most Hasselblad V cameras which were on the market since 1957.

Alongside with the 907X and XCD lenses, autofocus may maybe perhaps moreover be vulnerable, while the fold-out 3.2 ride touchscreen with its option of 1024 x 768 serves as a viewfinder. The battery is talked about to salvage a runtime of 420 photos (CIPA) and is charged as we philosophize within the digicam by skill of a USB-C cable. Photos may maybe perhaps moreover be transferred wirelessly to an iPhone or iPad by skill of Wi-Fi on the side of the Phocus Mobile 2 app.

Mark and availability

The Hasselblad 907X is on provide in a bundle with the CFV 100C Digital Aid at a recommended retail label of $8199.00, making the novel mannequin $1800 extra costly than the 50 MP 907X 50C.

Hannes Brecher, 2024-01-25 (Update: 2024-01-25)

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