Fujitsu boss describes Put up Build of business behaviour as ‘inaccurate and appalling’

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The UK head of Fujitsu stated he does no longer know why the Put up Build of business did no longer present files about Horizon instrument errors to defendants correct via prosecutions

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Published: 19 Jan 2024 11: 39

The UK boss of Fujitsu stated he does no longer know why evidence of instrument bugs weren’t equipped to subpostmasters after they were being prosecuted basically based on evidence from the Horizon IT machine, no subject claims that accounting shortfalls were triggered by computer errors.

Paul Patterson, Fujitsu’s European CEO, became being puzzled within the Put up Build of business scandal public inquiry – the indispensable time a senior executive from the corporate that developed and operates Horizon has regarded within the look box below oath.

Right via the listening to it became revealed that Fujitsu became attentive to bugs, errors and defects in its Horizon machine, which existed between 1999 and 2018. Patterson stated the Put up Build of business became made attentive to all these. Known errors included the Callendar Square and Dalmellington bugs revealed by Computer Weekly in articles published in 2009 and 2015, respectively.

However the Put up Build of business constantly denied errors existed and failed to proved particulars of Horizon considerations to subpostmasters being prosecuted basically based on Horizon files, following unexplained shortfalls in their branches. Right via Computer Weekly’s investigation – which started in 2008 – into allegations of considerations with Horizon, the Put up Build of business constantly stated there were no errors.

Within the article that first uncovered the scandal, published by Computer Weekly in 2009, the Put up Build of business stated: “Horizon is an extremely sturdy machine which operates over our entire Put up Build of business network and successfully files thousands and thousands of transactions day by day. There is just not this form of thing as a evidence that parts to any fault with the technology. We would continually witness into and investigate any considerations raised by subpostmasters.”

That line became maintained by the Put up Build of business unless it became forced to admit there were errors after a High Court docket judgement in 2019 proved its stance to be “the 21st century same of declaring that the Earth is flat,” fixed with the raise within the case. 

Patterson stated the withholding of evidence became “inaccurate” behaviour by the Put up Build of business. “[This is] inaccurate and appalling. The total evidence must were attach in entrance of subpostmasters,” he stated.

However Fujitsu kept quiet about the errors too, and every time requested by Computer Weekly over time since its express, Fujitsu refused to comment. About 900 aged subpostmasters and branch workers were prosecuted utilizing Horizon files as evidence, with over 100 despatched to penal complex. Following public outrage over the scandal, the authorities has announced emergency laws to enable it to quash all these convictions. An entire of 95 hang already been overturned.

Earlier this week, Fujitsu promised to make a contribution to the monetary redress of subpostmasters who were victims of the scandal and stated that it might possibly pause bids for UK public sector contracts while the statutory public inquiry is ongoing. Talking to a committee of MPs in Parliament, Patterson apologised for the supplier’s characteristic within the scandal and stated it might possibly make a contribution to the giant prices related to it, including compensation for thousands of victims. He told MPs: “We were involved from the starting up; we did hang bugs and errors within the machine, and we did support the Put up Build of business in their prosecutions of subpostmasters. For that, we’re in fact sorry.”

When requested whether Fujitsu would support to pay the invoice for the scandal, expected to impress as much as £1bn, he stated Fujitsu became “morally obligated” to make a contribution to the prices, but stated the extent might possibly well make sure by the final result of the general public inquiry.

The Eastern-owned supplier has a giant UK public sector industry with clients including HM Earnings & Customs, the House Build of business and the police. Based mostly solely on figures from public procurement analyst Tussell, Fujitsu has won virtually 200 contracts from the UK public sector with a mixed impress of £6.78bn – the Put up Build of business Horizon contract stays its ideal, valued at virtually £2.4bn including a £36m extension to withhold the IT machine going unless 2025.

Computer Weekly first uncovered the scandal in 2009, revealing the tales of seven subpostmasters and the considerations they suffered as a outcomes of the Horizon machine (look timeline of all articles underneath).

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