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Energy consumption is a whimsical deal for the time being, and masses flags are being raised due to the increased exercise relating to Bitcoin mining before halving. Closing month, the US Department of Energy initiated an “emergency” program to assess the energy consumption of mining operations. 

These operations recurrently make spend of broad computing energy to resolve diverse mathematical challenges, contributing to the addition of most up-to-date tokens to a blockchain-primarily primarily primarily based online network. This direction of facilitates the mining of currencies relish Bitcoin, and with increased regulate over energy consumption, investors are seeking inexperienced picks. Green Bitcoin emerges because the entirely option now. Right here is why!

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The Appeal of Green Bitcoin Revealed

Green Bitcoin combines the two most powerful cryptocurrencies on the market now—Bitcoin and Ethereum. Its eco-friendly philosophy, denoted as $GBTC, manifests in two key aspects. Firstly, it distinguishes itself by being 10,000 times more environmentally conscious than the original Bitcoin blockchain, achieved through the adoption of a Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. 

Unlike Bitcoin’s energy-intensive Proof of Work (PoW) mechanism, PoS significantly diminishes the computational power required, thereby mitigating its environmental footprint. Secondly, the ‘green’ attribute extends to the staking process, where participants are rewarded with additional earnings for staking coins when their predictions align with the selected green zone.

Green Bitcoin unveils the groundbreaking concept of Gameified Green Staking, offering the potential for exponential rewards and up to 100% token bonuses. Investors will have a chance to experience new challenges every week, and exciting updates on gamified staking will be revealed shortly, adding to the excitement. 

Bitcoin Price Predictions As A Source of Income

Monitoring Bitcoin’s price is surely a handful, but it doesn’t prevent crypto enthusiasts across the globe from trying to pinpoint the next milestone. Green Bitcoin embraces investors’ passion and rewards them for it by implementing a predict-to-earn mechanism. The process is very straightforward—the $GBTC holders need to stake the tokens and predict how Bitcoin’s price will change by the following day. 

Investors who guess accurately will be rewarded, while the ones who don’t make a good prediction have a chance to make a new one on the following day. The rewards can be claimed after each cycle that lasts 24 hours. The price prediction process is an exciting way to turn knowledge and monitoring price movements into daily rewards, which also fosters community involvement and the overall stability of the entire ecosystem. 

In addition, a staking rewards program will reward $GBTC holders for staking their tokens for extended periods. Holders who decide to stake them for a day, a week, a month, or six months can win valuable prizes. The longer the staking period, the higher the rewards. 

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$GBTC Presale and Tokenomics Upclose

The number of $GBTC tokens is the same as the number of Bitcoins in total – 21 million. This adds to the overall appeal of this project, as it is carefully constructed to mirror Bitcoin’s supply. Interesting features give investors something new to look forward to. The tokens will be allocated in the following way: 

  • Presale – 50%
  • Community rewards – 10%
  • Staking rewards – 20%
  • Marketing 12.5%
  • Liquidity – 7.5%

Early investors can stake their tokens and enjoy a significant APY (annual percentage yield) that currently stands at 134%. So far, more than 4.3 million tokens have already been staked, showing that numerous investors have already recognized the enormous potential that this project carries. The presale is progressing extremely quickly, and more than $3.4 million has already been raised. 


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The crypto market is experiencing a essentially fruitful interval, and it’s expected to flourish a lot extra all the scheme via the following couple of months. Monitoring Bitcoin’s label is frequently a fun capability to steal within the Green Bitcoin venture and indulge in multiple streams of earnings, which is why this venture undoubtedly deserves the eye it will get.  

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